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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[stable] tests: fix isinstance test of wrong variable 2020-03-09 Manuel Jacob Accepted
[STABLE] tests: fix test-check-commit.t when all commits are public 2018-04-25 Augie Fackler Accepted
[stable] tests: fix on Python 3.9 2020-09-01 Manuel Jacob Accepted
[STABLE] tests: fix test-patch.t on pickier /bin/sh implementations 2018-06-12 Augie Fackler Accepted
[stable] tests: fix wireproto redirection test on systems without tls1.2 2018-11-13 Augie Fackler Superseded
[STABLE] tests: give more room for slowness in test-run-tests.t 2019-08-08 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[STABLE] tests: glob over ssl error 2016-07-28 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[STABLE] tests: handle Message-Id email header possible wrapping 2019-10-28 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[STABLE] tests: handle Message-Id line wrapping in test-notify-changegroup.t 2019-11-04 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[stable] tests: invoke in test-hghave using $PYTHON (issue5697) 2017-10-04 Augie Fackler Accepted
[STABLE] tests: make doctest py3-compatible again 2018-01-27 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[STABLE] tests: make tests with temporary environment setting portable 2015-05-01 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[stable] tests: pass only one file at a time to tail(1) 2017-04-23 Augie Fackler Accepted
[STABLE] tests: register test-merge-combination.t as small but slow 2019-09-07 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[STABLE] tests: require SQLite 3.8.3+ as sqlitestore relies on "WITH" clause 2018-11-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[STABLE] tests: run "cwd was removed" test only if cwd can actually be removed 2016-10-26 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[STABLE] tests: stabilize test-inherit-mode.t on FreeBSD and macOS (issue6026) 2018-11-29 Augie Fackler Accepted
[STABLE] tests: stabilize the recent checkexec changes on Windows 2018-11-20 Matt Harbison Accepted
[STABLE] tests: test-lock-badness.t message could come later 2016-04-21 timeless durin42 Superseded
[stable] tests: use an absolute path to get around '..' being invalid on a dead CWD 2017-01-19 Augie Fackler Accepted
[STABLE] tests: use double quote to quote arguments in hook for portability 2015-04-23 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[stable] tests: use inline Python instead of sed to add trailing whitespace 2018-07-30 Augie Fackler Accepted
[STABLE] tests: use TESTTMP instead of TESTDIR 2014-03-28 Sean Farley Accepted
[stable] tests: work around flaky test failure on FreeBSD and relatives 2017-04-22 Augie Fackler Accepted
[stable] tests: work around instability that caused test from 4999c12c526b to fail 2016-10-17 Mads Kiilerich Changes Requested
[STABLE] transaction: abort transaction during hook exception 2016-01-19 Durham Goode Accepted
[STABLE] transaction: fix file descriptor leak for journal.backupfiles 2014-04-30 Durham Goode Accepted
[STABLE] transaction: really disable hardlink backups (issue4546) 2015-03-02 Matt Harbison Accepted
[STABLE] transaction: really fix _addbackupentry key usage (issue4684) 2015-05-26 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[STABLE] transaction: use the proper variable in '_addbackupentry' (issue4684) 2015-05-22 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[STABLE] translations: change label integer error to not specify the kind of label 2013-04-19 Durham Goode Superseded
[STABLE] transplant: use peer of source repository as "remote" for "repo.pull()" 2013-11-16 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[STABLE] ui: enable pager always for explicit --pager=on (issue5580) 2017-08-02 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[STABLE] ui: fix crash by non-interactive prompt echo for user name 2016-02-06 Yuya Nishihara martinvonz Accepted
[STABLE] ui: flush before prompting for input with readline 2019-11-02 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[STABLE] ui: remove commands.status.terse=u from ui.tweakdefaults (issue5947) 2018-07-31 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[STABLE] ui: remove excessive strtolocal() from debuguigetpass 2020-12-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[STABLE] ui: support paths.default-push without paths.default set (issue4914) 2015-10-22 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[STABLE] unbundle: cleanly abort on unknown bundle2 feature 2015-09-25 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[stable] unionrepo: fix wrong rev being checked in iscensored (issue5024) 2016-01-08 Sean Farley Superseded
[STABLE] update: do not pass in user revspec as default destination (issue6044) 2019-01-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[STABLE] util.checkcase: don't abort on broken symlinks 2015-05-03 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[stable] util.h: also sniff for C99 before trying to use stdbool.h (issue4605) 2015-04-20 Augie Fackler Accepted
[STABLE] util: better handle '-' in version string (issue5302) 2016-07-19 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[STABLE] util: fix the check for non-C99 compilers (issue4605) 2015-04-21 Kevin Bullock Accepted
[stable] util: warn when adding paths ending with \ 2013-11-08 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[STABLE] verify: do not prevent verify repository containing hidden changesets 2014-02-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[STABLE] verify: don't init a new subrepo when a missing one is referenced (issue5128) 2016-04-12 Matt Harbison Changes Requested
[STABLE] verify: don't init a new subrepo when a missing one is referenced (issue5128) 2016-04-03 Matt Harbison Changes Requested
[STABLE] verify: recover lost freeing of memory 2016-02-01 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[STABLE] version: make parser more robust for rc variants and ill-formed strings 2018-04-20 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[STABLE] win32: backout 1a9ebc83a74c 2014-05-03 Adrian Buehlmann Superseded
[STABLE] win32: remove cacert.pem file from Inno Setup installer 2015-04-23 Pascal Quantin Accepted
[STABLE] win32: spawndetached returns pid of detached process and not of cmd.exe 2014-02-15 Simon Heimberg Accepted
[STABLE] win32: update Inno Setup script after the changes done in 95e042d77a5f 2015-07-19 Pascal Quantin Accepted
[STABLE] win32: use explicit path to "python.exe" only if it exists 2013-04-25 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[STABLE] win32mbcs: make pycompat.bytestr return byte-str for color effect int value 2017-05-22 Katsunori FUJIWARA Changes Requested
