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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[2,of,6] dispatch: set profiling.enabled when profiling is enabled 2016-08-15 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[2,of,6] encoding: use unicode literal for argument to encode() 2016-06-01 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] export: invoke the file prefetch hook 2018-04-15 Matt Harbison Superseded
[2,of,6] extdiff: refactor logic which does diff of patches 2020-07-14 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,6] extensions: add uipopulate() support to exthelper 2018-12-01 Matt Harbison New
[2,of,6] filemerge: set actual capabilities of internal merge tools 2018-08-15 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,6] filemerge: turn filemerge into a generator 2015-10-09 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,6] fileset: sort debugfileset output 2018-07-07 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,6] fileset: use decorator to mark a function as fileset predicate 2015-12-21 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,6] formatter: add helper to create a formatter optionally backed by file 2017-05-30 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] formatter: fill missing resources by formatter, not by resource mapper 2018-09-02 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,6] formatter: wrap (tmpl, mapfile) by named tuple 2017-06-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] graphlog: move comment and flag denoting revs might be unsorted 2015-02-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] grep: move match and diff logic to new module 2020-10-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] headssummary: directly feed the function with the 'pushop' object 2017-06-04 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] help: document about "bookmarks" template keywords 2018-10-03 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,6] help: move config Default marking to its own line 2016-01-10 Accepted
[2,of,6] hg: use vfs functions in destination repository with share 2014-06-16 Chinmay Joshi Superseded
[2,of,6] hgignore: add a few more weird patterns to test case 2019-07-21 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] hgrc.d: separate namespace for mercurial scripts 9diff and 9mail 2013-08-12 Accepted
[2,of,6] hgweb: extract path traversal checking into standalone function 2017-04-01 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] hgweb: only include graph-related data in jsdata variable on /graph pages (BC) 2017-12-04 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[2,of,6] hgweb: provide symrev (symbolic revision) property to the templates 2015-06-16 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[2,of,6] hgweb: wrap {files} of changesetentry() with mappedgenerator 2018-05-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] hgweb: wrap {tags} by hybridlist() 2018-05-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] histedit: convert edit action into a class 2015-04-15 Durham Goode Accepted
[2,of,6] histedit: remove unneeded initial parameter 2016-06-21 Sean Farley Changes Requested
[2,of,6] ignore: throw exception for bad syntax (BC) 2015-05-18 Durham Goode Accepted
[2,of,6] import-checker: loop to get list of locally defined modules at first 2015-05-13 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,6] import-checker: track filenames for SyntaxErrors 2016-04-12 Superseded
[2,of,6] largefiles: fix 'unexpected response' warning newlines 2013-10-23 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,6] largefiles: fix help text to avoid warning at "make update-pot" 2017-08-15 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,6] largefiles: use context for file closing 2016-10-07 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,6] lfs: add the ability to disable the usercache 2018-04-09 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,6] lfs: dedent documentation section about .hglfs file 2019-10-21 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[2,of,6] lfs: migrate to the fileprefetch callback mechanism 2018-02-11 Matt Harbison Superseded
[2,of,6] localrepo: add events support to localrepository 2014-08-19 Gregory Szorc Changes Requested
[2,of,6] localrepo: add internal "pyhooks" hooks mechanism 2014-07-12 Gregory Szorc Changes Requested
[2,of,6] localrepo: execute appropriate actions for dirstate at releasing transaction 2015-10-08 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,6] localrepo: make requirements always be a set in localrepo.__init__ 2015-05-01 Drew Gottlieb Accepted
[2,of,6] log: remove unused argument from _makerevset() 2020-09-18 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] log: use smartset.slice() to limit number of revisions to be displayed 2018-01-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] logcmdutil: hold makefilematcher/makehunksfilter() by changesetpriner (API) 2018-02-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] mail: add type hints for pytype 2019-11-13 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[2,of,6] mail: remove redundant call to SSL socket validator 2016-03-28 Gregory Szorc Changes Requested
[2,of,6] manifest: don't let find() look inside manifestdict 2015-03-11 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[2,of,6] manifest: implement clearcaches() 2015-12-21 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] manifest: use PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT 2016-10-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] merge: duplicate 'if f in copied' into each branch 2014-12-03 Martin von Zweigbergk Superseded
[2,of,6] merge: introduce a ``mergemarkersscope`` config option 2014-06-10 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[2,of,6] merge: let bid merge work on the file->action dict 2014-12-17 Martin von Zweigbergk Superseded
[2,of,6] merge: make all action tuples have the same length - keep args as tuple 2013-01-20 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[2,of,6] merge: move calculateupdates() before applyupdated() 2014-11-25 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[2,of,6] merge: move constant assignments a bit and use them more 2014-05-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,6] merge: replace repo.wvfs.unlinkpath() with calls to wctx[f].remove() 2017-06-26 Phillip Cohen Accepted
[2,of,6] obsolete: create accessors successors(), precursors(), children() 2015-02-04 Martin von Zweigbergk Superseded
[2,of,6] packaging: print full path to the packages when builddeb finishes successfully 2018-10-09 via Mercurial-devel New
[2,of,6] parser: add stub class that will host alias parsing and expansion 2016-04-01 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[2,of,6] parser: resolve ambiguity where both prefix and primary actions are defined 2015-07-17 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] patch.pathtransform: add doctests 2015-03-07 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,6] patchbomb: factor out function that builds a prefix string to patch subject 2017-03-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] patchbomb: mark ancient option deprecated 2015-07-16 Matt Mackall Accepted
