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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[3,of,7,V3] ui: add the possibility to returns None as username in ui 2017-10-17 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,7,V3] windows: add a getfstype method 2017-03-12 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[3,of,7,V3] worker: allow waitforworkers to be non-blocking 2016-08-04 Jun Wu yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,7,V4] bundle2: add `bookmarks` part handler 2016-09-04 Stanislau Hlebik Accepted
[3,of,7,V4] clfilter: introduce a "unserver" filtering mode 2012-12-20 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7,V4] git-subrepos: revert respects specified location to save .orig files 2015-11-11 Christian Delahousse Accepted
[3,of,7,v4] rebase: move local variable 'skipped' to the RRS class 2016-06-05 Kostia Balytskyi Superseded
[3,of,7,V4] rev-branch-cache: add a function to generate a part 2018-03-16 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,7,V4] revlog: add a native implementation of issnapshot 2018-12-30 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,7,V4] revset: factor out linerange processing into a utility function 2017-03-24 Denis Laxalde Superseded
[3,of,7,V4] revset: insert _unordered to fix ordering of nested 'or' and '_list*()' (BC) 2016-06-23 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7,V4] sparse-revlog: add a `index_segment_span` function in C 2018-11-20 Boris Feld Superseded
[3,of,7,v5] rebase: move local variable 'skipped' to the RRS class 2016-06-13 Kostia Balytskyi Superseded
[3,of,7,V5] revset: factor out linerange processing into a utility function 2017-03-25 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[3,of,7,V5] sparse-revlog: add a `index_segment_span` function in C 2018-11-22 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,7,V5] tests: use sslutil.wrapserversocket() 2016-07-15 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,7,V6] dirstate: add code to update the non-normal set 2015-12-22 Laurent Charignon Superseded
[3,of,7,v6] rebase: move local variable 'skipped' to the RR class 2016-06-13 Kostia Balytskyi Accepted
[3,of,7,VFS] subrepo: use vfs.rmtree instead of shutil.rmtree 2015-04-10 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] annotate: rename {line_number} to {lineno} (BC) 2018-09-30 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[3,of,7] bash_completion: determine root executable in case of alias 2013-11-21 Sean Farley Superseded
[3,of,7] bdiff: use PYMODULEINIT 2017-05-09 Jun Wu Superseded
[3,of,7] blackbox: make blackbox not abort if it cannot read 2016-02-03 yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,7] bugzilla: use absolute_import 2016-02-10 Gregory Szorc martinvonz Accepted
[3,of,7] bundle2: store the salvaged output on the exception object 2015-04-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] bundle2: support for unbundling parameter value 2014-03-21 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] check-code: reject import Queue, suggest util.queue class for py3 compat 2016-04-06 Accepted
[3,of,7] check-code: reject import urllib 2016-04-11 Accepted
[3,of,7] chgserver: change random state after fork 2016-04-04 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,7] children: use double quotes for arguments 2016-04-04 Accepted
[3,of,7] cleanup: avoid local vars shadowing imports 2014-08-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,7] cleanup: drop the deprecated 'localrepo.opener' method 2017-05-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] cmdserver: make server streams switchable 2014-10-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] cmdutil: treat all files as text when doing a record 2017-03-21 Alexander Fomin Changes Requested
[3,of,7] color: add ui to effect rendering 2017-02-27 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,7] color: move git-subrepo support into the subrepo module 2017-02-25 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] commandserver: add new forking server implemented without using SocketServer 2016-07-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] configitems: register the 'web.archivesubrepos' config 2017-10-16 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,7] context.status: move manifest caching trick to _buildstatus() 2014-11-02 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,7] context: fix introrev to avoid computation as initially intended 2018-09-07 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,7] contrib/perf: fix perffncachewrite 2015-11-24 Accepted
[3,of,7] contrib: refactor preparation logic for patterns of 2019-02-28 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] convert: common use absolute_import 2016-03-09 Accepted
[3,of,7] copies: rename ctx to srcctx 2017-05-29 Stanislau Hlebik Accepted
[3,of,7] createmarkers: automatically record the parent of pruned changeset 2014-08-19 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[3,of,7] dagop: bulk rename variables in revancestors() generator 2017-06-22 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] destutil: add an 'action' layer to the destmerge message dictionnary 2016-02-14 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] devel: use the new 'config' argument for the dirstate develwarn 2016-05-05 Pierre-Yves David yuya Accepted
[3,of,7] dirstate: use absolute_import 2015-12-23 Gregory Szorc yuya Accepted
[3,of,7] discovery: also use lists for the returns of '_oldheadssummary' 2017-06-03 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] dispatch: rework the serve --stdio safe argument checks 2018-06-20 Paul Morelle Accepted
[3,of,7] dispatch: set a blockedtag when running an external alias 2017-03-06 Simon Farnsworth Accepted
[3,of,7] doc: add execute bit and fix shbang line for 2015-12-22 Superseded
[3,of,7] exchange: directly 'getchangegroup' 2017-05-05 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] fileset: move buildstatus() to matchctx method 2018-08-05 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] fileset: reject 'negate' node early while transforming parsed tree 2018-08-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] formatter: convert float value to json 2014-09-17 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] fuzz: fix use of undeclared function memcpy() 2018-06-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] grep: extract main search loop as searcher method 2020-10-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] help: document about "paths" template keywords 2018-10-07 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,7] hgk: don't use mutable default argument value 2017-03-15 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] hgweb: drop tmpl argument from webutil.showtag() and showbookmark() 2018-05-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] hgweb: drop unused argument 'tmpl' from webutil.diffstat() 2018-05-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] hgweb: lift {sessionvars} to a wrapped type 2018-04-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] hgweb: properly iterate over arrays and objects in mercurial.js 2017-11-27 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[3,of,7] hgweb: remove unused argument from graphdata() factory 2016-02-23 Yuya Nishihara durin42 Accepted