[STABLE] win32mbcs: wrap underlying pycompat.bytestr to use checkwinfilename safely 2017-05-12 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[STABLE] windows: fix incorrect detection of broken pipe when writing to pager 2018-07-04 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[STABLE] windows: make shellquote() quote any path containing '\' (issue4629) 2015-04-30 Matt Harbison Accepted
[STABLE] wireproto: move clonebundles command from extension (issue4931) 2015-11-03 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[STABLE] wix: avoid an abort with 'hg help -k foo' 2015-09-01 Matt Harbison Accepted
[STABLE] wix: only one KeyPath is allowed per Component 2017-05-06 Steve Borho Accepted
[STABLE] wix: pull in new templates 2014-01-23 Steve Borho Accepted
[STABLE] wix: remove cacert.pem from Windows distribution 2015-04-23 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[STABLE] wix: style-coal.css has been renamed 2015-11-09 Steve Borho Accepted
[stable] worker: avoid potential partial write of pickled data 2022-05-22 Manuel Jacob New
[STABLE] worker: do not swallow exception occurred in main process 2018-12-11 Yuya Nishihara New
[STABLE] worker: ignore meaningless exit status indication returned by os.waitpid() 2017-02-23 Katsunori FUJIWARA Changes Requested
[STABLE] worker: wait worker pid explicitly 2016-07-22 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[STABLE] zeroconf: access repo on hgweb_mod properly (issue5036) 2016-01-18 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[STABLE] zeroconf: forward all arguments passed to ui.configitems() wrapper 2016-02-10 Yuya Nishihara martinvonz Accepted
[STABLE] zstandard: pull in bug fixes from upstream 0.9.1 release (issue5884) 2018-06-06 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[stateful-chg] commandserver: move _socket state to handler 2017-05-17 Jun Wu Superseded
[tags,v2] tags: extract .hgtags filenodes cache to a standalone file 2015-04-15 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[topic,experiment] tests: add a test which shows current behaviour of topic while using shelve 2017-04-09 Pulkit Goyal Not Applicable
[topic-ext] compat: mercurial dropped alias for hashlib.sha1 2016-07-08 timeless Accepted
[topic-ext] compat: mercurial dropped alias for hashlib.sha1 2016-07-08 timeless Superseded
[topic-ext] compat: tolerate missing rebase extension 2016-07-08 timeless Accepted
[topic-ext] topics: add listnames hook so completion works 2015-06-15 Matt Mackall Accepted
[topic-ext] topics: allow commits that only change topic (issue4725) 2015-06-15 Matt Mackall Accepted
[urgent,regression,on,default] obsolete: properly drop 'date' from metadata 2014-09-10 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[V1] util: move checknlink away from the dependency of a hard-coded filename 2016-08-23 Tony Tung Changes Requested
[V2,(1,of,3)] ui: introduce util.system() wrapper to make sure ui.fout is used 2014-11-08 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[V2,(typo,fix)] obsolete: extract encoding of marker for pushkey from the list key function 2014-02-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[v2,1/1] scripts: warn about invalid MAINTAINERS patterns 2017-11-01 Tom Saeger Not Applicable
[V2,evolve-ext] debian: clean up rules file 2014-08-16 Faheem Mitha Not Applicable
[V2,evolve-ext] wireproto: chunking and compression is forthwith to be handled by hgweb 2016-11-30 Martijn Pieters Accepted
[V2,for,09,of,14,FIX-bundle2] histedit: properly apply bundle2 backups 2015-10-20 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[V2,more-in-stack] changegroup: move all compressions utilities in util 2015-09-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[v2,more-matchers] manifestmerge: have manifest do matching before diffing 2015-12-15 Augie Fackler Accepted
[V2,RESEND] backout: commit changeset by default (BC) 2016-01-13 Ruslan Sayfutdinov Superseded
[V2,RESEND] win32: improve the performance of win32.unlink() over CIFS 2014-02-17 Kaz Nishimura Accepted
[v2,STABLE] amend: fix amending rename commit with obsolescence markers (issue4405) 2014-10-20 Ryan McElroy Changes Requested
[V2,STABLE] color: pass on key error for win32 (issue4298) 2014-08-03 Sean Farley Accepted
[V2,stable] hgweb: make help verbose again (issue3899) 2013-04-22 Alexander Plavin Accepted
[V2,STABLE] hgweb: refresh hgweb.repo on phase change (issue4061) 2014-09-28 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[v2,stable] largefiles: fix support for local largefiles while using share extension 2016-06-07 Henrik Stuart Accepted
[V2,STABLE] phabricator: properly encode boolean types in the request body 2018-12-23 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2,stable] run-tests: fixes the '--interactive' option error 2014-06-12 Anurag Goel Superseded
[V2,STABLE] serve: move hg-ssh readonly logic into hg serve 2017-04-27 Durham Goode Deferred
[v2,stable] sshpeer: try harder to snag stderr when stdout closes unexpectedly 2017-04-21 Augie Fackler Accepted
[V2,STABLE] subrepo: avoid false unsafe path detection on Windows 2019-02-07 Matt Harbison Accepted
[v2,stable] subrepo: move prompts out of the if (issue5505) 2017-03-20 Simon Farnsworth Accepted
[v2,stable] tests: test-lock-badness.t message could come later 2016-04-24 timeless durin42 Accepted
[v2-dederpified] histedit: support editing of the first commit (issue3767) 2013-04-12 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[V2] (proper intended comment) Makefile: intermediate steps work with temporary copy of hg.pot 2013-11-05 Simon Heimberg Superseded
[V2] absorb: clarify the reason for not finding changesets to modify 2018-09-06 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] amend: new extension providing the amend command 2017-07-12 Jun Wu Accepted
[v2] amend: support amending merge changesets (issue3778) 2013-02-09 Brodie Rao Superseded
[V2] backout: commit changeset by default (BC) 2015-12-22 Ruslan Sayfutdinov Superseded
[v2] bashcompletion: allow skipping completion for 'hg status' 2016-10-17 Mathias De Maré Accepted
[V2] bdiff: don't check border condition in loop 2016-11-21 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[v2] bisect: --command without --noupdate should flag the parent rev it tested 2014-01-12 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[V2] bisect: extra a small initialisation outside of a loop 2016-10-10 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[v2] blackbox: also log alias expansions 2016-08-25 Augie Fackler Accepted
[v2] bookmark: improve ambiguous documentation for rename 2015-09-04 Accepted