[2,of,6] perf: add a command to test performance of membership in ancestor set 2012-12-14 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,6] perf: add perfdirs command 2013-03-29 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[2,of,6] perftemplating: move template formating into its own function 2018-06-11 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,6] perftest: migrate to new style command declaration 2013-01-04 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] phases: emit phases to pushkey protocol in deterministic order 2017-04-14 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] phases: fix error return with no exception from computephases() 2020-07-18 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] procutil: define LineBufferedWrapper on all Python versions 2020-07-05 Manuel Jacob Accepted
[2,of,6] profile: introduce a "start" method to the profile context 2017-06-09 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] push: `exchange.push` now returns the `pushoperation` object 2014-09-25 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] py3: add tests to show `hg bookmarks` and `hg branches` work on Python 3 2017-06-26 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,6] py3: byte-stringify test-config.t and 2018-03-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] py3: byteify contrib/dumprevlog 2018-10-02 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,6] py3: byteify windows.shelltocmdexe() 2018-09-30 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,6] py3: fix to convert --daemon-postexec arguments back to bytes 2018-07-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] py3: pass native string to urlreq.url2pathname() 2020-06-16 Manuel Jacob Accepted
[2,of,6] py3: replace os.pathsep with pycompat.ospathsep 2016-12-17 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,6] py3: replace str with bytes in isinstance() 2017-06-20 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,6] py3: work around unicode stdio streams in contrib/ 2018-10-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] rebase: do not retract phase boundary by hand 2014-08-06 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] rebase: extract ctx description logic to a function 2017-07-09 Jun Wu Superseded
[2,of,6] rebase: test to show brokenness with requiredest 2017-03-28 Ryan McElroy Changes Requested
[2,of,6] record: change arguments of curses recording function 2015-03-13 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[2,of,6] registrar: move cmdutil.command to registrar module (API) 2017-05-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] remotefilelog: use repo.local() instead of isinstance() 2018-12-26 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,6] repoview: use a heap in _getstatichidden 2015-04-03 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] resolve: use early continue and deindent 2014-05-09 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] revbranchcache: store repo on the object 2015-03-17 Durham Goode Accepted
[2,of,6] revert: extract origvfs logic in a sub-function 2018-11-26 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,6] revlog.revision: fix cache preload for inline revlogs 2013-09-07 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,6] revlog: add flagprocessor 2016-10-27 Remi Chaintron Deferred
[2,of,6] revlog: delete obsolete comment 2017-06-15 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[2,of,6] revlog: export symbol of indexType 2018-12-05 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] revset: also track clean files 2014-08-14 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] revset: factor out composing error message for ParseError to reuse 2015-01-08 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[2,of,6] revset: fix a crash with 'wdir() and merge()' 2015-07-01 Matt Harbison Changes Requested
[2,of,6] revset: make default kind of pattern for "contains()" rooted at cwd 2014-01-17 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,6] revset: refactor parents() into a single return point 2014-09-18 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] revset: test current behavior of addset class 2015-05-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] run-tests: add support for marking tests as very slow 2015-08-27 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,6] run-tests: allow spaces in the --view tool 2019-02-06 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,6] run-tests: handle output that starts with "$ " 2016-01-12 marmoute Changes Requested
[2,of,6] run-tests: move run into Test class 2015-03-29 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] rust-chg: depend on log and tokio_timer 2018-10-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] rust-cpython: bump cpython to 0.4 to switch to upstreamed PySharedRef 2020-01-30 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] scmutil.addremove: use the dirstate's map directly 2013-04-02 Siddharth Agarwal Superseded
[2,of,6] setup: add a function to test header files 2017-03-21 Jun Wu Accepted
[2,of,6] setup: only munge mercurial/ 2016-03-08 Accepted
[2,of,6] setup: remove support for 2to3 2016-02-28 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] shelve: refactor option combination check for adding options in the future 2014-05-31 Katsunori FUJIWARA Changes Requested
[2,of,6] show: construct changeset templater during dispatch 2017-06-24 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] smcutil: add "casecollisionauditor._oncollision()" to be shared by multiple checks 2013-11-14 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[2,of,6] socketserver: fix check related tests 2016-05-09 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[2,of,6] sslutil: move sslkwargs logic into internal function (API) 2016-05-26 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,6] sslutil: require serverhostname argument (API) 2016-05-15 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[2,of,6] subrepo: use repo.pathto instead of util.pathto to simplify invocation 2015-07-09 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,6] templatekw: convert list of key/value pairs to sortdict 2015-03-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] templater: extract function scanning template string 2018-02-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] templater: inline wraphybridvalue() 2018-06-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] templater: set the correct phase for parents 2014-10-05 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
[2,of,6] templater: unify unwrapvalue() with _unwrapvalue() 2018-06-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] templates: change default style to display p1rev/node with "+" for wdir 2015-07-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] test-command-template: minor clarification in comment 2015-05-02 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