[3,of,7] hgweb: wrap {nodes} of graph with mappinggenerator 2018-05-25 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] histedit: limit mentioning histedit-last-edit.txt 2015-12-28 Accepted
[3,of,7] histedit: remove "should strip" debug message 2017-07-08 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,7] histedit: report the unacceptable changeset 2015-12-23 Superseded
[3,of,7] hook: fix name used in untrusted message 2017-03-31 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,7] httppeer: make a message translatable 2016-05-25 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] import-checker: try a little harder to show fewer cycles 2013-11-17 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,7] largefiles: add copytostore() fstandin argument to replace readstandin() (API) 2017-03-31 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] largefiles: replace splitstandin() by isstandin() to omit str creation 2017-03-24 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] lfs: add note messages indicating what store holds the lfs blob 2017-12-21 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,7] localrepo: commit: avoid calling expensive ancestor function when p1 is nullrev 2014-02-24 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,7] lock: add a wrapper to os.getpid() to make testing easier 2015-09-25 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,7] manifestctx: add _revlog() function 2016-11-08 Durham Goode Accepted
[3,of,7] match: add basic wrapper for boolean function 2018-07-05 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,7] match: move body of _normalize() to a static function 2017-05-22 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,7] match: remove last traces of unused .missing callback 2014-01-16 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[3,of,7] merge: add a internal:merge3 tools 2014-08-05 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[3,of,7] merge: don't treat 'diverge' and 'renamedelete' like actions 2014-12-10 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,7] mergecopies: introduce new dicts to handle more complex copy cases 2016-10-07 Gábor Stefanik mpm Changes Requested
[3,of,7] minirst: extract function that formats parsed blocks as plain text 2018-08-22 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] namespaces: add nodemap property 2014-12-17 Sean Farley Superseded
[3,of,7] obsstore: keep track of children information 2014-08-21 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] pager: drop the 'color' dependant code 2017-02-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] parsers: avoid leaking obj in index_ancestors 2015-01-23 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,7] parsers: avoid PyList_Append when parsing obs markers 2017-03-14 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,7] patch: rename diffopts to diffallopts 2014-11-26 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,7] patch: rename diffopts to diffallopts 2014-11-22 Siddharth Agarwal Superseded
[3,of,7] pathencode: convert PyString* to PyBytes* 2016-10-08 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,7] perf: move cache clearing in the `setup` step of `perfheads` 2019-01-28 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,7] procutil: unify platform.explainexit() 2018-04-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] profile: remove now useless indent 2017-06-12 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] push: more robust check for bundle fast path 2013-11-17 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] push: move common heads computation in pushop 2014-08-04 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: add warnings in check-code related to py3 2016-12-21 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: convert opts to bytes in cmdutil.dorecord() 2017-05-04 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: drop b'' while formatting ResponseError 2018-07-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: fix string issues of email message in test-import.t 2018-04-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: make scmpoxis.systemrcpath() return bytes 2016-11-02 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: make scmpoxis.systemrcpath() return bytes 2016-11-02 Pulkit Goyal Not Applicable
[3,of,7] py3: use '%d' instead of '%s' for integers 2017-06-17 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: use absolute_import in 2016-04-16 roby roby yuya Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: use absolute_import 2016-04-17 roby roby Deferred
[3,of,7] py3: use bytes() to cast to immutable bytes in changelog.appender.write() 2017-03-26 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: use next() to obtain next item from inner generator of generatorset 2017-03-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] py3: use next() to obtain next item from inner generator of generatorset 2017-03-13 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[3,of,7] py3: use pycompat.bytestr() instead of str() 2017-05-03 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,7] pycompat: alias xrange to range in py3 2016-04-08 Accepted
[3,of,7] python3: whitelist another 5 passing tests found with the ratchet script 2017-08-29 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,7] reachableroots: rename "seen" array to "revstates" for future extension 2015-08-18 Yuya Nishihara durin42 Accepted
[3,of,7] rebase: migrate to context manager for changing dirstate parents 2017-05-18 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,7] revert: add some inline comments 2014-05-19 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] revlog: do not return raw cache blindly 2017-03-28 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[3,of,7] revlog: stop calling `basetext` `rawtext` in _revisiondata 2019-08-20 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] revset: add extra data to filteredset for better inspection 2016-02-27 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[3,of,7] revset: add stub to handle parentpost operation 2016-09-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] revset: inline parents computation to reuse the input argument 2019-01-15 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,7] revset: unindent codes in _getalias() function 2016-04-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] revsetlang: check incomplete revspec format character 2018-01-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] run-tests: introduce 'warned' as test result 2014-02-13 Simon Heimberg Accepted
