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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
commit: allow closing "non-head" changesets 2013-04-11 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
commit: add some help examples (issue4963) 2015-12-04 Augie Fackler Accepted
commit: add config option to limit copy search distance 2014-12-18 Ryan McElroy Changes Requested
commit: add --reuse-message for keeping the old commit message during amend 2013-02-09 Durham Goode Changes Requested
commit: add --extra argument to set extra user fields 2014-03-05 Angel Ezquerra Rejected
commit: add --extra argument to set extra user fields 2014-03-06 Angel Ezquerra Rejected
commit: add --allow-empty flag 2015-05-07 Durham Goode Rejected
commit: abort when a committemplate is not changed 2015-10-16 Tony Tung Accepted
commit: --edit/-e to force edit of otherwise-supplied commit message 2013-09-08 Bradley M. Kuhn Accepted
commandserver: flush ui before returning from runcommand 2016-03-12 Jun Wu yuya Changes Requested
commands: the first word of each note should be capital or `hg` 2015-12-22 Accepted
commands: support hg help scripting.HGPLAIN 2015-09-03 Accepted
commands: restore compatibility for "^cmd" registration (issue6005) 2018-10-18 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
commands: remove unecessary copying of list in graft() 2016-09-05 Hannes Oldenburg Accepted
commands: possibly start a web browser during `hg serve` (BC) 2016-07-16 Gregory Szorc Changes Requested
commands: hide formatter option as EXPERIMENTAL, not as DEPRECATED 2015-05-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
commands: hg debuginstall checks missing templates (issue4151) 2014-01-28 Simon Heimberg Accepted
commands: graft uses a transaction (issue3628) 2016-08-10 Alexander Becher Rejected
commands: fix help for debugobsolete 2015-10-20 Accepted
commands: document clone bundles hooks and rollback behavior 2016-01-15 Gregory Szorc Accepted
commands: adjust metavariables as appropriate 2018-10-17 Anton Shestakov Accepted
commands: add short option `-H` for `--hidden` 2020-07-17 Manuel Jacob New
commands: add an option to display only the full id with 'hg id' 2015-11-19 Mathias De Maré Rejected
commands: add 'setup' command to allow automatic hgrc configuration 2015-03-12 Mathias De Maré Superseded
commands: 'listening at' line when port specified (issue3976) 2014-03-23 Chinmay Joshi Superseded
commands.push: abort when revisions evaluate to empty set (BC) 2015-03-24 Gregory Szorc Accepted
commands.debugrevlog: report max chain length 2015-03-28 Gregory Szorc Accepted
command options: handle unicode defaults gracefully 2017-08-29 Christophe de Vienne Changes Requested
command options: handle unicode defaults gracefully 2017-08-31 Christophe de Vienne Changes Requested
color: update the help with the new default 2017-04-17 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
color: update the help table 2017-03-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
color: update docstring for debug option 2014-10-03 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
color: sync text attributes and buffered text output on Windows (issue5508) 2017-03-19 Matt Harbison Accepted
color: show mode warning based on ui.formatted 2016-11-11 Xidorn Quan Accepted
color: replace "purple_background" by "magenta_background" 2016-10-11 Denis Laxalde Changes Requested
color: omit terminfo/win32 warning if non-interactive (issue4543) 2015-03-10 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Superseded
color: issue warning in yellow 2018-08-20 Boris Feld Changes Requested
color: issue warning in yellow 2018-08-20 via Mercurial-devel New
color: fix crash in cmd.exe 2015-03-31 Matt Harbison Accepted
color: drop useless override of ui.popbuffer() 2015-12-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
color: document the possibility to colourise tabs in diffs 2014-10-03 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
color: be more conservative about setting ANSI mode on Windows (BC) 2015-02-04 Gregory Szorc Accepted
color: add support for colorizing git subrepo diffs 2015-01-08 Mathias De Maré Accepted
color: add some documentation for custom terminfo codes 2016-10-15 Danek Duvall Accepted
color: add parenthesis to help readability 2014-06-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
color: add missing 'dim' in _effects 2015-01-19 Sean Farley Accepted
color: add effect to the template symbol table 2014-04-14 Sean Farley Accepted