[2,of,6] test-command-template: rewrite recursion tests by using a map file 2017-06-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] add markers to the output for each event 2013-11-16 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,6] test-lfs: add tests covering http exchanges 2017-12-27 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,6] test-lfs: drop trailing ', ' item separators from debug JSON output 2018-03-19 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,6] test-strip: add glob for Windows 2015-10-02 Ryan McElroy Accepted
[2,of,6] test: pull through http when testing for race conditions 2015-06-05 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] tests: add an explicit destination in some rebase tests 2016-02-12 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] tests: make 'saved backup' globbing less narrow in rebase tests 2014-12-10 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,6] tests: remove bundle2 activation from test-hook.t 2016-08-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,6] transaction: avoid ambiguity of file stat at closing transaction 2016-06-02 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,6] transaction: use unfiltered changelog length for transaction start 2017-05-18 Durham Goode Superseded
[2,of,6] ui: factor out function that writes data to fout/ferr with labeling 2018-11-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,6] upgrade: use the repository 'ui' as the base for the new repository 2017-12-08 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,6] util: drop the py26 garbage collector disabling hack 2017-06-17 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,6] verify: move widely used variables into class members 2015-12-19 Durham Goode yuya Accepted
[2,of,6] worker: migrate to util.iterfile 2016-11-14 Jun Wu Accepted
[2,of,7,(push,is,done;,12,more,to,go,for,pull)] push: move changeset push logic in its own function 2014-02-11 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,bm-refactor,V2] bookmarks: factor out rename logic from commands 2017-06-21 Sean Farley Changes Requested
[2,of,7,bm-refactor,V3] bookmarks: factor out rename logic from commands 2017-06-23 Sean Farley Accepted
[2,of,7,bundle2] phases: use a Struct object for binary encoding and decoding 2017-09-28 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7,c-hglib] hg_read_header: better name for unexpected channels 2014-11-23 Giovanni Gherdovich marmoute Accepted
[2,of,7,checkunknown] _checkunknownfiles: rename 'aborts' to 'conflicts' 2016-01-02 Siddharth Agarwal martinvonz Accepted
[2,of,7,clowncopter] automv: add some context for the tests 2016-02-15 Martijn Pieters Accepted
[2,of,7,evolve-ext] check-code: make comply with check-code 2015-12-04 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[2,of,7,evolve-ext] config: report evolve as origin for config 2016-04-14 Accepted
[2,of,7,evolve-ext] exthelper: simplify configitem registration 2019-01-03 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,7,flagprocessor,v7] revlog: add 'raw' argument to revision and _addrevision 2017-01-02 Remi Chaintron marmoute Superseded
[2,of,7,hglib] hglib: make str(hglib.context.changectx) work with Python 3 (issue4520) 2015-03-26 Brett Cannon Accepted
[2,of,7,iterbatch] wireproto: document quirk of _callstream between http and ssh 2016-03-08 Augie Fackler marmoute Accepted
[2,of,7,main-line-of-works,(28,more,patches,to,go)] ] bundle2: prefix all unbundling debug message with 'bundle2-input:' 2015-05-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,main-line-of-work] transaction: handle missing file in backupentries (instead of using entries) 2014-11-11 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,mergedriver] debugmergestate: print out record type for files 2015-11-16 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,7,mergedriver] filemerge: add support for change/delete conflicts to the ':other' merge tool 2015-11-19 Siddharth Agarwal martinvonz Accepted
[2,of,7,mergedriver] merge.mergestate: add a way to get the other side of the merge 2015-10-17 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,7,mergedriver] mergestate._resolve: don't return the action any more 2015-11-21 Siddharth Agarwal martinvonz Accepted
[2,of,7,mergedriver] shelve: switch to 2015-11-18 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,7,path-configs] ui.paths: teach paths how to iterate 2015-02-08 Gregory Szorc Changes Requested
[2,of,7,PoC] largefiles: use standintolargefiles decorator for rollback 2014-09-22 Mads Kiilerich Deferred
[2,of,7,resend] pathencode: add a SHA-1 hash function 2012-12-12 Bryan O'Sullivan mpm Accepted
[2,of,7,RESEND] rust-cpython: make sure PySharedRef::borrow_mut() never panics 2020-01-28 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7,RFC,v2] filelog: raise CensoredNodeError when hash checks fail with censor metadata 2014-09-15 Accepted
[2,of,7,Series-A] log: use "hidden" filtering instead of manual check at display time 2013-01-07 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,Series-C] clfilter: drop extra filtering in localpeer 2013-01-07 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,shelve-ext,v5] shelve: add a function to check whether obs-based shelve is enabled 2017-03-29 Kostia Balytskyi Changes Requested
[2,of,7,STABLE] builddeb: remove chmod as lintian tells us 2016-05-01 Sean Farley yuya Accepted
[2,of,7,stable] bundle1: fix bundle1-denied reporting for push over ssh 2017-02-10 Pierre-Yves David martinvonz Accepted
[2,of,7,STABLE] help: use "hg files" instead of "hg locate" in "hg help filesets" 2014-10-31 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7,STABLE] hg.bat: return exit code explicitly for indirect invocation 2015-01-21 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7,stable] packaging: be explicit about Python version in rpm spec 2019-10-27 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,7,STABLE] rebase: use "commitforceeditor" instead of "ui.edit()" for "--collapse" 2014-03-18 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7,STABLE] subrepo: ensure "lock.release()" execution at the end of "_cachestorehash()" 2014-06-19 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7,STABLE] test: remove dead code in the bookrace extension 2019-06-21 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,upgraderepo,V2] debugcommands: stub for debugupgraderepo command 2016-11-25 Gregory Szorc Changes Requested
[2,of,7,V2,apply,on,date,fix] obsstore: add a `parents` argument to obsstore.create 2014-08-19 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[2,of,7,V2,mergedriver] filemerge: also return whether the merge is complete 2015-10-12 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,7,V2,stable] merge: change the merge state serialisation to use a record based logic 2014-02-27 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] base85: use PYMODULEINIT 2017-05-13 Jun Wu Superseded
[2,of,7,V2] clone: put streaming clones in a transaction 2014-03-31 Durham Goode Superseded
[2,of,7,V2] context: introduce an `isintroducedafter` method and use it in copies 2018-10-01 Boris Feld New