[3,of,7] rust-cpython: add panicking version of borrow_mut() and use it 2019-10-22 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,7] rust-cpython: fix signature of make_dirstate_tuple() 2019-10-13 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,7] rust-cpython: mark capsule function as unsafe 2019-10-13 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,7] rust-cpython: replace dyn Iterator<..> of sequence with concrete type 2019-09-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] scmutil: introduce binnode(ctx) as paired function with intrev(ctx) 2017-06-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] scmutil: narrow ImportError handling in termwidth() 2016-11-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] scmutil: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher 2015-06-06 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,7] share: add support "full share" suport 2015-11-25 Angel Ezquerra Changes Requested
[3,of,7] share: allow more than one level of directories to be created 2018-08-18 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,7] sidedata: add a `decode_files_sidedata` function 2020-09-23 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] sslutil: implement SSLContext class 2016-03-28 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,7] statichttprepo: do not try to write caches 2016-08-05 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,7] strip: extract code to create strip backup 2019-01-02 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,7] subrepo: convert EOL of hgrc before writing to bytes IO 2018-01-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] synthrepo: simply use the ui passed as a function argument 2018-07-06 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,7] tags: reorder argument of '_updatetags' 2017-03-28 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[3,of,7] templatekw: simply override {graphwidth} function by mapping variable 2018-02-26 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] templater: add experimental support for extdata 2017-10-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] templater: check existence of closing brace of template string 2015-07-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] templater: do not use stringify() to concatenate flattened template output 2018-03-25 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] templater: factor out generator of join()-ed items 2018-04-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] templater: fix pad() to evaluate int argument and handle error 2016-03-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] templater: introduce a wrapper for date tuple (BC) 2018-06-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] templater: introduce templatepaths for getting paths searched for templates 2014-09-28 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,7] test-obsolete-bundle-strip: check all changesets in the isolated prune case 2017-06-01 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] tests/ use absolute_import 2015-12-07 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,7] tests: add line specific for testing with fsmonitor 2017-07-02 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] tests: avoid duplicate install steps in test-run-tests 2015-12-17 Matt Mackall Accepted
[3,of,7] tests: bulk change to avoid "unneeded trailing ', ' ..." error of 2019-02-17 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] tests: drop DAEMON_PIDS from killdaemons calls 2015-06-08 Matt Mackall marmoute Accepted
[3,of,7] tests: dump journal file by python script instead of sed for portability 2016-02-05 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] tests: stop direct symbol import of pprint.pprint in tests-minirst 2016-04-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] tests: take extra care for fsmonitor at enabling incompatible extension 2017-07-12 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] tests: test-addremove-similar.t use print() for py3 2016-05-11 timeless yuya Accepted
[3,of,7] tests: update test-archive to always use hashlib 2017-08-22 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,7] transaction: add onclose hook for pre-close logic 2014-03-25 Durham Goode Superseded
[3,of,7] transaction: have _generatefile return a boolean 2014-11-18 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,7] transplant: don't honor whitespace and format-changing diffopts 2014-12-02 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,7] trydiff: read flags in one place 2015-02-07 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,7] typing: fix argument type of encoding.tolocal() and .fromutf8b() 2019-11-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] ui: pass in formatted message to logger.log() 2018-11-27 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] ui: remove _write() and _write_err() functions 2018-11-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] util: make hashlib import unconditional 2015-12-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,7] util: stop using readfile() in tempfilter() 2018-03-25 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,7] verify: move filelog verification to it's own function 2016-01-06 Durham Goode martinvonz Accepted
[3,of,7] vfs: create copy at renaming to avoid file stat ambiguity if needed 2017-06-09 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,7] vfs: use checkambigatclosing in checkambig=True but atomictemp=False case 2016-09-16 Katsunori FUJIWARA Changes Requested
[3,of,7] _makelogrevset: avoid match.files() in conditions 2015-05-21 Martin von Zweigbergk durin42 Accepted
[3,of,8,"STABLE] test: stabilize bundle generation for test-sparse-revlog.t 2019-02-24 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,"] compression: introduce a `storage.revlog.zlib.level` configuration 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[3,of,8,"] compression: introduce a `storage.revlog.zlib.level` configuration 2019-03-31 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,"] manifestcache: only lock the repository if the debug command touch the cache 2019-03-15 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,"] manifestcache: test the cache is warm after a commit 2019-03-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,ancestor-ish] backout: don't limit heritage check to a single ancestor 2014-04-07 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,8,chgtocore] hgweb: extract app factory 2016-11-22 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8,cleanup] histedit: drop the 'nodetoverify' local variable 2016-08-26 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,demandimport-py3] demandimport: move to separate package 2017-05-21 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,8,evolve-ext,V2] metaedit: extend the functionality to support editing multiple commits 2016-12-06 Mateusz Kwapich Changes Requested
[3,of,8,faster-obsmarkers] util: add getbefloat64 2015-02-02 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,8,git-diff] patch: add label for coloring the index extended header 2017-01-09 Sean Farley Accepted