color: add default colors for draft and secret changes 2015-05-26 Matt Mackall Accepted
color: add debugcolor command (issue4094) 2014-02-12 Olle Lundberg Accepted
coal: hgweb style adds extra blank line in file view (issue4136) 2014-02-27 Anurag Goel Accepted
cmdutil: use isstdiofilename() where appropriate 2017-06-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
cmdutil: use internal separators when building the terse list 2018-06-03 Matt Harbison Accepted
cmdutil: typo fix in comment 2016-05-06 Augie Fackler yuya Accepted
cmdutil: show diffs in commit message with ui.verbosecommit option 2014-01-11 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Changes Requested
cmdutil: rename '_deleted' to 'deleted' since it is used 2014-10-03 Martin von Zweigbergk Changes Requested
cmdutil: remove unused 'confirmopts' constant 2018-05-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
cmdutil: remove forwarding methods per deprecation policy 2017-02-03 Augie Fackler Accepted
cmdutil: remove duplicated badmatch call in cat() 2016-08-07 Hannes Oldenburg Accepted
cmdutil: pass node instead of ctx to diffordiffstat 2016-01-05 Durham Goode Accepted
cmdutil: handle multiline translations of HG: messages safely 2015-09-30 Accepted
cmdutil: extract duplicate definitions of matchessubrepo in files() and remove() 2016-07-17 Hannes Oldenburg Deferred
cmdutil: drop redundant import of merge module 2018-03-18 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
cmdutil: avoid recycling variable name "name" in namespaces code 2016-04-14 Augie Fackler Accepted
cmdutil: avoid calling a matcher 'patch' 2014-09-01 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
cmdutil: add within-line color diff capacity 2017-11-18 Superseded
cmdutil: add special string that ignores rest of text 2016-12-31 Sean Farley Changes Requested
cmdserver: add command to get pid of server handling current connection 2014-10-17 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
clonebundles: reference correct config option 2017-06-10 Gregory Szorc Accepted
clonebundles: fix typo 2015-12-15 Mathias De Maré Accepted
clonebundles: fix bundlespec typo 2015-12-16 Mathias De Maré Accepted
clonebundle: use context managers for lock and transaction 2017-06-16 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
clonebundle: update hook arguments (BC) 2017-06-20 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
clone: move bookmarks and checkouts before pull help 2016-01-05 Accepted
clone: don't include empty revlogs in stream 2013-01-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
clfilter: stronger detection of filtered changeset in changectx.__init__ 2013-01-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
clfilter: enforce hidden filtering on all repository 2013-01-11 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
cleanupnode: do not use generator for node mapping 2017-07-09 Boris Feld Accepted
cleanup: use set literals 2017-05-15 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
cleanup: use modern @property/@foo.setter property specification 2016-01-16 Augie Fackler marmoute Accepted
cleanup: reuse existing wctx variables instead of calling repo[None] 2017-05-21 via Mercurial-devel Superseded
cleanup: remove useless re-raises of KeyboardInterrupt 2017-05-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
cleanup: remove compatibility code for Python < 2.7.4 2020-05-29 Manuel Jacob Accepted
cleanup: pass in overwrite flag to hg.updaterepo() as named argument 2018-07-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
churn: split email aliases from the right 2013-07-17 Matthew Turk Accepted
churn: deprecate -t option in favour of -T 2015-02-24 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Superseded
chmod: create a new file when flags are set on a hardlinked file 2017-04-27 Koen Van Hoof Superseded
chistedit: use magenta for current line as in crecord (issue6071) 2019-02-13 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
chistedit: use default curses colours 2019-04-04 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Superseded
chistedit: use context manager to set verbose ui 2019-04-16 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
chistedit: properly show verbose diffs 2019-04-04 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
chistedit: ensure a locale is set 2019-02-15 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
chistedit: change in-progress message 2019-03-26 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