[2,of,7,v2] contrib: add execute bit for 2015-12-22 yuya Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] dirstate: remove layering violation around writing dirstate out 2015-10-16 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] dispatch: set profiling.enabled when profiling is enabled 2016-08-15 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,7,v2] hghave: check the mercurial.modulepolicy for pure 2016-01-12 Changes Requested
[2,of,7,v2] histedit: list action when intervention is required 2015-12-28 Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] hook: use "htype" as variable name in _pythonhook 2017-03-31 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,v2] import-checker: track SyntaxErrors 2016-04-13 yuya Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] lfs: prefetch lfs blobs when applying merge updates 2018-02-06 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] localrepo: use _findlocaltags in _findtags 2014-03-28 Sean Farley Superseded
[2,of,7,v2] md5sum: assume hashlib exists now that we're 2.7 only 2017-08-22 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,7,v2] merge: change priority / ordering of merge actions 2014-05-09 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[2,of,7,v2] mq: migrate to context manager for changing dirstate parents 2017-05-19 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] namespaces: add method to get template name of namespace 2014-12-18 Sean Farley Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] parser: add stub class that will host alias parsing and expansion 2016-04-02 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[2,of,7,v2] rebase: test for empty dest revision 2014-01-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] revbranchcache: add a bundle2 handler for a rbc part 2018-03-01 Boris Feld Superseded
[2,of,7,V2] revset: remove the last usage of "%d" for a non-revision entry 2019-01-14 Boris Feld Superseded
[2,of,7,V2] revset: teach optimize if current expression should define/follow order 2016-06-03 Yuya Nishihara durin42 Changes Requested
[2,of,7,V2] tags: do not feed dictionaries to 'findglobaltags' 2017-03-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,v2] tests: explore some bdiff cases 2016-11-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,7,V2] win32: implement util.getfstype() 2017-12-31 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,7,v3,flags] fancyopts: disallow true as a boolean flag default (API) 2016-09-14 Augie Fackler Changes Requested
[2,of,7,V3,RFC] parser: add stub class that will host alias parsing and expansion 2016-04-03 Yuya Nishihara marmoute Accepted
[2,of,7,v3,stable,osx-packaging] osx: add support for dumping built dmg into OUTPUTDIR 2016-04-29 Kevin Bullock Accepted
[2,of,7,V3] clone: put streaming clones in a transaction 2014-04-01 Durham Goode Accepted
[2,of,7,V3] hgweb: add a "patch" query parameter to filelog command 2017-03-22 Denis Laxalde Changes Requested
[2,of,7,V3] posix: add a getfstype method 2017-03-12 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[2,of,7,V3] revbranchcache: add a bundle2 handler for a rbc part 2018-03-15 Boris Feld Superseded
[2,of,7,V3] revset: remove the last usage of "%d" for a non-revision entry 2019-01-14 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7,V3] sparse-revlog: add a `index_get_length` function in C 2018-11-19 Boris Feld Superseded
[2,of,7,V3] statprof: fix flake8 warnings 2016-11-02 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,7,V3] test: test obfate template keyword in test-obsmarker-template.t 2017-10-17 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7,V3] tests: pull common http server setup out of individual tests 2014-10-16 Mike Hommey Accepted
[2,of,7,V3] worker: wait worker pid explicitly 2016-08-04 Jun Wu yuya Changes Requested
[2,of,7,V4] clfilter: add a cache on repo for set of revision to filter for a given set 2012-12-20 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7,V4] exchange: add `bookmarks` part generator 2016-09-04 Stanislau Hlebik Accepted
[2,of,7,V4] hgweb: add a "patch" query parameter to filelog command 2017-03-24 Augie Fackler Not Applicable
[2,of,7,V4] hgweb: add a "patch" query parameter to filelog command 2017-03-24 Denis Laxalde Superseded
[2,of,7,v4] rebase: move local variable 'target' to the RRS class 2016-06-05 Kostia Balytskyi Superseded
[2,of,7,V4] resolve: choose where .orig file locations are kept 2015-11-11 Christian Delahousse Accepted
[2,of,7,V4] revbranchcache: add a bundle2 handler for a rbc part 2018-03-16 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7,V4] revlog: more efficient implementation for issnapshot 2018-12-30 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7,V4] revset: teach optimize if current expression should define/follow order 2016-06-23 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7,V4] sparse-revlog: add a `index_get_length` function in C 2018-11-20 Boris Feld Superseded
[2,of,7,V5] hgweb: add a "patch" query parameter to filelog command 2017-03-25 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[2,of,7,V5] hgweb: use sslutil.wrapserversocket() 2016-07-15 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,7,v5] rebase: move local variable 'target' to the RRS class 2016-06-13 Kostia Balytskyi Superseded
[2,of,7,V5] sparse-revlog: add a `index_get_length` function in C 2018-11-22 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7,v6] rebase: move local variable 'target' to the RR class 2016-06-13 Kostia Balytskyi Accepted
[2,of,7,VFS] vfs: add rmtree 2015-04-10 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] ancestors: ensure a consistent order even in the "inclusive" case 2018-09-07 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7] ancestors: remove unnecessary handling of 'left' 2014-02-24 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,7] annotate: rename {lines}/{line} to {texts}/{text} respectively (BC) 2018-09-30 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[2,of,7] base85: use PYMODULEINIT 2017-05-09 Jun Wu Superseded
[2,of,7] bash_completion: expand aliased commands 2013-11-21 Sean Farley Superseded
[2,of,7] blackbox: send debug message to logger by core ui 2018-11-27 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] blackbox: use absolute_import 2016-02-10 Gregory Szorc martinvonz Accepted
[2,of,7] bundle2: add a 'salvageoutput' method on bundle20 2015-04-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] bundle2: support for bundling parameter value 2014-03-21 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] changelog: add a `changes` property on `changelogrevision` 2020-09-23 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] chgserver: set sys.argv to improve compatibility 2016-04-04 Jun Wu Rejected
[2,of,7] cleanup: avoid _ for local unused tmp variables - that is reserved for i18n 2014-08-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,7] cleanup: drop the deprecated 'localrepo.wopener' method 2017-05-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] clone: allow local cloning to create more than one level of directories 2018-08-18 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,7] clone: put streaming clones in a transaction 2014-03-25 Durham Goode Superseded