[V2] bookmarks: add 'hg pull -B .' for pulling the active bookmark (issue5258) 2016-06-20 liscju Accepted
[v2] bookmarks: allow renaming active bookmark using '.' 2017-08-24 David Demelier Accepted
[V2] bookmarks: avoid creating a nested repository during testing 2016-02-12 Martijn Pieters Accepted
[V2] bookmarks: drop deprecated methods (API) 2018-02-03 Matt Harbison Accepted
[v2] bookmarks: reject bookmark names that unambiguously resolve to a node (BC) 2017-05-25 Augie Fackler Accepted
[V2] bookmarks: simplify iscurrent to isactivewdirparent (API) 2015-05-07 Ryan McElroy Accepted
[V2] branchmap: check node against changelog instead of repo 2016-03-08 Durham Goode Accepted
[v2] build: include a dummy $PATH in the custom environment used by 2016-11-14 Gábor Stefanik Accepted
[V2] bundles: do not overwrite existing backup bundles 2015-01-10 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] cbor: teach the encoder to handle python `long` type for Windows 2018-09-05 Matt Harbison Accepted
[v2] censor: flag internal documentation 2016-11-23 Remi Chaintron Accepted
[v2] Change the default:push to default:pushurl 2017-02-28 rishi shah Not Applicable
[V2] changegroup: add bundlecaps back 2017-05-15 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] changegroup: fix file linkrevs during reorders (issue4462) 2014-11-21 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] changegroup: move branch cache debug message to proper location 2016-08-09 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[V2] changelog: fix bug in native head computation 2015-05-21 Laurent Charignon Changes Requested
[v2] check-code: skip unhandled files 2016-05-11 timeless yuya Rejected
[V2] check-commit: add an automatic testing of all draft changesets under "." 2014-08-06 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[V2] checkcopies: don't lose origin of file during merge (issue4748) 2015-07-16 Jeremy Parente Rejected
[V2] checkheads: extract obsolete post processing in its own function 2017-03-22 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[V2] chg: ignore HG_* in confighash 2016-12-14 Jun Wu Accepted
[V2] chgserver: auto exit after being idle for too long or lose the socket file 2016-02-24 Jun Wu Superseded
[V2] chgserver: create new process group after fork (issue5051) 2016-01-20 Jun Wu yuya Accepted
[V2] chgserver: set sys.argv to improve compatibility 2016-05-04 Jun Wu durin42 Rejected
[V2] chgserver: update the umask cache before each run 2020-03-31 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[V2] chgserver: use old ui.system if fout is not stdout or needs to be captured 2016-03-19 Jun Wu yuya Accepted
[V2] churn: deprecate -t option in favour of -T 2015-02-24 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
[v2] cleanup: reuse existing wctx variables instead of calling repo[None] 2017-05-21 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[V2] cmdserver: include pid of server handling requests in hello message 2014-10-18 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[v2] cmdutil: add within-line color diff capacity 2017-11-20 Superseded
[v2] cmdutil: avoid the confusing name 'patch' for a matcher 2014-09-02 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[V2] cmdutil: show diffs in commit message with ui.verbosecommit option 2013-07-16 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Superseded
[V2] codemod: register core configitems using a script 2017-07-14 Jun Wu Accepted
[v2] command options: abort on unicode defaults 2017-09-01 Christophe de Vienne Superseded
[v2] command options: abort on unicode defaults 2017-08-31 Christophe de Vienne Superseded
[V2] commands: add debugdeltachain command 2015-12-06 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[V2] commandserver: do not handle EINTR for 2017-07-16 Jun Wu Accepted
[v2] commit: amending with --close-branch (issue3445) 2013-05-02 Iulian Stana krbullock Superseded
[v2] commit: block amend while histedit is in progress (issue4800) 2016-02-26 Superseded
[V2] commit: pass mergestate into _filecommit() instead of re-reading it 2020-09-11 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[V2] commitextras: make sure keys contains ascii letters, numbers, '_' and '-' only 2017-07-29 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[v2] compact: add color labels to -Tcompact 2016-04-08 Accepted
[v2] compat: provide a declaration of ssize_t, for MS windows 2016-07-13 Maciej Fijalkowski Accepted
[v2] config: allow 'user' in .hgrc ui section (issue3169) 2014-07-26 anatoly techtonik Accepted
[V2] config: give a more detailed sample repo config 2014-10-03 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Superseded
[V2] config: honour the trusted flag in ui.configint 2017-03-12 Augie Fackler Changes Requested
[V2] config: honour the trusted flag in ui.configint 2017-03-12 Martijn Pieters Changes Requested
[V2] configitems: register the 'win32mbcs.encoding' config 2017-09-13 Boris Feld Accepted
[V2] context: extend efficient manifest filtering to when all paths are files 2014-07-16 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[V2] context: name files relative to cwd in warning messages 2017-07-15 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] context: override workingctx.hex() to avoid a crash 2015-06-16 Matt Harbison mpm Accepted
[V2] contrib: add a tool to detect cyclic references 2017-05-28 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[v2] contrib: add showstack extension 2015-08-28 Matt Mackall Accepted
[v2] convert: bzr use absolute_import 2016-03-11 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[v2] convert: bzr use absolute_import 2016-03-11 Superseded
[V2] convert: config option to control Git committer actions 2017-01-14 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[v2] convert: if getting a file from Perforce fails try to get it one more time 2015-07-12 Eugene Baranov Accepted
[V2] convert: parse quoted keys and values in mapfiles (BC) 2017-09-24 Ingmar Blonk Changes Requested
[V2] convert: support incremental conversion with hg subrepos 2015-06-12 Matt Harbison Accepted
[v2] convert: unescape Perforce-escaped special characters in filenames 2015-07-14 Eugene Baranov Superseded
[V2] convert: update the transplant, rebase and graft references in 'extra' 2014-06-13 Matt Harbison Accepted
[v2] convert: use 'default' for specifying branch name in branchmap (issue4753) 2015-07-15 Eugene Baranov Accepted
[V2] copies: optimize forward copy detection logic for rebases 2016-02-05 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] copy: add flag for disabling copy tracing 2015-02-04 Durham Goode Superseded