chistedit: add basic colours to diff view 2019-04-04 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso New
chgserver: wrap ui without calling its constructor 2016-03-11 Jun Wu Changes Requested
chgserver: use old ui.system if fout is not stdout or needs to be captured 2016-03-19 Jun Wu yuya Superseded
chgserver: use global ui instead of repo ui for dispatch.request.ui 2016-03-20 Jun Wu yuya Accepted
chgserver: update the umask cache before each run 2020-03-31 Pulkit Goyal Superseded
chgserver: resolve relative path before sending via system channel 2016-03-12 Jun Wu yuya Superseded
chgserver: remove Python 2 file descriptor logic 2022-03-04 Yuya Nishihara New
chgserver: remove outdated comment about setvbuf() 2016-03-11 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
chgserver: move comments in config example 2017-02-16 Jun Wu Accepted
chgserver: more explicit about sensitive environ variables 2017-05-10 Jun Wu Accepted
chgserver: include [extdiff] in confighash 2016-03-11 Jun Wu Accepted
chgserver: explicitly set blocking on client socket 2016-03-09 Jun Wu yuya Changes Requested
chgserver: drop old hack to recreate ui on HGPLAIN change 2016-03-20 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
chgserver: drop bundle.mainreporoot config 2016-03-20 Jun Wu yuya Accepted
chgserver: do not print traceback on SystemExit 2016-04-10 Jun Wu yuya Changes Requested
chgserver: do not copy configs set by environment variables 2017-03-28 Jun Wu Accepted
chgserver: create new process group after fork (issue5051) 2016-01-19 Jun Wu Superseded
chgserver: catch Abort while parsing early args to shut down cleanly 2018-10-07 Yuya Nishihara New
chgserver: call "load" for new ui objects 2016-12-05 Jun Wu Accepted
chgserver: backport py3 buffered I/O workarounds from procutil 2020-11-17 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
chgserver: backport py3 buffered I/O workarounds from procutil 2020-12-06 Pulkit Goyal New
chgserver: auto exit after being idle for too long or lose the socket file 2016-02-16 Jun Wu yuya Superseded
chg: verify XDG_RUNTIME_DIR 2017-02-07 Jun Wu Accepted
chg: suppress OSError in _restoreio() and add some logging (issue6330) 2020-07-03 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
chg: silence warning of unused parameter 'sig' 2016-06-28 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
chg: remove outdated rule to start test server 2017-10-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
chg: make timeout adjustable 2016-06-13 Jun Wu Accepted
chg: just take it as EOF if recv() returns 0 2016-08-06 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
chg: just forward --time to command server 2017-10-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
chg: ignore HG_* in confighash 2016-12-14 Jun Wu Superseded
chg: handle EOF reading data block 2016-07-18 Jun Wu Accepted
chg: handle connect failure before errno gets overrided 2016-12-25 Jun Wu Accepted
chg: forward SIGWINCH to worker 2016-04-10 Jun Wu yuya Superseded
chg: fix typo 2020-06-23 Manuel Jacob Accepted
chg: exec pager in child process 2016-06-11 Jun Wu Superseded
chg: check snprintf result strictly 2017-01-11 Jun Wu Accepted
chg: change default connect timeout to 60 seconds 2016-06-15 Jun Wu Accepted
chg: always wait for pager 2017-04-12 Jun Wu Accepted
checklink: degrade gracefully on posix when fs is readonly (issue5511) 2017-05-21 Augie Fackler Accepted
checkheads: extract obsolete post processing in its own function 2017-03-21 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
checkhash: merge subfunctions 2016-10-08 Remi Chaintron Deferred
checkcopies: extract the '_related' closure 2016-10-11 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
check-config: syntax to allow inconsistent config values 2017-07-02 Gregory Szorc Accepted
check-config: mention the file and line of the error 2017-07-18 Ryan McElroy Accepted
check-concurrency: expose the feature as 'check-concurrent-push-mode' 2017-06-17 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
check-commit: try to curb bad commit summary keywords 2015-12-10 Matt Mackall marmoute Superseded
check-commit: remove confusion between summary line and other headers 2015-12-03 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
check-commit: reject double-blank lines at the top level 2016-02-04 Martijn Pieters Accepted
check-commit: prevent adding symlinks 2016-04-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
check-commit: make foo_bar naming regexp less greedy 2015-06-01 Gregory Szorc Accepted
check-commit: check capitalization in summary lines 2015-02-05 Eric Sumner Accepted
check-commit: catch both patterns of double empty lines 2015-06-21 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
check-commit: allow underscore as commit topic 2016-10-05 Mathias De Maré Accepted
check-commit: allow underbars in cffi_-prefix function names 2016-08-05 Augie Fackler Accepted
check-commit: allow underbars in cffi_-prefix function names 2016-08-06 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
check-commit: add an automatic testing of all draft changesets under "." 2014-08-06 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
check-commit: add a test for the patch checking script in contrib 2015-12-11 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
check-code: suggest policy.importmod 2017-05-31 Jun Wu Accepted
check-code: remove unused variable 'winglobmsg' 2017-12-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
check-code: reject sed ... \\n 2016-04-05 Accepted
check-code: reject module-level @cachefunc 2017-01-13 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
check-code: prepend warning prefix only once, but for each warning 2013-11-11 Simon Heimberg Accepted
check-code: prepend warning prefix for repeated warnings only once 2013-11-02 Simon Heimberg Accepted
check-code: permit functools.reduce 2017-02-06 Yedidya Feldblum Accepted
check-code: improve test-check-code error diffs 2015-12-24 Accepted
check-code: grep's context flags don't need an extra space before number 2017-11-18 Anton Shestakov Accepted
check-code: fix an error message 2013-11-02 Simon Heimberg Accepted
check-code: fix "covert" typo 2017-04-03 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
check-code: ban grep's context flags (-A/-B/-C) since they're not on Solaris 2017-06-06 Danek Duvall Accepted
check-code: also ban strcat 2016-03-20 Augie Fackler Accepted
check-code: allow tabs in heredoc 2017-12-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
changelog: update read pending documentation 2015-07-17 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
changelog: only use filtering headrevs C extension when it is available 2014-10-24 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
changelog: make sure datafile is 00changelog.d 2017-05-17 Jun Wu Accepted
changelog: make sure datafile is 00changelog.d 2017-05-18 Jun Wu Accepted
changelog: make native head computation aware of filtering 2015-05-20 Laurent Charignon Changes Requested
changelog: load pending file directly 2017-05-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
changelog: keep track of file end in appender (issue5444) 2016-12-15 Durham Goode Accepted
changelog: inline revlog.__contains__ in case it is used in hot loop 2015-04-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
changelog: drop unnecessary override of "hasnode" 2015-05-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
changelog: document the 'readpending' method 2015-06-20 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
changegroup: rename bundle-related functions and classes 2014-08-31 Sune Foldager Superseded
changegroup: introduce cg3, which has support for exchanging treemanifests 2015-12-07 Augie Fackler martinvonz Superseded
changegroup: inline 'publishing' variable in apply() 2017-06-19 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
changegroup: fix file linkrevs during reorders 2014-11-21 Durham Goode Superseded
changegroup: extract method that sorts nodes to send 2016-05-16 Augie Fackler Accepted
changegroup: exclude submanifests from manifest progress 2016-02-29 Martin von Zweigbergk Superseded
changegroup: don't send empty subdirectory manifest groups 2016-06-16 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
changegroup: don't run changegroup hooks if nodes are gone 2013-10-07 Durham Goode Accepted
changegroup: allow sending snapshot deltas in cg2 2014-11-21 Rejected
changegroup: add bundlecaps back 2017-05-09 Durham Goode Superseded
changegroup.cg2packer: lookup 'group' via inheritance chain 2014-11-08 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
changectx: fix the handling of `tip` 2013-01-22 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
changectx.walk: drop unnecessary call to match function 2015-04-07 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
change posix test for symlinks 2013-07-28 DeathGorePain Rejected
change posix test for symlinks 2013-07-28 Matt Mackall Rejected
cg1packer: fix `compressed` method 2016-12-14 Stanislau Hlebik Accepted
cext: move PyInt macros to charencode.c properly 2017-08-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
cext: extract revlog/index parsing code to own C file 2017-05-20 Gregory Szorc Accepted
cext: clang-format new code coming from stable branch 2019-01-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
cext: cast s# arguments of Py_BuildValue() to Py_ssize_t 2019-04-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
censor: rename loop variable to silence pyflakes warning 2018-09-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
censor: make various path forms available like other Mercurial commands 2015-07-16 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
censor: flag internal documentation 2016-11-23 Remi Chaintron Superseded
cbor: teach the encoder to handle python `long` type for Windows 2018-09-05 Matt Harbison Superseded
cat: increase perf when catting without patterns 2014-01-11 Durham Goode Superseded
byteify-strings: prevent "__name__ == '__main__'" from being transformed 2018-08-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
bundles: do not overwrite existing backup bundles 2015-01-10 Durham Goode Superseded
bundlerepo: remove unused 'repo' parameter 2015-05-04 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
bundlerepo: properly hidden revision in bundle (issue4945) 2016-02-22 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
bundlerepo: let bundle repo look in the _mancache 2015-09-28 Durham Goode Accepted
bundle: remove obsolete (and duplicate) comment 2016-03-29 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
bundle: move writebundle() from to (API) 2016-03-28 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
bundle: avoid crash when when no good changegroup version found 2016-03-28 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
bundle2: separate bundle10 and bundle2 cases in getbundle() 2014-09-24 Mike Hommey Superseded
bundle2: reword debug message for invalid .hgtags data 2015-06-21 Gregory Szorc Accepted
bundle2: rename functions that have the same name 2014-09-23 Mike Hommey Accepted
bundle2: rename format, parts and config to final names 2015-04-09 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
bundle2: remove heads and common arguments to getbundle parts generators 2014-09-25 Mike Hommey Accepted
bundle2: refactor getbundle a bit 2014-09-08 Sune Foldager Changes Requested
bundle2: pull bookmark the old way if no bundle2 liskeys support (issue4701) 2015-06-08 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
bundle2: properly request phases during getbundle 2016-05-05 Mike Hommey Accepted
bundle2: only emit compressed chunks if they have data 2016-10-16 Gregory Szorc Accepted
bundle2: issue remote output as "status" (issue4612) 2015-04-23 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
bundle2: handleoutput i18n 2016-08-28 Akihiko Odaki Changes Requested
bundle2: generate check:heads in a independent function 2015-10-01 Ryan McElroy Superseded
bundle2: fix assertion that 'compression' hasn't been set 2017-02-13 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
bundle2: explicitly use network byte order 2014-03-31 David Soria Parra Rejected
bundle2: enforce parttype as alphanumerical 2015-01-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
bundle2: drop the experimental hooks 2015-04-10 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
bundle2: don't use debug message "no-transaction" with transaction 2017-06-20 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
bundle2: don't try to recover from a GeneratorExit (issue4785) 2015-09-01 Augie Fackler Accepted
bundle2: don't assume ordering of heads checked after push 2016-06-01 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
bundle2: advertise bundle2 by default 2015-04-10 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
bundle2: Add tests for multiple changegroup parts 2014-09-01 Mike Hommey Superseded
bundle2.unpackermixin: control for underlying file descriptor 2015-02-04 Eric Sumner Accepted
bundle2.getunbundler: rename "header" to "magicstring" 2015-06-20 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
buildrpm: use bash shebang, since we use bash features in the script 2016-01-15 Mathias De Maré marmoute Accepted
buildrpm: do not break when hg log is an alias 2017-08-03 via Mercurial-devel Superseded
buildrpm: do not break in presence of custom user configs 2017-08-04 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
buildrpm: bump bundled Python version to 2.7.16 when building for centos{5, 6} 2019-04-19 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