[2,of,7] clone: use utility function to write hgrc 2018-01-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] cmdserver: switch service objects by mode 2014-10-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] color: cleanup 'debugcolor' logic 2017-02-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] color: initialize color for local peer ui 2017-02-27 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[2,of,7] color: move 'modesetup' into the core module 2017-02-25 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] commands: directly 'getchangegroup' 2017-05-05 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] commandserver: extract function that serves for the current connection 2016-07-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] configitems: register the 'experimental.effect-flags' config 2017-10-16 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7] context.status: remove unused arguments from _matchstatus() 2014-11-02 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[2,of,7] context: add an optional constructor parameter for a match.bad() override 2015-06-06 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,7] contrib/perf: omit duplicated function 2015-11-24 Accepted
[2,of,7] contrib: add an import checker 2013-11-17 Augie Fackler Superseded
[2,of,7] contrib: add execute bit for 2015-12-22 Superseded
[2,of,7] contrib: split pypats list in 2019-02-28 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] convert: convcmd use absolute_import 2016-03-09 Accepted
[2,of,7] convert: don't use mutable default argument value 2017-03-15 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] copies: rename m2 to mdst 2017-05-29 Stanislau Hlebik Accepted
[2,of,7] copies: update _checkcopies to work in a rotated DAG 2016-10-07 Gábor Stefanik mpm Changes Requested
[2,of,7] dagop: comment why revancestors() doesn't heapify input revs at once 2017-06-22 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] devel: use the new 'config' argument of the develwarn in deprecwarn 2016-05-05 Pierre-Yves David yuya Accepted
[2,of,7] develwarn: use the lock helper in local repo 2016-08-05 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] dispatch: factor out the exception raised on unsafe `serve --stdio` 2018-06-20 Paul Morelle Accepted
[2,of,7] encoding: use double backslash 2015-12-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,7] fileset: drop 'group' node from tree to be evaluated 2018-08-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] fileset: keep basectx by matchctx 2018-08-05 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] formatter: have jsonformatter accept tuple as value 2014-09-17 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] fuzz: fix the default make target 2018-06-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] help: document about "identify" template keywords 2018-10-07 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,7] hgk: don't honor whitespace and format-changing diffopts 2014-12-02 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,7] hgweb: adapt {jsdata} of graph to mappinggenerator 2018-05-25 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] hgweb: make sessionvars class less dense 2018-04-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] hgweb: use strict equals in mercurial.js 2017-11-27 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[2,of,7] hgweb: use template context to render {diffstat} 2018-05-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] hgweb: wrap {changelogtag}, {changesettag}, and {changesetbookmark} 2018-05-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] histedit: check fold of public change during verify 2015-12-28 Accepted
[2,of,7] histedit: InterventionRequired list action 2015-12-23 Superseded
[2,of,7] histedit: move topmost bookmark movement to a separate function 2017-07-08 Jun Wu Accepted
[2,of,7] hook: use "htype" as variable name in _pythonhook 2017-03-31 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[2,of,7] largefiles: omit redundant isstandin() before splitstandin() 2017-03-24 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] largefiles: replace readstandin() by readasstandin() 2017-03-31 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] largefiles: use double quotes for arguments 2016-04-04 Accepted
[2,of,7] manifest: remove manifest.find 2016-11-08 Durham Goode Accepted
[2,of,7] manifest: use absolute_import 2015-12-23 Gregory Szorc yuya Accepted
[2,of,7] match: improve documentation - docstrings and more descriptive variable naming 2014-01-16 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[2,of,7] match: pass 'warn' argument to _normalize() for consistency 2017-05-22 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[2,of,7] md5sum: assume hashlib exists now that we're 2.7 only 2017-08-22 Augie Fackler Superseded
[2,of,7] merge: move dr/rd warning messages out of applyupdates() 2014-12-10 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[2,of,7] merge: use no-minimal for premerge too 2014-08-05 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] merge: use scmutil.intrev() to sort ctx objects 2017-06-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] minirst: unindent "if True" block in filtersections() 2018-08-22 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] mq: migrate to context manager for changing dirstate parents 2017-05-18 Augie Fackler Superseded
[2,of,7] namespaces: add method to get singular name of namespace 2014-12-17 Sean Farley Changes Requested
[2,of,7] notify: make a message translatable 2016-05-25 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] obsstore: add a `parents` argument to obsstore.create 2014-08-19 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[2,of,7] osutil: convert PyString* to PyBytes* 2016-10-08 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,7] parser: extract helper that creates a dict of aliases 2016-04-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] parsers: don't leak references to sys et al in check_python_version 2015-01-23 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,7] patch: add a new function to initialize diffopts by feature 2014-11-26 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,7] patch: add a new function to initialize diffopts by feature 2014-11-22 Siddharth Agarwal Superseded
[2,of,7] patch: set a blockedtag when running an external filter 2017-03-06 Simon Farnsworth Accepted