[V2] crecord: fix statup crash of curses UI 2015-03-18 Laurent Charignon Not Applicable
[V2] crecord: honor "ui.color = no" config option 2018-01-05 Elmar Bartel Accepted
[V2] css: fixed font-family 2013-04-20 Alexander Plavin Superseded
[V2] cvsps: fix computation of parent revisions when log caching is on 2015-10-09 Augie Fackler Superseded
[V2] cvsps: fix computation of parent revisions when log caching is on 2015-10-09 Emanuele Giaquinta Superseded
[V2] dagwalker: drop an useless intermediate variable 2014-10-15 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[v2] debug: automate the process of truncating a damaged obsstore (issue5265) 2016-07-04 Simon Farnsworth Superseded
[V2] debugdeltachain: display how many chunks would be read in sparse-read mode 2018-01-17 Paul Morelle Accepted
[V2] debugdeltachain: output information about sparse read if enabled 2017-11-14 Paul Morelle Accepted
[v2] debugindex: respect --debug flag to show full nodeids 2014-12-13 Kyle Lippincott Accepted
[V2] debuginstall: add a line about re2 availability 2017-11-30 Boris Feld Changes Requested
[v2] debuginstall: convert to formatter 2016-03-10 Accepted
[V2] debuginstall: display warning when multiple installs are present (issue4141) 2014-01-11 Prasoon Shukla Changes Requested
[v2] debuglabelcomplete: fix to call debugnamecomplete in new location 2017-03-14 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[V2] destutil: use scmutil.revrange for desthistedit (issue5001) 2015-12-26 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[V2] dirs: remove mutable string optimization at all 2019-10-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[V2] dirstate: drop explicit files that shouldn't match (BC) (issue4679) 2018-02-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[V2] dirstate: fix filefoldmap incosistency on file delete 2015-11-06 Mateusz Kwapich Superseded
[V2] dirstate: move pure python dirstate packing to pure/ 2013-02-05 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[V2] dirstate: rebuild should update dirstate properly 2016-08-30 Mateusz Kwapich Accepted
[V2] dirstate: test normalize is truthy instead of using a no-op lambda 2012-12-04 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[V2] discovery: be more conservative when adjusting the sample size 2019-06-06 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[v2] discovery: explicitly check for None in outgoing init 2016-09-06 Ryan McElroy Accepted
[V2] discovery: factor out calculation of heads to not warn about 2015-11-06 Ryan McElroy Accepted
[V2] dispatch: factor out command failure handling into a function 2016-04-04 Martijn Pieters yuya Accepted
[v2] dispatch: refactor tortured debugger setup logic 2016-01-05 Bryan O'Sullivan yuya Changes Requested
[v2] dispatch: refactor tortured debugger setup logic 2016-01-01 Bryan O'Sullivan Changes Requested
[v2] dispatch: take --hidden from individual commands into account 2014-01-27 Julien Cristau Accepted
[v2] docker: add Docker files for running an Apache mod_wsgi server 2014-11-22 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[v2] encoding: mercurial ignores setlocale and uses ascii instead of utf8 2016-10-29 ehpc Changes Requested
[V2] eol: support alternate location for .hgeol file (issue3975) 2013-08-06 Jorge Acereda Rejected
[V2] error: make HintException a mix-in class not derived from BaseException (API) 2016-07-09 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[V2] evolve: add template to show evolution troubles (issue4686) 2016-09-06 liscju Changes Requested
[V2] evolve: improve error message if unstable changes are disallowed 2016-11-24 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[V2] exchange: add oparg to push so that extensions can wrap pushop 2015-10-15 Sean Farley Accepted
[v2] exewrapper: prefer HackableMercurial python if availbale 2017-03-13 Kostia Balytskyi Accepted
[v2] export: add -B option to select a bookmark 2018-05-15 David Demelier Superseded
[V2] extdata: show debug message if external command exits with non-zero status 2017-10-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[V2] extdiff: support tools that can be run simultaneously 2019-02-05 Ludovic Chabant Accepted
[V2] extensions: add notloaded method to return extensions failed to load 2016-02-15 Jun Wu yuya Accepted
[V2] extensions: add onsub extension 2014-10-12 Angel Ezquerra Deferred
[V2] extensions: allow extending command synopsis and docstring 2015-02-11 Ryan McElroy Superseded
[v2] extensions: change magic "shipped with hg" string 2016-08-25 Augie Fackler Accepted
[v2] extensions: properly mark progress as part of core 2015-11-25 Augie Fackler yuya Accepted
[v2] extensions: rename _ignore to _builtin, add descriptive comment 2015-11-25 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[V2] extensions: support callbacks after another extension loads 2015-02-06 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[V2] fancyopts: allow all callable as default parameter value 2015-06-11 Accepted
[v2] fancyopts: making config defaults actually override defaults 2017-03-24 via Mercurial-devel Changes Requested
[V2] filemerge: add non-interactive internal:merge-local and internal:merge-other 2014-08-13 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Changes Requested
[V2] filemerge: store error messages in module variables 2017-05-19 Stanislau Hlebik Accepted
[V2] files: write filenode hash if --debug is passed 2015-03-24 David Soria Parra Changes Requested
[v2] fileserverclient: make iterbatch() case work with new store 2016-05-20 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[V2] fix: change the default fix pattern (issue6077) 2019-02-13 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso New
[V2] fold: add --upto argument to handle ambiguous case 2015-06-03 Laurent Charignon Changes Requested
[V2] forget: add --dry-run mode 2018-03-11 sushil khanchi Superseded
[v2] formatter: fixing bug that prevented labels from working 2016-03-04 Kostia Balytskyi yuya Changes Requested
[V2] fsmonitor: match watchman and filesystem encoding 2017-04-05 Olivier Trempe Superseded
[V2] generaldelta: initialize basecache properly 2013-09-21 Wojciech Lopata Accepted
[v2] graft: introduce --base option for using custom base revision while merging 2018-10-14 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[V2] graft: record the user who performed the command in the extras dictionary 2015-04-11 Matt Harbison Changes Requested
[v2] graft: support grafting across move/copy (issue4028) 2016-08-02 Gábor Stefanik Changes Requested
[v2] graft: support grafting changes to new file in renamed directory (issue5436) 2016-12-06 Gábor Stefanik Accepted