build: no need to build zstd in the bootstrap phase of a deb/rpm build 2017-10-12 via Mercurial-devel Superseded
build: for the bootstrap phase of a deb/rpm build a pure python mercurial is enough 2017-10-13 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
build: don't use -s flag for `which` 2014-08-29 Kevin Bullock Accepted
build: don't clean on 'make clean' in release tarballs 2014-09-02 Thomas De Schampheleire Accepted
build: build deb/rpm independently on config/extensions in the host system 2017-10-19 via Mercurial-devel Superseded
build: build deb/rpm independently on config/extensions in the host system 2017-10-19 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
Build failure on xenial 2016-06-01 Sean Farley Not Applicable
Build errors on xenial launchpad buildbots 2016-05-18 Sean Farley Not Applicable
Build errors on xenial launchpad buildbots 2016-05-19 Katsunori FUJIWARA Not Applicable
Build errors on xenial launchpad buildbots 2016-05-19 Anton Shestakov Not Applicable
bugzilla: support Bugzilla 4.4.3+ API login token authentication (issue4257) 2014-05-23 Jim Hague Accepted
bugzilla: correct config documentation error 2014-07-03 Jim Hague Accepted
Bug 5485 - Default hgrc generated on clone references the obsolete "default-push" path 2017-02-28 rishi shah Not Applicable
Bug 3749 --help does not show non-command help topics 2013-04-15 Ankur Ankan Superseded
Bug 3749 --help does not show non-command help topics 2013-04-16 Ankur Ankan Superseded
Bug 3749 --help does not show non-command help topics 2013-04-19 Ankur Ankan Changes Requested
branchmap: remove unused exception variable 2016-06-26 Gregory Szorc Accepted
branchmap: handle nullrev in setcachedata 2017-03-15 Durham Goode Accepted
branchmap: display filtername when `updatebranch` fails to do its jobs 2013-01-19 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
branchmap: check node against nodemap instead of changelog (for perf) 2016-03-03 Durham Goode yuya Changes Requested
branchmap: add seek() to end of file before calling tell() on append open() 2015-01-10 Matt Harbison Accepted
branches: avoid unnecessary changectx.branch() calls 2013-11-14 Brodie Rao Superseded
branch: don't warn about branches if repository has multiple branches already 2015-05-26 Matt Mackall Accepted
branch: allow changing branch of merge commits with --rev 2018-11-17 Anton Shestakov Accepted
bookmarks: update only proper bookmarks on push -r/-B (issue 3973) 2013-07-29 Wojciech Lopata Accepted
bookmarks: reject bookmark names that unambiguously resolve to a node (BC) 2017-05-22 Augie Fackler Superseded
bookmarks: refer to "the" active bookmark to clarify that there's only one 2014-08-30 Kevin Bullock Accepted
bookmarks: introduce binary encoding 2016-12-09 Stanislau Hlebik Changes Requested
bookmarks: fix HG_PENDING handling 2017-02-14 timeless Superseded
bookmarks: fix head selection for merge with two bookmarked heads 2012-12-16 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
bookmarks: fix correct command in help text 2012-12-15 hokorobi.hokorobi at Not Applicable
bookmarks: don't deactivate on no-op update (issue4901) 2015-10-14 Matt Mackall Accepted
bookmarks: don't allow pushing new head for existing mark with -B (issue4400) 2015-10-22 Matt Mackall Accepted
bookmarks: clear active bookmark on non-linear update 2015-07-14 Matt Mackall Accepted
bookmarks: calculate visibility exceptions only once 2018-01-14 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
bookmarks: avoid creating a nested repository during testing 2016-02-12 Martijn Pieters Superseded
bookmarks: allow renaming active bookmark using '.' 2017-08-21 David Demelier Superseded
bookmarks: allow pushkey if new equals current 2014-08-26 Durham Goode Accepted
bookmarks: allow moving a bookmark forward to a descendant 2013-03-16 Kevin Bullock Accepted
bookmarks: allow deleting active bookmark using '.' 2017-08-25 David Demelier Accepted
bookmarks: allow bookmark command to take multiple arguments 2013-05-03 Kevin Bullock Accepted
bookmarks: allow (re-)activating a bookmark on the current changeset 2013-03-17 Kevin Bullock Superseded
bookmark: run 'pushkey' hooks after bookmark move, not 'prepushkey' 2018-01-15 Boris Feld Accepted
bookmark: informs of failure to upgrade a bookmark 2015-06-13 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
bookmark: improve ambiguous documentation for rename 2015-09-04 Superseded
bookmark: don't allow integers as bookmark/branch/tag names 2013-02-06 Durham Goode Accepted