[3,of,8,ipv6] tinyproxy: use IPv6 if HGIPV6 is set to 1 2017-02-16 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,8,match] match: _globre doctests 2014-04-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,8,py3,v3] extensions: tapdance to get reasonable import error formatting 2017-03-08 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,8,py3-cleanup] run-tests: introduce PYTHON3 boolean constant (issue4668) 2015-05-18 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,8,py3] dispatch: ensure repr is bytes in _mayberepr 2017-03-19 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,8,py3] exchange: use '%d' % x instead of str(x) to encode ints 2017-09-15 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,8,py3] minirst: grab a byte, not an int, for the underline style 2017-05-28 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,8,py3] py3: drop use of str() in 2017-09-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8,py3] pycompat: remove urlunquote alias 2017-03-22 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8,RFC] localrepo: add "workingdir" symbol to specify workingctx by command (BC) 2014-08-19 Yuya Nishihara Changes Requested
[3,of,8,RFC] memfilectx: add remove and write methods 2014-08-07 Sean Farley Accepted
[3,of,8,shelve-ext,v2] shelve: move mutableancestors to not be a closure 2016-11-10 Kostia Balytskyi Accepted
[3,of,8,shelve-ext] shelve: move argument processing out of the locked code 2016-11-08 Kostia Balytskyi Superseded
[3,of,8,simple] color: move '_terminfo_params' into the core 'color' module 2017-02-15 Pierre-Yves David martinvonz Accepted
[3,of,8,sparse,V2] sparse: shorten try..except block in updateconfig() 2017-07-11 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8,STABLE] debugrevlog: handle empty chains/extra 2016-02-01 Changes Requested
[3,of,8,STABLE] histedit: use 'util.ellipsis' to trim description of each changesets 2014-06-13 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[3,of,8,stable] packaging: fix docker-centos5 - use pythonexe and set to "python" as before 2019-11-01 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,8,STABLE] page: test the 'enable' config option 2017-05-01 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,STABLE] revsetbenchmark: fix error raising 2014-04-29 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,stream,clone,bundles,V2] commands: support creating stream clone bundles 2015-10-17 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8,techdocs] package internals help files 2015-12-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8,upgraderepo,V3] repair: determine what upgrade will do 2016-12-19 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8,V11] bookmarks: make accept binary nodes (API) 2016-11-22 Stanislau Hlebik Superseded
[3,of,8,V12] bookmarks: make bookmarks.comparebookmarks accept binary nodes (API) 2016-12-01 Stanislau Hlebik Superseded
[3,of,8,V2] bash_completion: expand aliased commands 2013-11-22 Sean Farley Superseded
[3,of,8,V2] bundle2: support a "version" argument in `changegroup` part 2014-10-17 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,8,v2] cleanup: move stdlib imports to their own import statement 2013-11-17 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,8,V2] color: initialize color for the localrepo ui 2017-02-28 Pierre-Yves David martinvonz Accepted
[3,of,8,v2] convert: filemap use absolute_import 2016-03-02 Superseded
[3,of,8,V2] fileset: build initial subset in fullmatchctx class 2017-03-06 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,v2] help/config: add trailing periods 2015-09-04 Accepted
[3,of,8,V2] hgweb: don't use mutable default argument value 2017-03-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8,V2] internals: document compression negotiation 2016-11-29 Gregory Szorc durin42 Changes Requested
[3,of,8,v2] largefiles: extract 'orig' method in lfilesmanifestdict.__contains__ 2014-09-23 Martin von Zweigbergk Superseded
[3,of,8,V2] mdiff: make unidiff filter hunks out of specified line ranges 2017-02-25 Denis Laxalde Changes Requested
[3,of,8,V2] merge: remove useless dirstate.normallookup() invocation in applyupdates() 2015-07-08 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,8,v2] merge: use the right ancestor when both sides copied the same file 2014-02-25 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[3,of,8,v2] minirst: change hgrole to use single quotes 2016-01-12 Superseded
[3,of,8,V2] obsutil: move 'allprecursors' to the new modules 2017-06-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,V2] patch.diffopts: break get function into if statements 2014-11-13 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,8,V2] perf: avoid actual writing branch cache out correctly 2016-10-08 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,8,V2] perf: run 'setup' function during stub run 2018-11-26 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8,V2] phase: simplify the check for issue3781 shortcut in discovery 2017-10-16 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8,v2] python3: handle io/cStringIO divergence 2016-03-30 Accepted
[3,of,8,v2] rebase: cope with the notion that flag defaults might be None 2016-08-30 Augie Fackler Changes Requested
[3,of,8,V2] registrar: switch @command decorator to class 2017-05-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8,V2] templatekw: do not directly call .gen 2018-04-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8,v2] templates: make earlycommands and othercommands optional 2016-01-01 Eric Sumner Accepted
[3,of,8,V2] test-obsolete-bundle-strip: test bundling in the second case 2017-05-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8,v2] tests: change blackbox test to work cross platform 2016-02-08 Accepted
[3,of,8,V3] commit: abort if --addremove is specified, but fails 2014-12-12 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,8,V3] context: introduce an `isintroducedafter` method and use it in copies 2018-10-03 Boris Feld New
[3,of,8,v3] contrib: add a write microbenchmark to 2017-02-10 Simon Farnsworth Changes Requested
[3,of,8,v3] convert: filemap use absolute_import 2016-03-02 durin42 Accepted
[3,of,8,V3] largefiles: extract 'orig' method in lfilesmanifestdict.__contains__ 2014-09-24 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,8,V3] revlog: catch revlog corruption in index_baserev 2018-12-28 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8,v4] contrib: add a write microbenchmark to 2017-02-13 Simon Farnsworth Changes Requested
[3,of,8,v4] convert: remove unused dictionaries 2016-12-14 David Soria Parra Superseded
[3,of,8,V4] worker: allow waitforworkers to be non-blocking 2016-11-12 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[3,of,8,V5] bundle2: add `bookmarks` part handler 2016-09-16 Stanislau Hlebik Accepted
[3,of,8,v5] convert: remove unused dictionaries 2016-12-14 David Soria Parra Accepted
[3,of,8,v5] tests: stop checking for optional, now impossible output 2020-06-01 Manuel Jacob New
[3,of,8,V5] worker: allow waitforworkers to be non-blocking 2016-11-15 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,8,V6] context: spell out the logic around linkrev adjustement starting point 2018-11-19 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8,V7] bookmarks: add srchex param to updatefromremote 2016-11-02 Stanislau Hlebik Superseded