[V2] graph: support the branch grouping experiment from mercurial core 2014-12-22 Pierre-Yves David Not Applicable
[V2] graphmod: compute slow revset query once prior to reachableroots (issue4782) 2015-09-08 Yuya Nishihara durin42 Accepted
[V2] graphmod: partial edge styling 2016-05-04 Martijn Pieters Accepted
[V2] graphmod: set default edge styles for ascii graphs 2016-03-23 Martijn Pieters Accepted
[v2] help: add new deprecated topic 2018-05-15 David Demelier Accepted
[V2] help: avoid using "$n" parameter in revsetalias example 2016-04-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[v2] help: explain how to access subtopics in internals 2017-04-26 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[V2] help: hide command line options marked as "advanced" 2016-11-01 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[V2] help: internals topic for wire protocol 2016-08-18 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[V2] help: show help for disabled extensions(issue5228) 2016-11-06 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[V2] hg log: solves bug regarding hg log -r 0:null (issue4039) 2014-03-12 Cristian Zamfir Accepted
[v2] hg: allow usage of XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $HOME/.config/hgrc 2017-02-07 David Demelier Superseded
[V2] hg: support for auto sharing stores when cloning 2015-07-08 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[V2] hgcia: remove hgcia (BC) 2016-05-12 Jun Wu Accepted
[V2] hgweb: add (Atom) subscribe link to the main paper template pages 2012-12-04 Angel Ezquerra Superseded
[V2] hgweb: add branches RSS and Atom feeds 2012-12-04 Angel Ezquerra Superseded
[V2] hgweb: add changelog and search templates to raw style 2013-07-13 Alexander Plavin Accepted
[V2] hgweb: add missing slash to file log url in rss style 2017-01-04 Valters Vingolds Superseded
[v2] hgweb: avoid line wrap between revision and annotate-info (issue5398) 2016-10-08 Tooru Fujisawa Accepted
[V2] hgweb: change highlighted line color to be different from 'inserted' color 2013-07-15 Alexander Plavin Accepted
[V2] hgweb: don't attempt to show hidden bookmarks (issue3774) 2013-01-25 Kevin Bullock Superseded
[v2] hgweb: encode WSGI environment like OS environment 2020-06-25 Manuel Jacob Accepted
[V2] hgweb: ensure both foreground and background colors are specified (issue4872) 2015-10-08 Gijs Kruitbosch Accepted
[V2] hgweb: fail if an invalid command was supplied in url path (issue4071) 2014-09-23 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[V2] hgweb: highlight line which is linked to at comparison view 2013-07-17 Alexander Plavin Accepted
[V2] hgweb: load server settings from --web-conf (issue4699) 2015-12-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[V2] hgweb: make different kinds of commits look differently on /graph 2018-01-09 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[V2] hgweb: make refresh interval configurable 2015-08-23 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[V2] hgweb: teach archive how to handle file patterns 2013-02-08 Angel Ezquerra Superseded
[V2] hgweb: toggleDiffstat function instead of showDiffstat and hideDiffstat 2013-07-13 Alexander Plavin Accepted
[V2] hgwebdir: add support for explicit index files 2017-03-15 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] hg_open: the function that opens the connection with cmdserver 2013-09-18 Iulian Stana Not Applicable
[V2] highlight: fix page layout with empty first and last lines 2013-05-09 Alexander Plavin Accepted
[v2] histedit: add "amen" command to fold commit data and drop message (issue4256) 2014-08-11 Changes Requested
[v2] histedit: add 'stop' verb 2014-09-16 David Soria Parra Changes Requested
[V2] histedit: add a config allowing changing histedit rule line length limit 2015-02-26 Mateusz Kwapich Superseded
[V2] histedit: delete to drop 2015-12-11 Mateusz Kwapich Superseded
[v2] histedit: expose histedit plan via tags RFC 2015-12-30 Superseded
[v2] histedit: handle obsolete commits unknown to histedit state 2016-01-17 Kostia Balytskyi marmoute Superseded
[v2] histedit: make histedit aware of obsoletions not stored in state (issue4800) 2016-02-22 Kostia Balytskyi Rejected
[V2] histedit: make histedit prune when obsolete is enabled 2015-10-17 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] histedit: pick an appropriate base changeset by default (BC) 2015-12-06 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[V2] histedit: pick an appropriate base changeset by default (BC) 2015-12-04 Gregory Szorc marmoute Superseded
[v2] histedit: select the lowest rev when looking for a root in a revset 2014-03-19 David Soria Parra Superseded
[v2] histedit: use one editor when multiple folds happen in a row (issue3524) (BC) 2015-09-01 Augie Fackler durin42 Superseded
[v2] histedit: use one editor when multiple folds happen in a row (issue3524) (BC) 2015-09-01 Augie Fackler durin42 Superseded
[V2] hook: filter out unstable output in tests 2016-03-10 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[v2] https: support tls sni (server name indication) for https urls (issue3090) 2015-01-14 Alex Orange Accepted
[v2] i18n: make the locale directory name the same string type as the datapath 2016-10-08 Augie Fackler Superseded
[V2] identify: avoid a crash when given '-r wdir()' 2015-06-29 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] import: move tryone closure in cmdutil 2014-02-13 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[V2] import: report directory-relative paths in error messages (issue5224) 2016-09-05 liscju Superseded
[V2] import: report directory-relative paths in error messages (issue5224) 2016-09-05 liscju Superseded
[V2] import: report directory-relative paths in error messages (issue5224) 2016-09-02 liscju Changes Requested
[V2] Improve error message when a user configured editor could not be found 2020-03-23 Accepted
[V2] init: changed creation order of 00changelog and requires files (issue3960) 2014-01-14 Lucas Moscovicz Rejected
[V2] journal: new experimental extension 2016-06-20 Martijn Pieters Superseded
[V2] keyword: use wvfs.rmtree to remove kwdemo directory 2015-05-03 Christian Ebert Accepted
[V2] largefiles: check file in the repo store before checking remotely (issue5257) 2016-06-27 liscju Accepted
[v2] largefiles: Commit directories that only contain largefiles (issue3548) 2012-12-12 Levi Bard Accepted
[v2] lazymanifest: check more return values in filtercopy 2016-01-07 Augie Fackler Accepted
[v2] lazymanifest: write a more efficient, pypy friendly version of lazymanifest 2016-09-17 Maciej Fijalkowski Changes Requested
[V2] lfs: add an experimental knob to disable blob serving 2018-04-01 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] lfs: add the '{lfsattrs}' template keyword to '{lfs_files}' 2018-01-19 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] lfs: respect narrowmatcher when testing to add 'lfs' requirement (issue5794) 2018-03-28 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] localrepo: avoid unnecessary conversion from node to rev 2017-02-07 Stanislau Hlebik Rejected
[V2] localrepo: cache types for filtered repos (issue5043) 2017-07-02 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[v2] localrepo: improve vfs documentation 2017-03-21 Ryan McElroy Accepted
[V2] localrepo: reverse contexts in status 2014-05-16 Sean Farley Accepted
[V2] lock: while releasing, unlink lockfile even if the release function throws 2014-10-17 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[V2] log: add an extension hook-point in changeset_printer 2017-06-29 Boris Feld Accepted
[V2] log: allow patterns with -f 2014-08-05 Durham Goode Accepted
[v2] log: speed up single file log with hidden revs (issue4747) 2016-01-25 Matt Mackall yuya Accepted
[V2] logtoprocess: new experimental extension 2016-04-05 Martijn Pieters Accepted
[V2] mail: encode long unicode lines in emails properly (issue5687) 2017-09-26 Ippolitov Igor Accepted
[v2] mail: retain hostname for sslutil.wrapsocket (issue5203) 2016-04-15 timeless Accepted
[v2] mail: take --encoding and HGENCODING into account 2016-10-08 Gábor Stefanik Superseded
[V2] manifest: drop Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_SEQUENCE_IN from tp_flags in Python 3 2016-10-08 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[V2] manifest: improve filesnotin performance by using lazymanifest diff 2016-05-02 Tony Tung Accepted
[V2] manifest: make lru size configurable 2015-02-04 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] match: inverse _anypats(), making it _prefix() 2017-07-11 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[v2] match: override 'visitdir' in subdirmatcher 2016-02-14 Martin von Zweigbergk marmoute Accepted
[V2] memctx: allow extensions to determine what filectxfn should do 2014-08-30 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[V2] merge: Add support for 'union' merge strategy 2015-07-10 Erik Huelsmann Changes Requested
[V2] merge: add `internal:dumpjson` tool to `resolve`, which outputs conflict state 2017-03-07 Phillip Cohen Changes Requested
[V2] merge: let the user choose to merge, keep local or keep remote subrepo revisions 2013-09-25 Angel Ezquerra Superseded
[V2] merge: print status message before launching external merge tool 2017-02-10 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[V2] merge: show list of bids for each file in bid-merge in ui.debug() 2020-09-14 Pulkit Goyal Superseded
[v2] mergecopies: avoid slowdown from linkrev adjustment (issue4680) 2015-05-26 Matt Mackall Accepted
[V2] mergestate: add `allextras()` to get all extras 2020-10-14 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[V2] mergestate: document `o` merge record state in _mergestate_base docs 2020-10-14 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[V2] mergestate: make filename argument optional in _mergestate_base.extras() 2020-10-14 Pulkit Goyal New
[v2] minirst: don't treat top level item as children of last item (issue4803) 2015-09-02 Accepted
[v2] mpatch: write a cffi version of mpatch.patches 2016-08-20 Maciej Fijalkowski Accepted
[V2] mq: reject new patch name containing leading/trailing whitespace 2017-03-21 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[V2] mq: report the negative guard is match if the negative guarded patch is pushable 2013-09-05 Changes Requested
[V2] obsolete: factorise troubles detection during push 2012-12-23 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[V2] obsolete: use C code for headrevs calculation 2014-09-17 Durham Goode Superseded
[V2] obsutil: clarify the access to "repo" 2018-11-06 Boris Feld Accepted
[v2] osutil: add darwin-only version of os.listdir using cffi 2016-07-18 Maciej Fijalkowski Accepted
[v2] osutil: add darwin-only version of os.listdir using cffi 2016-07-12 Maciej Fijalkowski Changes Requested
[v2] osx: explicitly build hg with /usr/bin/python2.7 2016-07-13 Kevin Bullock Not Applicable
[v2] osx: explicitly build hg with /usr/bin/python2.7 2016-07-13 Augie Fackler Accepted
[v2] outgoing: respect ":pushurl" paths (issue5365) 2017-11-10 Augie Fackler Deferred
[v2] outgoing: respect ":pushurl" paths (issue5365) 2017-11-03 Hollis Blanchard Accepted
[V2] outgoing: Support pushrev (issue6106) 2019-03-28 Kim Alvefur New
[V2] pager: fix the invocation of `more` on Windows 2017-03-22 Matt Harbison Superseded
[v2] pager: migrate heavily-used extension into core 2017-02-04 Bryan O'Sullivan Superseded
[v2] pager: migrate to core 2015-11-24 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[V2] pager: set some environment variables if they're not set 2017-04-13 Jun Wu Accepted
[V2] parsers.c: avoid implicit conversion loses integer precision warnings 2015-08-18 André Sintzoff durin42 Rejected
[V2] parsers: fix buffer overflow by invalid parent revision read from revlog 2015-07-17 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[V2] parsers: fix invariant bug in find_deepest 2017-07-14 Sune Foldager Accepted
[v2] parsers: use PyTuple_Pack instead of manual list-filling 2015-12-17 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[v2] parsers: use PyTuple_Pack instead of manual list-filling 2015-12-14 Bryan O'Sullivan yuya Superseded
[V2] parse_manifest: rewrite to use memchr 2013-09-10 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[V2] patch: don't separate \r and \n when colorizing diff output 2018-07-11 via Mercurial-devel New
[V2] patch: rewrite reversehunks (issue5337) 2017-06-21 Jun Wu Accepted
[v2] patch: when importing from email, RFC2047-decode From/Subject headers 2016-03-03 Julien Cristau yuya Accepted
[v2] patchbomb: add -B option to select a bookmark 2017-05-30 David Demelier Accepted
[v2] patchbomb: add test that shows --to and --cc override matching config item 2017-09-21 Augie Fackler Accepted
[V2] patchbomb: check that targets exist at the publicurl 2015-10-12 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[V2] patchbomb: protect email addresses from shell 2019-09-30 Floris Bruynooghe Superseded
[v2] patchbomb: treat empty address list as no addresses 2016-01-08 Bryan O'Sullivan yuya Superseded
[V2] patches: release the GIL while applying the patch 2018-02-22 Boris Feld Accepted
[V2] perf: add asv benchmarks 2016-11-03 Philippe Pepiot Superseded
[V2] perf: add historical portability for util.timer 2017-04-05 Philippe Pepiot Superseded
[V2] perf: add threading capability to perfbdiff 2018-01-10 Paul Morelle Accepted