[2,of,7] perf: perform a garbage collection before each iteration 2017-03-14 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,7] procutil: rewrite popen() as a subprocess.Popen wrapper (issue4746) (API) 2018-04-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] profile: use explicit logic to control file closing 2017-06-12 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] pull: fix post-pull common computation 2013-11-17 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] push: check if local and remote support evolution during discovery 2014-08-21 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] push: extract fallback heads computation into pushop 2014-08-04 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: alias long to int on Python 3 2017-05-03 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: fix revnums in bookmark discovery to be consumable more than once 2018-07-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: make sure opts are passed and used correctly in help command 2017-05-04 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: make sure osutil.listdir() returns what it gets 2016-11-02 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: make sure osutil.listdir() returns what it gets 2016-11-02 Pulkit Goyal Not Applicable
[2,of,7] py3: pass the path in hg.repository() as bytes 2017-06-17 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: replace os.getenv with pycompat.osgetenv 2016-12-21 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: rewrite itervalues() as values() by importer 2017-03-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: rewrite itervalues() as values() by importer 2017-03-13 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[2,of,7] py3: use absolute_import in 2016-04-16 roby roby yuya Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: use absolute_import in 2016-04-17 roby roby Deferred
[2,of,7] py3: use bytes() to cast to immutable bytes in pure.bdiff.bdiff() 2017-03-26 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] py3: use lower-cased module 'email.message' in test-import.t 2018-04-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] pycompat: fix demand import handling of Queue 2016-04-08 Accepted
[2,of,7] pycompat: switch to util.urlreq/util.urlerr for py3 compat 2016-04-11 Accepted
[2,of,7] python3: replace sorted(<dict>.iterkeys()) with sorted(<dict>) 2017-08-29 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,7] reachableroots: give anonymous name to short-lived "numheads" variable 2015-08-18 Yuya Nishihara durin42 Accepted
[2,of,7] rebase: extract rebaseset and destination computation in a function 2016-02-14 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] remotenames: drop redundant templatekw names from help text 2018-02-26 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] revert: cosmetic align of the dispatch table 2014-05-19 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] revlog: assign rawtext earlier in `_revisiondata` 2019-08-20 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] revlog: document cext oddities in terms of object/caches 2019-01-28 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7] revlog: make sure _cache only contain raw content 2017-03-28 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[2,of,7] revset: add experimental support for extdata 2017-10-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] revset: define "pat" variable unconditionally in subrepo() 2016-02-27 Yuya Nishihara marmoute Accepted
[2,of,7] revset: infer ordering flag to teach if operation should define/follow order 2016-09-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] revsetbenchmarks: add various examples around the 'heads()' revset 2019-01-15 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7] revsetlang: check number of arguments passed to formatspec() 2018-01-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] run-tests: add more scheduling weight hints 2015-12-17 Matt Mackall Accepted
[2,of,7] run-tests: handle sys.exit in main function 2014-02-13 Simon Heimberg Accepted
[2,of,7] rust-cpython: add wrapper around decapsule_make_dirstate_tuple() 2019-10-13 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,7] rust-cpython: make sure PySharedRef::borrow_mut() never panics 2019-10-22 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,7] rust-cpython: mark capsule function as unsafe 2019-10-13 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,7] rust-dirstate: provide CopyMapIter and StateMapIter types 2019-09-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] scmutil: add file object wrapper class to check ambiguity at closing 2016-09-16 Katsunori FUJIWARA Changes Requested
[2,of,7] scmutil: add the remappedvfs class 2015-11-25 Angel Ezquerra Changes Requested
[2,of,7] scmutil: make termwidth() obtain stdio from ui 2016-11-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] scmutil: move walkchangerevs() from cmdutil 2020-10-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] scmutil: use util.queue/util.empty for py3 compat 2016-04-06 Accepted
[2,of,7] sslutil: store OP_NO_SSL* constants in module scope 2016-03-28 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,7] stringutil: move _formatsetrepr() from smartset 2018-07-05 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,7] strip: clarify comment around bundle create 2019-01-02 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,7] tags: do not feed dictionaries to 'findglobaltags' 2017-03-28 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[2,of,7] templatefilters: add "utf8" to get utf-8 bytes from local-encoding text 2016-02-23 Yuya Nishihara durin42 Accepted
[2,of,7] templatekw: obtain ui directly from the template context 2018-07-06 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,7] templater: drop redundant type conversion when evaluating integer argument 2016-03-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] templater: extract function that parses template string 2015-07-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] templater: pass context to itermaps() for future extension 2018-04-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] templater: promote tomap() to an interface type 2018-06-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] templateutil: reimplement stringify() using flatten() 2018-03-25 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] move temp dir generation to testcase 2015-09-25 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,7] test-obsolete-bundle-strip: add testing of markers backup during strip 2017-06-01 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] tests/test-ancestor: use absolute_import 2015-12-07 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,7] tests: add coverage for --whitelist 2016-05-11 timeless yuya Accepted
[2,of,7] tests: change blackbox test to work cross platform 2016-02-03 yuya Superseded
[2,of,7] tests: define class in modern style to avoid error 2019-02-17 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] tests: execute without xargs 2016-02-05 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] tests: import mercurial modules by name in test-propertycache 2016-04-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] tests: make use DAEMON_PIDS by default 2015-06-08 Matt Mackall marmoute Accepted
[2,of,7] tests: make output lines conditional for testing with fsmonitor 2017-07-02 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] tests: remove meaningless entries from blacklist for fsmonitor 2017-07-12 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] tests: teach `f` to handle sha256 checksums 2017-12-21 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,7] transaction: allow to generate file with a suffix 2014-11-18 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,7] transplant: treat all files as text when applying a changeset 2017-03-21 Alexander Fomin Changes Requested