[3,of,8,v8] rebase: make collapsing use explicit logic to decide on the rev to reuse 2016-07-01 Kostia Balytskyi yuya Accepted
[3,of,8,zstd-revlogs] util: compression APIs to support revlog compression 2017-01-02 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8] addremove: warn when addremove fails to operate on a named path 2014-11-27 Matt Harbison Superseded
[3,of,8] bisect: remove code about "update-flag" in check_state 2016-10-09 Pierre-Yves David yuya Accepted
[3,of,8] blackbox: rename fp variable 2016-02-24 Accepted
[3,of,8] blackbox: simplify the dirty check 2017-07-09 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,8] blackbox: unindent "if True" block 2018-11-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] bundle2: move the fromheader closure on the class itself 2014-04-12 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] bundle2: prefix all unbundling debug message with 'bundle2-input:' 2015-05-29 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] bundle2: produce a bundle2 reply 2014-04-11 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] bundle2: support a "version" argument in `changegroup` part 2014-10-17 Sune Foldager Superseded
[3,of,8] caches: introduce a function to warm cache 2017-05-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] cachevfs: use the new vfs in when computing branchmap cache 2017-07-16 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8] changegroup: include subdirectory manifests in verbose size 2016-02-23 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,8] chg: handle pager request client-side 2017-01-09 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,8] chg: wrap line at 80 chars 2016-04-07 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,8] clone: add an argument to determine if a clone should stream files 2013-05-06 Durham Goode Superseded
[3,of,8] commandserver: add experimental option to use separate message channel 2018-11-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] commandserver: enable logging when server process started 2018-12-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] commandserver: remove redundant "if True" block 2018-12-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] commit: change "editform" to distinguish merge commits from other (--amend) 2014-08-15 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[3,of,8] configitems: get default values from the central registry when available 2017-06-21 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] context: replace match.bad() monkey patching with match.badmatch() 2015-06-05 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,8] contrib/perf: perfparents honor config perf.parentscount 2015-12-08 Accepted
[3,of,8] convert: add parseclosemap method 2014-02-04 Sean Farley Accepted
[3,of,8] convert: filemap use absolute_import 2016-03-02 Superseded
[3,of,8] convert: readability and test of rpairs function 2013-11-17 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,8] copies: split u1/u2 to u1u/u2u and u1r/u2r (issue4028) 2016-10-04 Gábor Stefanik Superseded
[3,of,8] crecord: filter text via i18n 2016-11-23 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,8] debugcommands: move 'debugstate' in the new module 2017-02-14 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] debugrevlog: display details about empty revision 2018-08-14 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8] delta: ignore base whose chains already don't match expectations 2018-12-17 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8] devel: add a config field to force dates to timestamp 0 2017-05-22 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8] diffhelpers: add _version to help detect breaking binary changes 2017-05-03 Jun Wu Deferred
[3,of,8] discovery: move common heads computation inside partialdiscovery object 2018-12-31 Boris Feld Superseded
[3,of,8] dispatch: use absolute import 2015-05-25 Gregory Szorc Rejected
[3,of,8] docchecker: introduce a way to check for poor markup 2016-01-10 Superseded
[3,of,8] filectx: extract helper method to obtain filectx pointing to its introrev 2017-12-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] filectx: refactor filectx.rev() to use filectx._changeid 2013-05-31 Durham Goode Accepted
[3,of,8] fileset: build initial subset in fullmatchctx class 2017-03-03 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,8] formatter: extract helper function to render template 2017-06-20 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] formatter: open raw template file in posix semantics 2017-06-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] gendoc: restore use of callable() since it was readded in Python 3.2 2014-06-24 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,8] grep: add support for log-like template keywords and functions 2018-07-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] grep: build list of columns without "grep." label prefix 2016-09-05 Yuya Nishihara Not Applicable
[3,of,8] hg: add quietempty flag to _showstats 2015-12-14 Accepted
[3,of,8] hgweb: fix search {entries} to not return results of template expansion 2018-04-05 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] hgweb: wrap {bookmarks} of summary with mappinggenerator 2018-05-21 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] hgweb: wrap {labels} by hybridlist() 2018-04-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] hidden: add a function returning ancestors of revs within a domain 2017-05-21 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] hidden: change _domainancestors() to _revealancestors() 2017-05-28 via Mercurial-devel Changes Requested
[3,of,8] histedit-test: replace obscure python script by a plain file 2013-04-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] i18n-it: include translation of DEPRECATED 2015-09-17 Accepted
[3,of,8] i18n: use unicode literal 2016-06-27 Pulkit Goyal Not Applicable
[3,of,8] ignore: add ui to ignore stack 2015-05-13 Durham Goode Changes Requested
[3,of,8] import-checker: add socket for virtualenv 2016-03-30 yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,8] import-checker: always build a list of imported symbols 2016-05-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] import: get rid of ui.backupconfig 2017-03-16 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,8] largefiles: avoid redundant changectx looking up at each repetitions 2017-03-27 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,8] largefiles: port revset registration to exthelper 2018-12-28 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,8] largefiles: replace repo._isaddremove hack with a simple function parameter 2014-10-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,8] largefiles: restore standins according to restored dirstate 2014-08-24 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,8] largefiles: wrap "autocommit" for specific code path at automated committing 2014-09-09 Katsunori FUJIWARA Changes Requested
[3,of,8] localrepo.commit: hook into match.explicitdir 2013-05-03 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,8] localrepo: call changegroupsubset() directly 2016-08-05 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8] localrepo: fix variable binding in handling of old filters 2019-10-14 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,8] localrepo: ignore always-empty 'unknown' files when looking for '.hgtags' 2014-10-02 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,8] localrepo: improve dirstate.normal lookup by cacheing the function 2014-05-06 Sean Farley Accepted
[3,of,8] localrepo: store path and vfs location of cached properties 2017-06-29 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,8] localrepo: use "vfs.exists()" instead of "os.path.exists()" 2013-04-14 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,8] manifest: move manifest.add onto manifestrevlog 2016-09-14 Durham Goode Superseded
[3,of,8] match: add doctest examples for patkind() 2019-04-08 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[3,of,8] match: add the abs() method 2014-12-23 Matt Harbison Superseded
[3,of,8] merge: add `ACTION_KEEP_ABSENT` to represent files we want to keep absent 2020-09-14 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,8] merge: collect checking for unknown files at end of manifestmerge() 2014-12-23 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,8] merge: move constant assignments a bit and use them more 2014-05-01 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[3,of,8] minirst: find admonitions before pruning comments and adding margins 2013-11-05 Simon Heimberg Accepted
[3,of,8] minirst: find admonitions before pruning comments and adding margins 2013-11-02 Simon Heimberg Superseded
[3,of,8] mq: explicitly tests for None 2017-03-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] mq: write '# Parent ' lines with two spaces like export does 2014-09-24 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,8] namespaces: add convenience method called multify 2014-12-15 Sean Farley Accepted
[3,of,8] obsolete: drop deprecated methods (API) 2018-02-03 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,8] obsolete: replace 'ctx._repo' with 'ctx.repo()' 2015-03-14 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,8] obsolete: track markers in _succs 2017-08-07 Boris Feld Changes Requested
[3,of,8] obsstore: add a 'cachekey' method 2017-05-19 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[3,of,8] obsstore: add a `parents` argument to obsstore.create 2014-08-19 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] obsstore: add an explicit `date` argument to obsstore.create 2014-08-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] obsutil: move 'allprecursors' to the new modules 2017-06-27 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,8] osutil: for listdir, implement a skeletal sequence protocol 2015-11-19 Laurent Charignon Changes Requested
[3,of,8] paths: use single loop for both search=None|pattern cases 2016-01-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] perf: accept formatter option for perfmanifest 2018-10-11 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8] perf: add a perfbookmarks command 2017-06-08 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] perf: avoid actual writing branch cache out correctly 2016-08-08 Katsunori FUJIWARA yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,8] perf: use the new setup function in "perfbookmarks" 2018-11-21 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8] phase: simplify the check for issue3781 shortcut in discovery 2017-10-16 Boris Feld Superseded
[3,of,8] pure/osutil: c_ssize_t is only available in Python >= 2.7 2015-12-23 Bryan O'Sullivan yuya Accepted
[3,of,8] py3: add a bytes version of 2016-11-05 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,8] py3: fix type of regex literals in 2017-09-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] py3: glob out some error messages in test-fileset.t 2018-06-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] py3: handle sysstr conversion around get/set attr in contrib/perf 2018-09-22 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,8] py3: use '%d' to format diffstat sum 2018-03-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] py3: use pycompat.strkwargs() to convert kwargs keys to str 2017-06-26 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,8] py3: use unicode literals in 2016-08-07 Pulkit Goyal Not Applicable
[3,of,8] python3: handle io/cStringIO divergence 2016-03-29 Accepted
[3,of,8] rebase: reduce scope of try catch in restorestate 2015-10-16 Christian Delahousse Accepted
[3,of,8] revlog: extract 'buildtext' closure function from _addrevision 2018-01-14 Paul Morelle Accepted
[3,of,8] revset: added lazyset implementation to draft revset 2014-02-11 Lucas Moscovicz Accepted
[3,of,8] revset: added lazyset implementation to filelog revset 2014-02-11 Lucas Moscovicz Accepted
[3,of,8] revset: remove the last usage of "%d" for a non-revision entry 2019-01-11 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8] revsetbenchmark: add `::tip and draft()` to the canonical list 2014-05-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] rust-hglib: silence unused import of AsciiExt 2018-04-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] schemas: use absolute_import 2016-03-02 durin42 Accepted
[3,of,8] scmwindows: use absolute_import 2015-12-22 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8] sslutil: move CA file processing into _hostsettings() 2016-05-28 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8] sslutil: pass ui to _defaultcacerts 2016-07-02 Gregory Szorc yuya Accepted
[3,of,8] templatekw: do not directly call .gen 2018-04-01 Yuya Nishihara Deferred
[3,of,8] templater: add revfiles function 2015-09-11 Rejected
[3,of,8] templater: drop extension point of engine classes (API) 2018-06-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] templater: extend dot operator as a short for get(dict, key) 2017-10-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] templater: extract helper to just evaluate template expression 2017-09-24 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] test-flagprocessor: add tests about bundlerepo 2017-04-07 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,8] test-http: update output for Windows 2017-04-02 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,8] test-revert: also create a text version of the snapshot 2014-08-11 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] test-tools: conditionalize output instead of tests 2017-07-09 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,8] test: use the "correct" merge tool in `test-rebase-detach.t` 2018-11-02 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,8] tests/ use absolute_import 2015-12-08 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8] tests: 'hghave tic' also requires curses support in Python 2014-01-20 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,8] tests: fix test-is-whitelisted check in run-tests 2017-09-19 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,8] tests: move gendoc.t runrst comment next to runrst 2016-01-12 Accepted
[3,of,8] tests: remove special handling for undefined memoryview 2017-05-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8] tests: update test-ssh.t output with --chg 2020-03-26 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,8] ui: add config knob for progressive mode 2015-03-28 Mathias De Maré mpm Rejected
[3,of,8] ui: add debug commands to test interactive prompt 2018-03-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] upgrade: rename `_copyrevlogs` to `_clonerevlogs` 2019-08-05 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,8] util: adjust indent level in wrap() 2018-03-22 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,8] util: expose an "available" API on compression engines 2016-11-11 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,8] vfs: add "chmod()" 2013-11-12 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,8] zeroconf: omit semicolons 2016-03-01 Accepted
[3,of,9,"] discovery: avoid computing identical sets of heads twice 2019-03-05 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9,(38,total)] push: ease access to current ui object 2014-02-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9,bm-refactor] bookmarks: factor out delete logic from commands 2017-06-21 Sean Farley Accepted
[3,of,9,cah] parsers: remove unnecessary gca variable in index_commonancestorsheads 2014-04-17 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,9,changegroup-apis] exchange: use changegroupemitter 2016-08-01 Gregory Szorc marmoute Changes Requested
[3,of,9,debian-packaging] builddeb: rework how output dir and platform are specified 2015-08-26 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,9,mergedriver] filemerge: add a before-merge callback to internal merge tools 2015-10-07 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,9,pager,v2] ui: introduce neverpager() call 2017-02-16 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,9,pager] ui: introduce neverpager() call 2017-02-16 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,9,paths,v2] ui.paths: filter config options containing "." (BC) 2015-03-01 Gregory Szorc Changes Requested
[3,of,9,PoC] mq2: update 'Node ID' when refreshing 2014-08-29 Mads Kiilerich Changes Requested
[3,of,9,py3,v2] context: work around `long` not existing on Python 3 2017-03-12 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,9,py3,v3] context: work around `long` not existing on Python 3 2017-03-12 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,9,py3] context: work around `long` not existing on Python 3 2017-03-12 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,9,pyflakes] filemerge: avoid shadowing a variable in a list comprehension 2016-11-10 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,9,remotefilelog-ext,getfile-http] remotefilelogserver: wrap wireproto._capabilities 2015-07-01 Augie Fackler Not Applicable
[3,of,9,RFC] localrepo: add a method to create an arbitrary mark 2014-03-30 Sean Farley Deferred
[3,of,9,RFC] phases: add a binary version of listphases 2016-08-14 Gregory Szorc Changes Requested
[3,of,9,RFC] revset: added ordered lazyset subclasses 2014-02-12 Lucas Moscovicz Superseded
[3,of,9,RFC] statprof: require paths to save or load profile data 2016-08-16 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[3,of,9,sethelp] error: add a new NotAFunction error type 2015-02-04 Augie Fackler Changes Requested
[3,of,9,sparse] sparse: move some temporary includes functions into core 2017-07-06 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,9,STABLE?,V2] gendoc: rename to show_doc_hg from show_doc 2013-05-15 Takumi IINO Rejected
[3,of,9,STABLE?] gendoc: rename to show_doc_hg from show_doc 2013-05-14 Takumi IINO Rejected
[3,of,9,STABLE] commands: widen wlock scope of graft for consitency while processing 2015-12-01 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,9,STABLE] graft: keep the result of merging even after abort of commit 2014-10-01 Katsunori FUJIWARA Changes Requested
[3,of,9,stable] tests: don't rely on broken behaviour in test-largefiles-cache.t 2013-02-26 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,9,standalone-strip] mq: extract checklocalchanges from `mq.queue` 2013-09-25 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9,V2] amend: use dirstateguard instead of dirstate.invalidate 2015-05-02 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[3,of,9,v2] atexit: switch to home-grown implementation 2017-04-14 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[3,of,9,V2] configitems: register the '' config 2017-07-14 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,9,V2] encoding: use unicode literal for argument to encode() 2016-06-25 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[3,of,9,V2] hgweb: add appendFormatHTML javascript function 2013-08-17 Alexander Plavin Superseded
[3,of,9,v2] hidden: change _domainancestors() to _revealancestors() 2017-05-30 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,9,V2] largefiles: factor out procedures to update lfdirstate for post-committing 2014-11-05 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,9,v2] localrepo: jettison now-unused dirlog() method from localrepo 2016-08-05 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,9,V2] py3: proxy posixfile objects to re-add a useful 'name' attribute on Windows 2018-09-25 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,9,V2] revlog: rename some "text"s to "rawtext" 2017-03-31 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,9,V2] scmutil: pass a matcher to scmutil.addremove() instead of a list of patterns 2014-11-30 Matt Harbison Superseded
[3,of,9,V2] sslutil: store flag for whether cert verification is disabled 2016-06-01 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[3,of,9,V2] template: directly instantiate diff options for diffstat 2018-07-05 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,9,V2] tests: add few debugrevlogindex and a log call to see changes in next test 2020-09-25 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,9,V2] vfs: use checkambigatclosing in checkambig=True but atomictemp=False case 2016-09-22 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,9,V3] amend: use dirstateguard instead of dirstate.invalidate 2015-05-07 Katsunori FUJIWARA marmoute Accepted
[3,of,9,V3] localrepo: add _findlocaltags method 2014-03-28 Sean Farley Superseded
[3,of,9,v3] localrepo: jettison now-unused dirlog() method from localrepo 2016-08-05 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,9,V3] manifest: move manifest.add onto manifestrevlog 2016-09-20 Durham Goode Superseded
[3,of,9,V3] obsolete: track markers in _succs 2017-08-21 Boris Feld Superseded
[3,of,9,V3] perf: only display the total time for perfrevlogwrite if quiet 2018-11-06 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,9,V3] sslutil: store flag for whether cert verification is disabled 2016-06-02 Gregory Szorc yuya Superseded
[3,of,9,V3] tests: add few debugrevlogindex and a log call to see changes in next test 2020-09-28 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,9,V4] manifest: move manifest.add onto manifestrevlog 2016-09-20 Durham Goode Accepted
[3,of,9,V4] obsolete: track markers in _succs 2017-08-23 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,9,V4] sslutil: store flag for whether cert verification is disabled 2016-06-04 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,9,V6] bookmarks: introduce BookmarksDecodeError 2016-10-11 Stanislau Hlebik Changes Requested
[3,of,9] atexit: switch to home-grown implementation 2017-04-10 Bryan O'Sullivan Changes Requested
[3,of,9] bookmarks: refactor option checking to pick one from --delete/rename/active 2018-09-21 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] branchmap: takes filtered revision in account for cache calculation 2012-12-26 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,9] bundle-ng: add bundlecaps argument to getbundle() command 2013-02-14 Sune Foldager Superseded
[3,of,9] bundle-ng: add bundlecaps argument to getbundle() command 2013-02-14 Sune Foldager Superseded
[3,of,9] bundle2: add a devel option controling bundle version used for exchange 2016-08-03 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9] bundle2: add a ``bundle20.nbparts`` property 2014-07-07 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9] bundlerepo: drop the custom `rawdata` implementation 2019-08-30 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9] byteify-strings: add --inplace option to write back result 2018-06-18 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] chgserve: pre-import extensions 2016-11-13 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[3,of,9] color: drop the _enabledbydefault module variable 2017-07-15 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,9] commands: update help for "bundle" 2017-04-01 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,9] config: register the devel.check-locks config 2017-06-29 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9] context: add findbyrevnum to examine by revision number strictly 2015-03-29 Katsunori FUJIWARA Changes Requested
[3,of,9] destutil: use absolute_import 2015-12-12 Gregory Szorc yuya Superseded
[3,of,9] dicthelpers: implement diff and join for dicts in C 2013-03-25 Siddharth Agarwal Rejected
[3,of,9] export: do not start pager if output will be written to file 2018-04-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] f: add whitespace around operator 2016-02-10 Katsunori FUJIWARA martinvonz Accepted
[3,of,9] fileset: add "tracked()" to explicitly select files in the revision 2018-07-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] flagutil: move REVIDX_KNOWN_FLAGS source of truth in flagutil (API) 2019-08-08 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9] hgk: don't use fixed format for dates 2013-03-10 Andrew Shadura Accepted
[3,of,9] histedit: add clear method to remove state 2014-10-16 David Soria Parra Accepted
[3,of,9] histedit: add verify() to histeditaction 2015-12-02 Mateusz Kwapich Accepted
[3,of,9] i18n-de: update po file for showing the effect of changed posplit 2014-02-03 Simon Heimberg Superseded
[3,of,9] keyword: make comparison webcommand suppress keyword expansion 2017-06-25 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,9] largefiles: reduce indentation by dropping 'else' block after 'return' 2014-09-17 Martin von Zweigbergk Superseded
[3,of,9] log: resolve --follow with -rREV in cmdutil.getlogrevs() 2018-01-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] match: use instead of util.compilere 2014-07-15 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,9] mdiff.unidiff: add support for the noprefix option 2014-11-13 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,9] merge: check new filenode creation config before disabling optimization 2020-09-23 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,9] merge: mark mergestate as dirty when resolve changes _state 2014-03-18 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,9] merge: pass commitinfo to applyupdates() and get it stored in mergestate 2020-07-30 Pulkit Goyal Superseded
[3,of,9] merge: use intersectmatchers() in "m2-vs-ma optimization" 2017-05-26 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,9] minirst: CGI escape strings prior to embedding it in the HTML 2013-03-02 Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen Accepted
[3,of,9] obsolete: track markers in _succs 2017-07-06 Boris Feld Changes Requested
[3,of,9] parser: preserve order of keyword arguments 2017-04-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] patch: use `iter(callable, sentinel)` instead of while True 2016-08-06 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,9] py3: alias long to int and xrange to range in on Python 3 2017-06-15 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,9] py3: convert kwargs keys' back to bytes using pycompat.byteskwargs() 2017-06-23 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,9] py3: import StringIO from test utility to test-commandserver.t 2018-10-18 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] py3: replace "if ispy3" by pycompat.sysbytes() or util.forcebytestr() 2018-02-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] py3: replace os.environ with encoding.environ (part 3 of 5) 2016-12-20 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,9] qrefresh: relocate message/patch-header handling to delay message determination 2014-05-05 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,9] repair: make paths in "_bundle()" relative to ".hg" 2014-03-08 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,9] revsetbenchmark: simplify and convert the script to python 2014-03-27 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9] run-tests: rename `lout` variable to `out_line` 2019-09-07 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,9] rust-cpython: add generation counter to leaked reference 2019-10-19 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,9] shelve: really pass publicancestors to changegroupsubset - not the parents 2014-02-10 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,9] sslutil: store flag for whether cert verification is disabled 2016-05-30 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[3,of,9] strip: use context manager for locking in strip() 2017-06-19 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,9] subrepo: reset 'self.ui' to the subrepo copy of 'ui' in the hgsubrepo class 2014-12-15 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,9] templatekw: factor out function to build a list of files per status 2018-02-27 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,9] templatekw: stop using _showlist() which is about to be deprecated 2018-03-21 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] templater: demote "base" directory of map file to local variable 2016-04-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] test-commandserver: split helper functions to new hgclient module 2014-09-28 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,9] test-filecache: sort import lines 2016-04-05 Yuya Nishihara Accepted