bookmark: deprecate direct update of a bookmark value 2018-01-17 Boris Feld Accepted
bookmark: add an --active flag to display the active bookmark 2018-08-17 Boris Feld Accepted
blackbox: only show new heads on incoming 2013-02-13 Durham Goode Accepted
blackbox: fix exception when logging commands with format characters 2013-02-28 Durham Goode Superseded
blackbox: fix exception when logging commands with format characters 2013-03-01 Durham Goode Superseded
blackbox: fix exception when logging commands with format characters 2013-03-01 Durham Goode Accepted
blackbox: don't unpack the list while passing into str.join() 2018-01-19 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
blackbox: do not assume self._bb{vfs, repo, fp} are set in blackboxui.__init__ 2016-03-15 Jun Wu yuya Accepted
blackbox: defer opening a log file until needed (issue3869) 2013-03-26 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
blackbox: also log alias expansions 2016-08-23 Augie Fackler Superseded
blackbox: add pid to output 2015-09-07 Durham Goode Accepted
blackbox: add configitem for format of log timestamps 2018-10-17 Matthew DeVore Accepted
blackbox: add configitem for format of log timestamps 2018-10-23 Matthew DeVore New
blackbox: add configitem for format of log timestamps 2018-10-23 via Mercurial-devel New
blackbox: add backup bundle paths to blackbox logs 2013-03-13 Durham Goode Accepted
blackbox: add an option to customize the name of the log file 2016-06-13 Jun Wu Changes Requested
bitmanipulation: add missing include of string.h 2017-06-02 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
bisect: improve option validation message 2017-06-09 Brandon McCaig Accepted
bisect: improve option validation message 2017-06-09 Brandon McCaig Accepted
bisect: improve option validation message 2017-06-09 Brandon McCaig Changes Requested
bisect: improve option validation message 2017-06-10 Brandon McCaig Superseded
bisect: improve option validation message 2017-06-14 Brandon McCaig Accepted
bisect: improve option validation message 2017-06-14 Brandon McCaig Accepted
bisect: allow resetting with unfinished graft/rebase/etc 2017-05-03 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
benchmark-revset: add full version of benchmarked revset 2014-03-18 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
bdiff: use the new type hg_ssize_t 2016-07-11 Maciej Fijalkowski Superseded
bdiff: replace hash algorithm 2016-11-07 Gregory Szorc Accepted
bdiff: include compat.h in header to define ssize_t 2017-10-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
bdiff: implement cffi version of blocks 2016-08-10 Maciej Fijalkowski Superseded
bdiff: implement cffi version of bdiff 2016-08-20 Maciej Fijalkowski Accepted
bdiff: avoid pointer arithmetic on void* 2018-03-04 Matt Harbison Accepted
bash_completion: recognize normal command abbreviations 2013-03-22 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
bash_completion: add -p|--patch|--stat support for shelve 2015-11-10 Anton Shestakov Accepted
bash_completion: add -l|--list support for shelve 2014-06-06 Sean Farley Accepted
bashcompletion: show available command-line switches for aliases 2016-06-21 Martijn Pieters Accepted
bashcompletion: allow skipping completion for 'hg status' 2016-10-05 Mathias De Maré Changes Requested
base85: clean up function definition style 2015-11-21 Augie Fackler Accepted
backout: handle file moves correctly (issue1932) 2015-01-08 Mateusz Kwapich Changes Requested
backout: fix --no-commit option (bug5054) 2016-01-20 Ruslan Sayfutdinov Accepted
backout: add examples to clarify basic usage 2015-10-02 Mathias De Maré Superseded
backout: add example of backing out a merge changeset 2015-09-30 Mathias De Maré Rejected
backout: add --commit option 2014-12-18 Mateusz Kwapich Accepted
Backed out changeset 5c153c69fdb2 2014-09-02 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
automv: use 95 as the default similarity threshold 2016-02-16 Martijn Pieters Accepted
automv: new experimental extension 2016-02-04 Martijn Pieters durin42 Superseded
automv: new experimental extension 2016-02-08 Martijn Pieters durin42 Accepted
Auto-formatting code with black - object now if you have a strong opinion 2018-12-01 Matt Harbison Not Applicable
archive: pass thru mtime for directory archives, like the other archive types do 2017-12-01 James May Accepted
archive: add XZ support if built with Python 3 2019-09-17 David Demelier Accepted
annotate: split the logic to two functions 2016-06-11 Jun Wu Changes Requested