[2,of,7] trydiff: break 'if opts.git or losedatafn' into two 2015-02-07 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[2,of,7] typing: fix forward reference in _Tlocalstr type bound 2019-11-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] ui: move pre/post processes from low-level write()s to _writenobuf() 2018-11-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] util: introduce datapath for getting the location of supporting data files 2014-09-28 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,7] util: mark filtertable as private constant 2018-03-25 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,7] verify: move checkentry() to be a class function 2016-01-06 Durham Goode martinvonz Accepted
[2,of,7] vfs: factor out "rename and avoid ambiguity" to reuse 2017-06-09 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,7] walkchangerevs: avoid match.files() in conditions 2015-05-21 Martin von Zweigbergk durin42 Accepted
[2,of,8,"STABLE] test: don't trust delta bases from the bundle in test-sparse-revlog.t 2019-02-24 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,"] compression: accept level management for zlib compression 2019-03-31 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,"] manifestcache: further fix to debug command output 2019-03-15 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,"] manifestcache: stop altering the lru cache order while displaying it 2019-03-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,ancestor-ish] ancestor: remove unused genericancestor 2014-04-07 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,8,chgtocore] server: move service table and factory from commandserver 2016-11-22 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8,cleanup] histedit: make 'constraints' a class attribut instead of a method 2016-08-26 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,demandimport-py3] import-checker: add a way to directly import certain symbols 2017-05-21 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,8,evolve-ext,V2] metaedit: separate the fold and no-fold logic 2016-12-06 Mateusz Kwapich Changes Requested
[2,of,8,faster-obsmarkers] util: add getbe{u, }int16 utility methods 2015-02-02 Augie Fackler Superseded
[2,of,8,git-diff] patch: add index line for diff output 2017-01-09 Sean Farley Accepted
[2,of,8,ipv6] dumbhttp: use IPv6 if HGIPV6 is set to 1 2017-02-16 Jun Wu Accepted
[2,of,8,match] match: improve documentation - docstrings and more descriptive variable naming 2014-04-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,8,py3,v3] extensions: use [0:1] slice on config path instead of [0] 2017-03-08 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,8,py3-cleanup] run-tests: drop subprocess _cleanup monkeypatch 2015-05-18 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,8,py3] bundles: turn nbchanges int into a bytestr using pycompat.bytestr 2017-09-15 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,8,py3] dagparser: fix variable name in error message 2017-09-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8,py3] dispatch: extract maybe-use-repr formatting to helper function 2017-03-19 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,8,py3] minirst: use bytes.strip instead of str.strip 2017-05-28 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,8,py3] util: use urlreq.unquote 2017-03-22 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,8,RFC] localrepo: provide working context by integer revision next to tip (crazy idea) 2014-08-19 Yuya Nishihara Changes Requested
[2,of,8,RFC] workingfilectx: add remove and write methods 2014-08-07 Sean Farley Accepted
[2,of,8,shelve-ext,v2] shelve: move shelve name generation to a separate function 2016-11-10 Kostia Balytskyi Accepted
[2,of,8,shelve-ext] shelve: move shelve name generation to a separate function 2016-11-08 Kostia Balytskyi Superseded
[2,of,8,simple] color: move '_effect' mapping into core 2017-02-15 Pierre-Yves David martinvonz Accepted
[2,of,8,sparse,V2] sparse: clean up updateconfig() 2017-07-11 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,8,STABLE] config: drop pager from the recommended extension 2017-05-01 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,STABLE] debugrevlog: add empty commit 2016-02-01 Changes Requested
[2,of,8,stable] packaging: move dockerrpm output directory creation to dockerrpm 2019-11-01 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[2,of,8,STABLE] revset: fix revision filtering in spanset.contains (regression) 2014-04-29 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,STABLE] util: replace 'ellipsis' implementation by 'encoding.trim' 2014-06-13 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[2,of,8,stream,clone,bundles,V2] exchange: support for streaming clone bundles 2015-10-17 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,8,techdocs] help: add documentation for bundle types 2015-12-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,8,upgraderepo,V3] repair: implement requirements checking for upgrades 2016-12-19 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,8,V11] bookmarks: rename `compare()` to `comparebookmarks()` (API) 2016-11-22 Stanislau Hlebik Superseded
[2,of,8,V12] bookmarks: rename `compare()` to `comparebookmarks()` (API) 2016-12-01 Stanislau Hlebik Superseded
[2,of,8,V2] bash_completion: turn off custom debuggers 2013-11-22 Sean Farley Superseded
[2,of,8,V2] bundle2caps: advertises the available versions for changegroup packer 2014-10-17 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[2,of,8,v2] children: update help with replacement 2016-01-12 Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] color: add a 'ui.color' option to control color behavior 2017-02-28 Pierre-Yves David martinvonz Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] context: write dirstate out explicitly after marking files as clean 2015-07-08 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,8,v2] convert: gnuarch use absolute_import 2016-03-02 Superseded
[2,of,8,v2] copies: when both sides made the same copy, report it as a copy 2014-02-25 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[2,of,8,V2] exchange: fix issue3781 reference in the comment 2017-10-16 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,8,v2] fancyopts: disallow true as a boolean flag default (API) 2016-08-30 Augie Fackler Changes Requested
[2,of,8,V2] filemerge: don't use mutable default argument value 2017-03-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] fileset: extract function that builds initial subset from ctx or status 2017-03-06 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,v2] help/config: alias, ui.mergemarkertemplate add period for etc 2015-09-04 Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] hgweb: handle a "linerange" request parameter in filelog command 2017-02-25 Denis Laxalde Changes Requested
[2,of,8,v2] largefiles: reduce indentation by dropping 'else' block after 'return' 2014-09-23 Martin von Zweigbergk Superseded