[v2] perf: make `hg perfwrite` more flexible 2020-06-23 Manuel Jacob Accepted
[V2] phabricator: migrate [phabricator.auth] to [auth] 2018-05-14 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] phabricator: register config settings 2018-05-18 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] phases: fix error return with no exception from computephases() 2020-07-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[V2] posix: insert seek between reads and writes on Solaris (issue4943) 2015-11-30 Matt Mackall Not Applicable
[V2] posix: insert seek between reads and writes on Solaris (issue4943) 2015-11-27 Gregory Szorc mpm Rejected
[v2] posix: update os.popen with subprocess (issue4746) 2017-09-04 Changes Requested
[V2] posix: update os.popen with subprocess (issue4746) 2017-03-03 Rishabh Madan Superseded
[V2] procutil: ensure that all stdio file objects are flushed at interpreter exit 2020-07-10 Manuel Jacob New
[V2] profiling: allow logging profile to the blackbox 2015-09-08 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] pull: close peer repo on completion (issue2797) 2014-02-20 Accepted
[v2] pure: write a really lazy version of pure indexObject 2016-05-10 Maciej Fijalkowski Accepted
[V2] purge: avoid duplicate output for --print (issue4092) 2014-02-25 Anurag Goel Accepted
[V2] push: add --publish flag to change phase of pushed changesets 2018-11-21 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[v2] push: add a message when pushing phases but not changes (issue4232) 2016-12-07 Jeremy Wall \(zaphar\) Changes Requested
[V2] push: config option to control behavior when pushing to a publishing server 2018-11-30 Anton Shestakov Superseded
[V2] push: provide a hint when no paths in configured (issue3692) 2014-02-15 Anurag Goel Superseded
[v2] push: warn after pushing draft changesets with tags 2016-03-11 Nathan Goldbaum Superseded
[V2] py3: a second argument to open can't be bytes 2016-10-09 Martijn Pieters Accepted
[V2] py3: add "b" prefix to string literals related to module policy 2017-03-12 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[V2] py3: change explicit conversion from str to pycompat.bytestr 2017-03-17 Rishabh Madan Accepted
[V2] py3: convert os.readlink() path to native strings 2018-09-28 Matt Harbison New
[V2] py3: fix a type error in hghave.has_hardlink 2018-09-21 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] py3: make format strings unicodes and not bytes 2016-10-08 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[V2] py3: make osenvironb a proxy for, instead of a copy of os.environ where needed 2018-09-19 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] py3: test to check which commands run 2016-10-09 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[V2] py3: use iter() instead of iterkeys() 2017-03-15 Rishabh Madan Accepted
[V2] py3: use str to query registry values on Windows 2018-10-13 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] pycompat: delay loading modules registered to stub 2016-08-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[v2] rebase: add boolean config item rebase.norebasesource 2022-05-05 C. Masloch New
[V2] rebase: add flag to commit to insert commit in stack 2015-11-25 Christian Delahousse Rejected
[v2] rebase: add potential divergent commit hashes to error message (issue5086) 2016-02-17 Kostia Balytskyi Accepted
[v2] rebase: allow rebase even if some revisions need no rebase (BC) (issue5422) 2017-05-11 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[V2] rebase: better error message when rebased changes are all in destination 2015-12-29 Laurent Charignon Superseded
[V2] rebase: do not raise an UnboundLocalError when called with wrong rev (issue4106) 2014-02-19 Simon Heimberg Accepted
[V2] rebase: don't rebase obsolete commit whose successor is already rebased 2015-09-23 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[v2] rebase: exclude descendants of obsoletes w/o a successor in dest (issue5300) 2017-11-14 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[V2] rebase: fail-fast the pull if working dir is not clean (BC) 2017-01-04 Valters Vingolds Superseded
[V2] rebase: fix --collapse when a file was added then removed 2013-03-15 Durham Goode Accepted
[v2] rebase: handle successor targets (issue5198) 2016-05-03 timeless Accepted
[v2] rebase: make sure merge state is cleaned up for no-op rebases 2017-05-16 Jeremy Fitzhardinge Accepted
[V2] rebase: move bookmark to destination for commits becoming empty (issue5627) 2017-07-22 Jun Wu Accepted
[V2] rebase: small refactoring to allow better extensibility from extensions 2016-01-14 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[v2] rebase: turn rebaseskipobsolete on by default 2016-03-09 Kostia Balytskyi Superseded
[V2] rebase: use matcher to optimize manifestmerge 2017-05-04 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] record: add option to reverse chunks selection 2015-03-16 Laurent Charignon Superseded
[V2] record: deprecate the extension 2016-03-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[V2] record: exiting editor with non zero status should not stop recording session 2015-06-05 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[V2] record: use patch.diffopts to account for user diffopts 2013-01-08 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[v2] registrar: make format strings unicodes and not bytes 2016-10-07 Augie Fackler Accepted
[v2] releasenotes: improve parsing around bullet points 2017-06-13 Rishabh Madan Superseded
[V2] remotenames: selectivepull, pull only bookmarks that are in remotenames 2016-08-18 Stanislau Hlebik Superseded
[V2] remove: add dry-run functionality 2018-03-22 sushil khanchi Superseded
[v2] repair: setup hookargs when processing bundle2s 2015-02-20 Eric Sumner Accepted
[V2] repoview: add non-global tags to candidate list for blocking hidden changesets 2014-03-19 Sean Farley Superseded
[v2] repoview: remove hiddencache verification 2014-10-06 David Soria Parra Accepted
[v2] resolve: when pats do not match, hint about path: 2016-03-02 yuya Accepted
[V2] revbranchcache: add test for when the cache is not writable 2015-03-18 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] revert: add an experimental config to use inverted selection 2015-05-30 Laurent Charignon Superseded
[V2] revert: allow configuring the .orig file location 2015-08-14 Zainab Zahid Superseded
[v2] revlog: ensure that flags do not overflow 2 bytes 2016-11-28 Cotizo Sima Accepted
[v2] revlog: make converting from inline to non-line work after a strip 2015-03-25 Accepted
[V2] revlog: suggest other parent when a parent was refused for a delta (issue5481) 2018-05-14 Paul Morelle Accepted
[V2] revlog: use raw revision for rawsize 2017-04-03 Jun Wu Accepted
[V2] revrange: don't parse revset aliases as hash prefixes (issue4553) 2015-02-25 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Superseded
[V2] revset: add 'only' revset 2014-02-28 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] revset: add extra data to filteredset for better inspection 2016-02-28 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[v2] revset: build _syminitletters from a saner source: the string module 2016-10-08 Augie Fackler Accepted
[V2] revset: define successors revset 2017-07-10 Jun Wu Accepted
[V2] revset: don't error out if tokens parse as existing symbols 2015-05-03 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
[V2] revset: evaluate filesets against each revision for 'file()' (issue5778) 2018-02-01 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] revset: fix a crash in parents() when 'wdir()' is in the set 2015-06-30 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] revset: fix generatorset race condition 2014-03-26 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] revset: fix sorting key of wdir revision 2020-10-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[V2] revset: improve head revset performance 2014-03-13 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] revset: introduce new operator "##" to concatenate strings/symbols at runtime 2015-01-06 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[V2] revset: make id() to not abort on an unknown 40-byte string 2015-04-14 Alexander Drozdov Changes Requested
[V2] revset: make parents() O(number of parents) 2014-09-12 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] revset: make repo.anyrevs accept customized alias override (API) 2017-07-08 Jun Wu Accepted
[V2] revset: omit dropping tip from the result of tag() (BC) 2015-02-04 Katsunori FUJIWARA Rejected
[v2] revset: prevent infinite recursion on pypy 2016-04-01 Maciej Fijalkowski marmoute Accepted
[v2] revset: support "follow(, e22f4f3f06c3)" (issue5334) 2016-08-19 Gábor Stefanik Accepted
[V2] revset: support ranges in #generations relation 2019-01-16 Anton Shestakov Superseded
[V2] revset: use '%' as an operator for 'only' 2015-01-08 Sean Farley Accepted
[V2] revset: use manifest.matches in _follow revset 2016-02-05 Durham Goode Accepted
[v2] rollback: add a config knob for entirely disabling the command 2016-05-04 Augie Fackler Superseded
[v2] run-tests: $TESTDIR can be something else than $PWD 2017-11-03 Accepted
[V2] run-tests: '--time' option provide more details to linux users 2014-05-29 Anurag Goel Superseded
[v2] run-tests: add --rev to run tests with specific version of hg 2016-04-15 timeless Deferred
[v2] run-tests: add support for automatically bisecting test failures 2016-03-19 Augie Fackler Accepted
[v2] run-tests: add support for xunit test reports 2014-08-06 Augie Fackler Accepted
[V2] run-tests: added 'cuser', 'csys' time info in report.json file 2014-09-19 Anurag Goel Accepted
[v2] run-tests: allow automatic test discovery when providing folder as argument 2017-11-03 Accepted
[v2] run-tests: also color the summary messages (skipped, failed...) 2017-07-16 Matthieu Laneuville Changes Requested
[v2] run-tests: automatically add (glob) to "saved backup bundle to" lines 2015-01-03 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[V2] run-tests: cache hghave results 2018-02-27 Matt Harbison Accepted
[v2] run-tests: outputdir also has to be changed if $TESTDIR is not $PWD 2017-11-19 Accepted
[v2] run-tests: report missing feature for skipped tests 2015-12-28 Accepted
[V2] run-tests: report tests as failed when run-test raises an error 2014-01-16 Simon Heimberg Accepted
[v2] run-tests: try to provide a test.env file RFC 2016-03-21 Superseded
[V2] run-tests: use different chg socket directories for different tests 2016-03-24 Jun Wu yuya Accepted
[V2] runtests: add 'diff' entry in json report 2016-01-05 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[V2] rust-dirstate: leverage find_dirs() iterator in DirsMultiset 2019-07-11 Yuya Nishihara New
[V2] scmutil: changed revrange code not to use append 2014-02-24 Lucas Moscovicz Accepted
[V2] scmutil: fix revrange when multiple revs are specified 2014-03-20 Durham Goode Accepted
[V2] selectivepull: fix tests 2017-05-31 Stanislau Hlebik Accepted
[V2] serve: No 'listening at' line when port specified (issue 3976) 2014-02-19 Anurag Goel Deferred
[V2] server: add an error feedback mechanism for when the daemon fails to launch 2018-03-31 Matt Harbison Accepted
[V2] setup: build docs from 2014-09-04 Kevin Bullock Changes Requested
[V2] setup: convert setupversion to unicode 2017-03-12 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[V2] setup: drop support for Python 2.6 (BC) 2017-05-03 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[V2] setup: pass named argument to setup_zstd 2017-01-05 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[v2] setup: prepare for future cffi modules by adding placeholder in setup 2016-07-11 Maciej Fijalkowski Accepted
[V2] setup: prevent setuptools from laying an egg 2017-05-29 Matt Harbison Accepted
[v2] setup: require a Python version with modern SSL features 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[V2] share: replace the bookmarks.shared file with an entry on a new shared.conf file 2015-01-16 Angel Ezquerra Superseded
[V2] shelve: add -n/--name option to unshelve (issue5475) 2017-02-19 liscju Superseded
[v2] shelve: add a shelve extension to save/restore working changes 2013-09-09 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[V2] shelve: allow multiple shelves with --patch and --stat 2017-01-16 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[V2] shelve: allow unlimited shelved changes per name 2017-06-21 Jun Wu Accepted
[V2] shelve: copy bookmarks and restore them after a commit 2013-10-03 David Soria Parra Accepted
[v2] shelve: make unshelve be able to abort in any case 2016-07-07 Kostia Balytskyi Changes Requested
[V2] shelve: only save mq state if enabled 2013-10-09 Sean Farley Accepted
[V2] shelve: unshelve using an unfiltered repository 2013-11-11 David Soria Parra Accepted
[V2] show: implement "stack" view 2017-07-02 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[v2] show: make template option actually show up in help 2017-04-13 Ryan McElroy Accepted
[V2] similar: compare between actual file contents for exact identity 2017-03-02 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[V2] sparse-read: ignore trailing empty revs in each read chunk 2017-10-19 Paul Morelle Accepted
[V2] splicemap: support paths with spaces in splicemap (issue3844) 2013-05-08 Szymon Wróblewski Accepted