annotate: remove redundant check for empty list of annotation data 2014-09-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
annotate: pre-calculate the "needed" dictionary 2016-09-02 Jun Wu Changes Requested
annotate: optimize line counting 2016-05-23 Matt Mackall Accepted
annotate: mention that -n is suppressed in help 2015-12-18 Accepted
annotate: calculate line count correctly 2016-10-01 Jun Wu Accepted
ancestors: prefetch method outside of the loop 2015-06-20 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
ancestors: add stopfunc to revlog.ancestors 2015-11-08 Durham Goode marmoute Rejected
ancestor: remove extra generator from lazyancestors.__iter__() 2018-09-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
amend: support amending merge changesets (issue3778) 2013-02-08 Brodie Rao Superseded
amend: new extension providing the amend command 2017-07-12 Jun Wu Superseded
amend: fix amending rename commit with obsolescence markers 2014-10-18 Ryan McElroy Superseded
amend: fix amending rename commit with obsolescence markers 2014-10-18 Ryan McElroy Changes Requested
Allow specifying default --flag options via config 2017-02-22 rishi shah Superseded
Allow commit date before Unix epoch 2016-03-29 Florent Gallaire yuya Rejected
aggressivemergedeltas: enabled the option by default 2018-07-09 Boris Feld Accepted
adjustlinkrev: search ancestors from oldest to newest 2015-01-15 Martin von Zweigbergk Rejected
addremove: print relative paths when called with -I/-X 2014-12-02 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
addremove: pass command-level similarity value down to scmutil.addremove() 2018-04-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
addremove: don't do full walks 2013-09-05 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
addremove: add "ui." prefix to message color keys 2018-10-18 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
add: use lexists so that broken symbolic links are added 2014-12-03 John Coomes Accepted
add: pass full=False to dirstate walk 2015-09-09 Durham Goode Accepted
add: check for the existence of a file matched inexactly before adding it 2014-11-20 Matt Harbison Accepted
Add support for english date names on non-english systems 2015-02-24 A. Klitzing Accepted
Add support for english date names on non-english systems 2015-02-27 A. Klitzing Deferred
Add support for english date names on non-english systems 2015-02-27 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Deferred
Add support for 'union' merge strategy 2015-06-26 Erik Huelsmann Changes Requested
Add splitlines, wordN, and startswith to templates 2014-04-12 Ryan McElroy Changes Requested
add missing language descriptions for gettext-0.19 2014-06-03 Lars Wendler Accepted
Add an example in churn extension 2020-09-17 Stéphane Blondon New
acl: add support for bookmarks [RFC] 2016-03-04 yuya Changes Requested
acl: add support for bookmarks [RFC] 2016-03-21 Superseded
absorb: print '{rev}:' as a prefix to the hash 2018-10-12 Matt Harbison Accepted
absorb: following UI conventions 2018-08-09 David Demelier Accepted
about: update URLs and prefer https:// 2018-09-07 Bradley M. Jones Changes Requested
A thought for dealing with linkrevs 2014-09-18 Matt Mackall Not Applicable
A small enhancement to graphlog to show closed branches 2013-01-25 Henrik Pauli Deferred
18n-*: Update copyright date 2015-03-02 Jesus Cea Changes Requested
***UNCHECKED*** D9272: hgweb: don't call sys.exit() in 2020-11-04 phabricator Superseded
***UNCHECKED*** D9271: serve: simply return instead of calling sys.exit() in `hg serve --stdio` 2020-11-04 phabricator Superseded
***UNCHECKED*** D9270: httpservice: move sys.exit() out of serve_forever() 2020-11-04 phabricator Superseded
***UNCHECKED*** D7427: branchmap: make "closed" a set from beginning instead of converting from list 2019-11-18 phabricator Not Applicable
***UNCHECKED*** D7260: vfs: another bytes-str confusion on thread name 2019-11-06 phabricator Superseded
***UNCHECKED*** D7253: rust-status: remove dead code 2019-11-06 phabricator Superseded
***UNCHECKED*** D7253: rust-status: remove dead code 2019-11-06 phabricator Not Applicable
***UNCHECKED*** D7230: py3: don't use bytes with vars() or __dict__ 2019-11-05 phabricator Superseded
***UNCHECKED*** D7227: localrepo: use str for lookup in vars() 2019-11-05 phabricator Superseded
***UNCHECKED*** D7208: fsmonitor: normalize hostname to bytes 2019-11-04 phabricator Not Applicable
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