[2,of,8,v2] match: rename "narrowmatcher" to "subdirmatcher" (API) 2016-02-08 Superseded
[2,of,8,V2] mdiff.diffopts: add a new noprefix option 2014-11-13 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] obsutil: move 'exclusivemarkers' to the new modules 2017-06-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,v2] pathutil: tease out a new library to break an import cycle from canonpath use 2013-11-17 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] perf: fallback to subset if ondisk cache is missing in perfbranchmapload 2018-11-26 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] perf: get subsettable from appropriate module for Mercurial earlier than 2.9 2016-10-08 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,8,v2] python3: handle queue/Queue divergence 2016-03-30 Accepted
[2,of,8,v2] rebase: better error message when rebased changes are all in destination 2016-01-01 Eric Sumner Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] registrar: move cmdutil.command to registrar module (API) 2017-05-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] templater: define interface for objects requiring unwraphybrid() 2018-04-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] test-obsolete-bundle-strip: test bundling in the first case 2017-05-28 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8,V2] wireproto: only advertise HTTP-specific capabilities to HTTP peers (BC) 2016-11-29 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,8,V3] addremove: warn when addremove fails to operate on a named path 2014-12-12 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,8,V3] context: fix introrev to avoid computation as initially intended 2018-10-03 Boris Feld New
[2,of,8,v3] convert: gnuarch use absolute_import 2016-03-02 durin42 Accepted
[2,of,8,V3] largefiles: reduce indentation by dropping 'else' block after 'return' 2014-09-24 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[2,of,8,V3] revlog: more efficient implementation for issnapshot 2018-12-28 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,8,v3] ui: provide a mechanism to track and log blocked time 2017-02-10 Simon Farnsworth Changes Requested
[2,of,8,v4] convert: self.heads is a list 2016-12-14 David Soria Parra Superseded
[2,of,8,v4] ui: provide a mechanism to track and log blocked time 2017-02-13 Simon Farnsworth Changes Requested
[2,of,8,V4] worker: wait worker pid explicitly 2016-11-12 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[2,of,8,V5] bundleoperation: add applybookmarks flag 2016-09-16 Stanislau Hlebik Accepted
[2,of,8,v5] convert: self.heads is a list 2016-12-14 David Soria Parra Accepted
[2,of,8,v5] sslutil: remove comment referring to unsupported legacy stacks 2020-06-01 Manuel Jacob New
[2,of,8,V5] worker: wait worker pid explicitly 2016-11-15 Jun Wu Accepted
[2,of,8,V6] perf: add a new `perfhelper-tracecopies` command 2018-11-19 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,8,V7] bookmarks: introduce binary encoding 2016-11-11 Stanislau Hlebik Superseded
[2,of,8,V7] bookmarks: introduce binary encoding 2016-11-02 Stanislau Hlebik Superseded
[2,of,8,v8] rebase: move new rebase preparation to be a method of the RR class 2016-07-01 Kostia Balytskyi yuya Accepted
[2,of,8,zstd-revlogs] revlog: move decompress() from module to revlog class (API) 2017-01-02 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[2,of,8] addremove: replace match.bad() monkey patching with match.badmatch() 2015-06-05 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,8] base85: add _version to help detect breaking binary changes 2017-05-03 Jun Wu Deferred
[2,of,8] bisect: rename 'check_code' to match our naming scheme 2016-10-09 Pierre-Yves David yuya Accepted
[2,of,8] blackbox: avoid creating multiple file handles for a single log 2016-02-24 Accepted
[2,of,8] blackbox: extract logger class from ui wrapper 2018-11-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8] bundle2: add a unbundle part responsible from unbundling part 2014-04-12 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8] bundle2: add replies awareness to unbundlerecords 2014-04-11 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8] bundle2: introduce a specific function for debug messages while unbundling 2015-05-29 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8] bundle2caps: advertises the available versions for changegroup packer 2014-10-17 Sune Foldager Superseded
[2,of,8] cachevfs: add a vfs dedicated to cache 2017-07-16 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,8] cat: add support for log-like template keywords and functions 2018-07-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8] changegroup: make _packmanifests() dumber 2016-02-23 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[2,of,8] changeset_templater: do not enable verbosity postfix for [templates] section 2017-06-20 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8] check-seclevel: pass a ui to the extension loader 2015-12-23 Bryan O'Sullivan yuya Accepted
[2,of,8] check-seclevel: restore use of callable() since it was readded in Python 3.2 2014-06-24 Augie Fackler Accepted
[2,of,8] chg: replace abortmsg showing errno with abortmsgerrno 2016-04-07 Jun Wu Accepted
[2,of,8] chgserver: use util.shellenviron 2017-01-09 Jun Wu Accepted
[2,of,8] children: update help with replacement 2016-01-10 Superseded
[2,of,8] clone: get rid of ui.backupconfig 2017-03-16 Jun Wu Accepted
[2,of,8] cmdutil: add "autocommit" to create the hook point for automated committing 2014-09-09 Katsunori FUJIWARA Changes Requested
[2,of,8] commandserver: extract handler of new socket connection 2018-12-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8] commandserver: fix reference before assignment error in pipeservice cleanup 2018-11-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8] commit: change "editform" to distinguish merge commits from other 2014-08-15 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[2,of,8] configitems: introduce a central registry for config option 2017-06-21 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8] context: drop deprecated methods (API) 2018-02-03 Matt Harbison Accepted
[2,of,8] contrib/perf: offer perf.stub to only run one loop 2015-12-08 Accepted
[2,of,8] convert: add mapname parameter to checkrevformat 2014-02-04 Sean Farley Accepted
[2,of,8] convert: gnuarch use absolute_import 2016-03-02 Superseded
[2,of,8] copies: limit is an optimization, and doesn't provide guarantees (issue4028) 2016-10-04 Gábor Stefanik Superseded
[2,of,8] dagop: copy basefilectx.ancestors() to free function 2017-12-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,8] debugcommands: move 'debugsetparents' in the new module 2017-02-14 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[2,of,8] debugrevlog: track empty revlog entries 2018-08-14 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,8] delta: exclude base candidate much smaller than the target 2018-12-17 Boris Feld Accepted
[2,of,8] dirstate.walk: call match.explicitdir or traversedir as appropriate 2013-05-03 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted