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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
D12024: shelve: attempt to make merge labels more helpful 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12021: merge: set custom conflict label for base commit 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12025: graft: attempt to make merge labels more helpful 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12023: histedit: attempt to make merge labels more helpful 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12016: filemerge: always define a "base" label 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12020: rebase: set custom conflict label for base commit 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12022: update: set custom conflict label for base commit 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12019: simplemerge: take over formatting of label from `filemerge` 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12018: filemerge: pass `simplemerge.MergeInput` to tool functions 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12017: filemerge: work with `simplemerge.MergeInput` in `filemerge()` 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12013: simplemerge: take arguments as annotated context objects 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12015: filemerge: set default labels a little earlier 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12014: filemerge: remove unused arguments from `_merge()` 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12012: filemerge: make `labels` a required arg for `_premerge()` 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12011: filemerge: remove unnecessary check for empty string 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12010: tests: also test spaces in conflict marker labels 2022-01-21 phabricator New
D12009: revlog: fix a bug where transaction can be aborted partially 2022-01-20 phabricator New
D12008: revlog: demonstrate a bug where transaction can be aborted partially 2022-01-20 phabricator New
D12007: helptext: add missing newline to Rust helptext 2022-01-18 phabricator New
D12006: blackbox: change year in logs to ISO 8601 format 2022-01-18 phabricator New
D12005: blackbox: add milliseconds to blackbox logs by default 2022-01-18 phabricator New
D12004: blackbox: correct date format doc 2022-01-18 phabricator New
D12003: rust: Fix outdated comments in OwningDirstateMap 2022-01-17 phabricator New
D12002: precheck: fix false warning about content-divergence creation 2022-01-16 phabricator New
D12001: rust: upgrade to Clap 3 2022-01-14 phabricator New
D12000: rust: upgrade `rand*` crates 2022-01-14 phabricator New
D11999: merge: consider the file merged when using :merge-{local, other} 2022-01-14 phabricator New
D11998: simplemerge: delete unused exception class `CantReprocessAndShowBase` 2022-01-14 phabricator New
D11997: share-safe: enable by default (BC) 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11985: tests: use debugrequires instead of grepping the file directly 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11995: legacy-revlog: fix requirement computation when cloning legacy repo 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11994: requirements: do not warn about dropping share-safe, unless explicitly set 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11996: share-safe: add support for static-http repository 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11993: sparse: take lock before writing requirements 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11982: stream-clone: only consider store requirements 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11992: largefiles: take lock before writing requirements 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11990: test: simpler requirements matching in test-repo-compengines.t 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11991: lfs: take lock before writing requirements 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11989: test: simpler requirements matching in test-lfs-largefiles.t 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11988: test: simpler requirements matching in test-sidedata.t 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11987: test: simpler requirement matching in test-revlog-v2.t 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11986: test-copies: narrow the format check in test-copies-in-changeset.t 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11984: tests: use debugrequires in test-upgrade-repo.t 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11983: test: do not use `which` to find an exec path in the test 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11979: simplemerge: simplify and rename `render_markers()` 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11981: simplemerge: change _minimize() to minimize a single conflict 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11980: simplemerge: make minimize() a free function 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11975: simplemerge: clarify names of functions that render conflict markers 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11974: simplemerge: make merge_lines() a free function 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11978: simplemerge: split out function for rendering :merge3 conflict markers 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11973: simplemerge: convert `merge_lines()` away from generator 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11976: simplemerge: use same newline detection for :mergediff as for :merge[3] 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11977: simplemerge: move default labels to simplemerge extension 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11972: simplemerge: use 3-way markers if mode=='merge3', ignoring number of labels 2022-01-12 phabricator New
D11971: subrepo: make -S work again on Windows for incoming/outgoing to remote repos 2022-01-11 phabricator New
D11970: tests: support pygments 2.11 2022-01-09 phabricator New
D11969: logcmdutil: raise `StateError` when file to follow doesn't exist 2022-01-07 phabricator New
D11968: logcmdutil: raise `InputError` on bad CLI arguments 2022-01-07 phabricator New
D11967: simplemerge: rewrite `merge_lines()` using `merge_groups()` 2022-01-06 phabricator New
D11966: simplemerge: make merge_groups() yield only 2-tuples 2022-01-06 phabricator New
D11965: rhg: desambiguate status without decompressing filelog if possible 2022-01-06 phabricator New
D11960: rhg: Add RevlogEntry::data that does delta resolution 2022-01-06 phabricator New
D11963: rhg: Store p1, p2, and hash in RevlogEntry 2022-01-06 phabricator New
D11959: rhg: Rename some revlog-related types and methods 2022-01-06 phabricator New
D11964: filelog: add a comment explaining a fast path in filerevisioncopied() 2022-01-06 phabricator New
D11961: rhg: Expose FilelogEntry that wraps RevlogEntry 2022-01-06 phabricator New
D11962: rhg: RevlogEntry::uncompressed_len is signed 2022-01-06 phabricator New
D11958: git: add opener attribute to gitstore 2022-01-05 phabricator New
D11957: heptapod-ci: make Windows jobs manual again 2022-01-03 phabricator New
D11956: exchange: add fast path for subrepo check on push 2022-01-03 phabricator New
D11955: rust: fix build errors on darwin 2021-12-30 phabricator New
help: properly document the default pattern 2021-12-26 Jordi GutiƩrrez Hermoso New
D11951: revlog: remove deprecated APIs 2021-12-23 phabricator New
D11950: urls: remove deprecated APIs 2021-12-23 phabricator New
D11953: dirstate: remove deprecated API 2021-12-23 phabricator New
D11952: discovery: remove deprecated API 2021-12-23 phabricator New
D11949: remotefilelog: remove deprecated API 2021-12-23 phabricator New
D11948: hg-core: dedup LazyAncestors Iterator impl 2021-12-21 phabricator New
D11947: hg-cpython: use ancestor iterator impls from vcsgraph 2021-12-21 phabricator New
D11946: hg-cpython: implement vcsgraph::Graph for our Index 2021-12-21 phabricator New
D11945: rust: add vcsgraph crate as dependency 2021-12-21 phabricator New
D11944: fix some documentation typos 2021-12-19 phabricator New
D11943: rhg: Fall back to Python if verbose status is requested by config 2021-12-18 phabricator New
D11942: rhg: Accept different "invalid ignore pattern" error message formatting 2021-12-17 phabricator New
D11940: rhg: Sub-repositories are not supported 2021-12-17 phabricator New
D11941: rhg: Properly format warnings related to ignore patterns 2021-12-17 phabricator New
D11939: dirstate-v2: Apply SECOND_AMBIGUOUS to directory mtimes too 2021-12-17 phabricator New
D11938: rust: Upgrade to format-bytes 0.3 2021-12-17 phabricator New
D11937: rank: actually persist revision's rank in changelog-v2 2021-12-16 phabricator New
D11936: rank: add a "rank" value to the revlog-entry tuple 2021-12-16 phabricator New
D11934: changelog-v2: use helper constant in the code to pack/unpack entries 2021-12-16 phabricator New
D11935: changelog-v2: fix an assertion error to display the right data 2021-12-16 phabricator New
D11933: revlog: add some information about the revision we cannot find 2021-12-16 phabricator New
D11932: rhg: Use binary search in manifest lookup 2021-12-16 phabricator New
D11931: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-15 phabricator New
D11930: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-15 phabricator New
D11929: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-15 phabricator New
D11927: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-15 phabricator New
D11928: procutil: avoid an uninitialized variable usage on tempfile exception 2021-12-15 phabricator New
D11926: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-15 phabricator New
D11925: filemerge: remove leftover documentation of removed argument 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11922: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11924: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11921: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11923: tests: drop an obsolete comment about a pytype failure 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11919: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11920: statprof: convert a few exception byte strings to str 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11918: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11916: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11917: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11912: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11915: copies: fix some documentation typos 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11914: copies: drop an unused variable 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11913: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11911: pytype: stop excluding 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11910: rhg: Skip reading the contents of ambiguous files in some cases 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11909: rhg: Mark it as expected that the issue6528 bug is not reproduced 2021-12-14 phabricator New
D11908: rhg: Print "bad match" errors in rhg status 2021-12-13 phabricator New
D11907: rhg: Add support for ui.ignore and ui.ignore.* config 2021-12-13 phabricator New
D11906: hghave: fix the check for suid on platforms lacking support 2021-12-13 phabricator New
D11905: upgrade: byteify a few error messages 2021-12-13 phabricator New
D11904: simplemerge: rewrite `merge_lines()` using `merge_groups()` 2021-12-11 phabricator New
D11903: simplemerge: don't calculate conflict labels when resolving automatically 2021-12-11 phabricator New
D11902: simplemerge: remove now-unused `localorother` argument from `merge_lines()` 2021-12-11 phabricator New
D11901: simplemerge: add a specialized function for "union", "local", "other" 2021-12-11 phabricator New
D11899: rhg: Add support for `rhg status --copies` 2021-12-10 phabricator New
D11900: tests: add a short `sleep` in test-status.t 2021-12-10 phabricator New
D11898: rhg: refactor relativize_path into a struct + method 2021-12-10 phabricator New
D11897: rhg: refactor display_status_paths with a struct for common arguments 2021-12-10 phabricator New
D11896: doc: remove a spurious ^L in some doc 2021-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D11895: test: use `hg debugrequires` instead of `cat` in some tests 2021-12-10 phabricator New
D11893: test: simplify `debugformat` matching in test-copies-chain-merge 2021-12-10 phabricator New
D11894: test: simplify `debugformat` matching in test-phases.t 2021-12-10 phabricator New
D11892: share: make it possible to control the working copy format variant 2021-12-10 phabricator New
D11891: share: move the requirement initialisation code around 2021-12-10 phabricator New
D11890: rhg: Add support for ui.ignore and ui.ignore.* config 2021-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D11889: rhg: Set second_ambiguous as needed in post-status fixup 2021-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D11888: dirstate: Document Timestamp.second_ambiguous 2021-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D11885: filemerge: stop returning always-`True` value 2021-12-08 phabricator New
D11887: simplemerge: make `localorother` a "mode" instead of a separate thing 2021-12-08 phabricator New
D11886: simplemerge: avoid a call to `pycompat.strkwargs()` 2021-12-08 phabricator New
D11884: status: when extracting arguments from `opts`, use the same default values 2021-12-07 phabricator New
D11883: directaccess: fix uses of commands.status() that don't go through flag parsing 2021-12-07 phabricator New
D11882: rhg: fix a crash on non-generaldelta revlogs 2021-12-07 phabricator New
D11881: rhg: centralize index header parsing 2021-12-07 phabricator New
D11880: rhg: demonstrate that rhg breaks on non-generaldelta revlogs 2021-12-07 phabricator New
D11878: filemerge: remove unused `orig` argument from tool functions 2021-12-07 phabricator New
D11879: simplemerge: stop merging file flags 2021-12-07 phabricator New
D11877: filemerge: stop passing around 3 unused `None` values in `files` argument 2021-12-07 phabricator New
D11876: filemerge: rename backup variables from `back` to `backup` 2021-12-07 phabricator New
D11875: fsmonitor: fix criteria for nonnormalset computation 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11874: rhg: support the new extension suboptions syntax 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11873: upgrade: don't use `dd status=none` in the test 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11871: upgrade: only process revlogs that needs it by default 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11872: upgrade: drop some dead code 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11870: upgrade: issue a message when a revlog type has to be upgraded 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11869: upgrade: explicitly warn when a `--no-xxx` flag is overwritten 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11868: upgrade: make the list of explicitly specified revlog a dict 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11867: upgrade: move the revlog selection code longer down the chain 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11866: dirstate-v2: fix upgrade on an empty repository 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11865: dirstate-v2: test upgrade without rust too 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11864: test-upgrade: narrow the `debugformat` call when upgrading to dirstate-v2 2021-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D11863: filemerge: remove `premerge` argument from `_makebackup()` 2021-12-06 phabricator Superseded
D11862: fsmonitor: incorporate fixes for Python 3.10 (issue6612) 2021-12-06 phabricator Superseded
D11861: python2-compat: fix extensions' tests on python2 2021-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D11855: mergestate: merge `preresolve()` into `resolve()` 2021-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D11859: filemerge: make `_filemerge()` do both premerge and merge 2021-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D11860: filemerge: inline `_filemerge()` into `filemerge()` 2021-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D11858: filemerge: merge `premerge()` into `filemerge()` 2021-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D11857: mergestate: inline `_resolve()` into `resolve()` 2021-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D11856: mergestate: make `_resolve()` do both preresolve and resolve 2021-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D11854: tests: remove unnecessary explicit args from `` 2021-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D11853: simplemerge: set `conflicts` earlier for :union tool 2021-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D11852: update: reformat the `commands.update.check` help 2021-12-03 phabricator Superseded
D11851: update: properly overwrite `check` config with `--no-` variants 2021-12-03 phabricator Superseded
D11850: update: add a test for `--merge` overriding the "abort" config 2021-12-03 phabricator Superseded
D11849: dirstate: remove unused method 2021-12-03 phabricator Superseded
D11848: update: use long version of the flag in the test 2021-12-03 phabricator Superseded
D11846: dirstate-item: make sure we load `mtime-second-ambiguous` from disk 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11842: dirstate-item: add a "second_ambiguous` flag in the mtime tuple 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11847: status: keep second-ambiguous mtimes during fixup 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11845: dirstate-item: make sure we set the mtime-second-ambiguous on v2 write 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11844: dirstate-item: ignore mtime to write v1 when `mtime-second-ambiguous` is set 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11843: dirstate-item: implement the comparison logic for mtime-second-ambiguous 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11841: dirstate: drop comparison primitive on the timestamp class 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11840: rhg: Update the dirstate on disk after status 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11839: rhg: Add Repo::write_dirstate 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11835: rhg: Initial repository locking 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11834: rust: Serializing a DirstateMap does not mutate it anymore 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11838: rhg: Add lazy/cached dirstate data file ID parsing on Repo 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11836: rust: Add Vfs::write_atomic 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11837: rhg: Make Repo::dirstate_parents a LazyCell 2021-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D11833: test: mark rhg output as flaky 2021-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D11832: chistedit: explain which order the commits are presented in 2021-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D11829: errors: use detailed exit code for RepoLookupError 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11824: errors: return more detailed errors when failing to parse or apply patch 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11830: errors: use detailed exit code in pathauditor 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11831: errors: use detailed error for invalid commit-extras argument 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11825: patch: add hint about mangled whitespace on bad patch 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11828: errors: use detailed exit code for detected case-collision 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11827: errors: use detailed exit code when trying to merge file outside narrowspec 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11826: errors: use detailed exit code for non-integer number of diff context lines 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11821: extensions: highlight the name of the faulty extensions in the error message 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11822: extension: add a `required` suboption to enforce the use of an extensions 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11823: extensions: add a default "*" suboptions prefix 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11819: extensions: ignore "sub-options" when looking for extensions 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11820: extensions: refactor handling of loading error make it reusable 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11818: rhg: refactor to use IgnoreFnType alias more widely 2021-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D11817: sparse: lock the store when updating requirements config 2021-11-29 phabricator New
D11816: tests: fix test-fix on NetBSD 2021-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D11815: rhg: Add support for `rhg status -n` 2021-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D11814: rhg: signal when falling back in logs 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11813: rhg: don't run `blackbox` if not activated 2021-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D11812: rust: add function to check if an extension is enabled 2021-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D11811: docs: update Rust readme with a mention of `rhg` 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11810: docs: fix typos and wording for the persistent-nodemap feature 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11809: docs: add missing dirstate-v2 documentation 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11808: docs: add documentation about Rust 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11807: typo: s/unkown/unknown across the codebase 2021-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D11806: downgrade: don't assume existence of nodemap files when downgrading 2021-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D11805: packaging: bump pygit2 to 1.7.1 2021-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D11804: packaging: bump windows_curses to 2.3.0 2021-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D11803: packaging: regenerate the requirements files with pip-tools 6.4.0 2021-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D11802: filemerge: simplify slightly by using filectx.decodeddata() 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11801: filemerge: rename _formatconflictmarker() since it formats a label 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11796: dirstate: remove need_delay logic 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11799: status: move the boundary comparison logic within the timestamp module 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11794: status: use filesystem time boundary to invalidate racy files 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11800: largefile: use the proper "mtime boundary" logic during fixup 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11798: tests: remove potential mtime ambiguity in a dirstate test 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11797: dirstate: cleanup remaining of "now" during write 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11795: dirstate: remove `lastnormaltime` mechanism 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11788: dirstate: do no use `set_clean` in revert 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11791: dirstate: stop gathering parentfiledata in update_file 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11792: win32text: drop associated dirstate cache information on revert 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11793: test: use a different timestamp for the updated file 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11789: dirstate: make it mandatory to provide parentfiledata in `set_clean` 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11790: dirstate: stop gathering parentfiledata in update_file_p1 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11785: status: gather fixup info at comparison time 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11787: status: adapt largefile to gather stats at lookup time 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11782: dirstate-item: allow mtime to be None in "parentdata" 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11784: update: filter the ambiguous mtime in update directly 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11786: status: adapt largefile to gather stats at lookup time 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11783: dirstate: move "get fs now" in the timestamp utility module 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11781: dirstate: add a comment about a racy piece of code during updates 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11780: tests: add missing `head` for when things go wrong 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11779: tests: ensure a status will have non ambiguous mtime in some race test 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11778: tests: make sure no ambiguity remains after the commit 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11777: dirstate: clarify a `hg update` invocation in a test 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11776: automation: support Python 3.10 on Windows 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11775: contrib: update Windows environment to Python 3.9.9 2021-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D11774: rhg: Fix status desambiguation of symlinks and executable files 2021-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D11771: rhg: Propogate manifest parse errors instead of panicking 2021-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D11772: rhg: Also parse flags in the manifest parser 2021-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D11773: rhg: Rename cat_file_is_modified 2021-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D11770: backout: backed out changeset 5d83a40cd3f8 2021-11-22 phabricator Superseded
D11769: tests: Adapt test-basic.t expected output for rhg 2021-11-19 phabricator Superseded
[stable] cext: fix Python 3.11 compatibility - Py_SIZE is not an lvalue (issue6610) 2021-11-18 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
D11768: packaging: make rpm relocatable 2021-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D11767: dockerrpm: always use current user and group 2021-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D11766: sparse: demonstrate a bug when used with safe-share 2021-11-16 phabricator New
D11765: heptapod-ci: re-introduce Windows CI 2021-11-16 phabricator Superseded
D11764: rhg: add support for narrow clones and sparse checkouts 2021-11-16 phabricator Superseded
D11763: cext: define S_IFLNK on Python 2.7 and Windows 2021-11-16 phabricator Superseded
D11761: rhg: [encode] and [decode] config sections are not supported 2021-11-15 phabricator Superseded
D11762: rhg: Colored output is not supported 2021-11-15 phabricator Superseded
D11760: rhg: Config commands.status.terse is not supported 2021-11-15 phabricator Superseded
D11759: rhg: Propagate config errors in `rhg status` 2021-11-15 phabricator Superseded
D11758: rhg: $HG_PENDING is not supported 2021-11-15 phabricator Superseded
D11757: backout: backout 5d83a40cd3f8 and re-instate Python 2 support 2021-11-15 phabricator Superseded
D11756: rhg: Enable `rhg status` in most tests 2021-11-15 phabricator Superseded
D11755: tests: use more portable mkdir -p instead of --parents (issue6591) 2021-11-14 phabricator Superseded
D11754: tests: dd status=noxfer is not portable (issue6523) 2021-11-14 phabricator Superseded
D11753: tests: fix test-censor by improving regexp (issue6585) 2021-11-14 phabricator Superseded
D11752: rhg: allow rhg in sparse repos when the operations only need the store 2021-11-11 phabricator Superseded
D11751: rhg: only complain about poorly configured fallback when falling back 2021-11-11 phabricator Superseded
D11750: commit: prevent possible race that results in bad dirstate 2021-11-11 phabricator New
D11749: test: add test of a race resulting in bad dirstate 2021-11-11 phabricator New
D11748: ci: stop running with Python 2 2021-11-10 phabricator Superseded
D11746: dirstate-v2: fix confusion between requirement and format config variable 2021-11-10 phabricator Superseded
D11747: internals: typo pass on the dirstate-v2 help file 2021-11-10 phabricator Superseded
D11744: hghave: update dirstate-v2 format config option 2021-11-10 phabricator Superseded
D11745: internals: correct dirstate-v2 format variable in the documentation 2021-11-10 phabricator Superseded
D11743: rhg: Fix `rhg status` file content comparison 2021-11-09 phabricator Superseded
D11742: relnotes: update 6.0 with the last changes for the release 2021-11-09 phabricator Superseded
D11741: tests: accept alternative privileged port allocation failure 2021-11-09 phabricator Superseded
D11740: tests: allow the true command to be provided by coreutils 2021-11-09 phabricator Superseded
D11739: tests: add guard check for suid support 2021-11-09 phabricator Superseded
D11738: tests: run the whole hg-core/path_auditor test in a clean temp dir 2021-11-09 phabricator Superseded
D11737: relnotes: clear next release notes 2021-11-04 phabricator Superseded
D11736: relnotes: add 6.0 release notes 2021-11-04 phabricator Superseded
D11735: relnotes: fix wrong command name in 5.9 relnotes 2021-11-04 phabricator Superseded
D11734: pyoxidizer: use in-memory resources on non-Windows platforms 2021-11-03 phabricator Superseded
D11733: rust-format: update rustfmt version 2021-11-03 phabricator Superseded
D11732: compat: don't rely on cpython-specific builtins manipulation 2021-11-03 phabricator Superseded
D11731: rhg: lazily get filesystem metadata 2021-11-02 phabricator New
D11730: pull: make the new argument a keyword argument 2021-10-29 phabricator Superseded
D11728: dirstate: use a single closure for get_flags 2021-10-28 phabricator Superseded
D11729: dirstate: make sure that status does not overlook the status flags 2021-10-28 phabricator Superseded
D11726: backout: backed out changeset f78d8b8c46d7 2021-10-28 phabricator Superseded
D11727: backout: backed out changeset 67d14d4e036c 2021-10-28 phabricator Superseded
D11725: windows: use raw string in test log paths 2021-10-28 phabricator Superseded
D11724: merge: with stable 2021-10-27 phabricator Superseded
D11723: rhg: make it possible to opt out of [rhg cat] 2021-10-27 phabricator Superseded
D11722: rhg: implement the rhg-debugignore subcommand 2021-10-27 phabricator Superseded
D11721: rhg: more efficient `HgPath::join` 2021-10-26 phabricator Superseded
D11720: relnotes: update release notes for upcoming 5.9.3 2021-10-25 phabricator Superseded
D11719: typing: add more type hints to the errors module 2021-10-23 phabricator Superseded
D11718: typing: add a few assertions to to help pytype 2021-10-23 phabricator Superseded
D11717: heptapod-ci: actually give pytest more time before timeout 2021-10-21 phabricator Superseded
D11716: tests: better determinism in test-chg.t 2021-10-21 phabricator Superseded
hg: remove reserved identifiers 2021-10-21 David Demelier Accepted
D11715: dirstate: group return logic and clarify each function in flagfunc 2021-10-21 phabricator Superseded
D11714: tests: fix test-convert-git to work w/ "git pull" requiring strategy 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11713: dirstate: add missing return on platforms without exec or symlink 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11712: parsers: don't ask about symlinks on platforms that don't support them 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11711: parsers: don't ask about the exec bit on platforms that don't have it 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11710: pyoxidizer: force pip to not use pep517 in order to still be able to install hg 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11709: dirstate-v2: freeze the on-disk format 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11708: fsmonitor: fix traceback about bytes and str incompatibility 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11707: fsmonitor: fix traceback after removal of nonnormalset (issue6600) 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11706: merge-halt: fix issue with merge.on-failure=halt breaking unshelve 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11705: merge-halt: demonstrate unshelve issue with merge.on-failure=halt 2021-10-20 phabricator Superseded
D11704: dirstate-v2: reorder flag to group related one together 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11703: rust-nodemap: backed out mitigation for issue 6554 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11702: dirstate-v2: actually use sub-second mtime precision 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11700: dirstate-v2: add a new MTIME_SECOND_AMBIGUOUS flags 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11701: dirstate: ignore sub-second component when either is zero in mtime 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11699: dirstate: align Rust function name to `need_delay` 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11698: pyoxidizer: update with several small fixes 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11697: pyoxidizer: disable using in-memory resources 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11696: rust: Remove now-unused DirstateEntry::clear_ambiguous_mtime method 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11694: dirstate-v2: adjust the meaning of directory flags 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11695: dirstate-v2: read the fallback value in Rust 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11693: backout: backed out changeset 6edc8800dbc3 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11692: backout: backed out changeset 2f2107c01dee 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11691: dirstate: rename a `very_likely_equal` method to `likely_equal` 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11690: python: compatibility for python 3.11 (issue6604) 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11689: rhg: simplify split_metadata 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11686: dirstate: add a concept of "fallback" flags to dirstate item 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11687: dirstate: make DirstateItem constructor accept fallback value 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11688: dirstate-v2: preserve the fallback values on disk 2021-10-19 phabricator Superseded
D11685: rewrite: fix issue6599 2021-10-18 phabricator Superseded
D11684: dirstate: Store mtimes with nanosecond precision in memory 2021-10-18 phabricator Superseded
D11683: fix: appease pyflakes and make unused variables more obvious 2021-10-18 phabricator Superseded
D11682: dirstate-v2: adds two flag to track the presence of some unrecorded files 2021-10-18 phabricator Superseded
D11681: dirstate-v2: adds a flag to mark a file as modified 2021-10-18 phabricator Superseded
D11680: push: add option to abort on dirty working copy if parent is pushed 2021-10-15 phabricator New
D11679: rhg: simplify the type of FilelogEntry 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11678: rust: reformat Rust code 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11675: bookmarks: move the `mirror` option to the `paths` section 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11677: bookmarks: add a `ignore` variant of the bookmark mode 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11676: bookmarks: add support for `mirror` mode to `incoming` 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11674: path: keep the path instance in the `pulloperation` 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11673: path: return path instance directly from get_pull_paths 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11672: path: unify path creation in `get_pull_paths` 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11671: path: add a new argument to control path validation 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11670: rhg: fix formatting error reported by test-check-format-rust.t 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11669: chistedit: add option to show order of commits in opposite order 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11668: dirstate-v2: add an option to prevent unintentional slow dirstate-v2 2021-10-15 phabricator Superseded
D11667: copy: recommend `--at-rev .` if target was added in parent commit 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11665: formatting: format with newer black version 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11666: dirstate-v2: delete unused variable (to make test-check-pyflakes.t happy) 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11664: rhg: fix `hg cat` interaction with null revision 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11663: narrow: raise StateError when working copy is stale (for detailed exit code) 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11662: dirstate-v2: Separate HAS_FILE_MTIME and HAS_DIRECTORY_MTIME flags 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11661: dirstate-v2: Extend node flags to 16 bits 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11660: dirstate-v2: Use attributes as intended instead of properties in v2_data() 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11659: rhg: do not try to open a nodemap for an inline index 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11657: rust: Reformat source code 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11658: dirstate: Remove unused variable 2021-10-14 phabricator Superseded
D11656: rhg: fix the test 2021-10-13 phabricator Superseded
D11655: dirstate-v2: Add storage space for nanoseconds precision in file mtimes 2021-10-13 phabricator Superseded
D11654: status: Extract TruncatedTimestamp from fs::Metadata without SystemTime 2021-10-13 phabricator Superseded
D11653: chistedit: rename a confusingly named variable 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11652: chistedit: remove some local variable and access state on self instead 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11651: rhg: do not fail when the repo is empty 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11650: rhg: handle null changelog and manifest revisions 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11649: chistedit: move changeview() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11648: chistedit: move cycleaction() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11646: chistedit: move swap() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11647: chistedit: move changeaction() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11645: chistedit: move makeselection() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11644: chistedit: move changemode() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11643: chistedit: move movecursor() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11641: chistedit: move event() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11642: chistedit: move patchcontents() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11640: chistedit: move renderpatch() and dependencies onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11638: chistedit: move layout() and dependencies onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11639: chistedit: move renderrules() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11636: chistedit: move view state from a dict to a custom class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11637: chistedit: move rendercommit() onto state class 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11635: dirstate-v2: Replace the 32-bit `mode` field with two bits 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11633: dirstate-v2: Truncate directory mtimes to 31 bits of seconds 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11632: dirstate-v2: Separate Rust structs for Timestamp and PackedTimestamp 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11634: dirstate-v2: Store unsigned integers inside DirstateEntry 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11631: dirstate-v2: Only convert from SystemTime to Timestamp and not back 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11630: rust: update the rust-cpython crate to 0.7.0 2021-10-12 phabricator Superseded
D11628: dispatch: use detailed exit code 250 for keyboard interrupt 2021-10-11 phabricator Superseded
D11627: dispatch: ignore failure to flush ui 2021-10-11 phabricator Superseded
D11626: dispatch: don't change error status if flushing stdio fails 2021-10-11 phabricator Superseded
D11625: dirstate-v2: Document flags/mode/size/mtime fields of tree nodes 2021-10-11 phabricator Superseded
D11623: dirstate-v2: Use "byte sequence" in docs 2021-10-11 phabricator Superseded
D11622: dirstate: simplify cat operation 2021-10-09 phabricator Superseded
D11621: dirstate: Move more methods to the _dirstatemapcommon base class 2021-10-08 phabricator Superseded
D11620: dirstate-v2: Change swap the order of size and mtime on disk 2021-10-08 phabricator Superseded
D11619: hg: use dict.get() instead, to prevent KeyError 2021-10-08 phabricator Superseded
D11618: rust: Make the hg-cpython crate default to Python 3 2021-10-08 phabricator Superseded
D11617: rhg: in rhg cat cli, fix the long name of the --rev flag\n\nAlso tweak the help for the anonymous argument. 2021-10-05 phabricator Superseded
D11615: rhg: faster hg cat when many files are requested 2021-10-05 phabricator Superseded
D11616: rhg: stop manifest traversal when no more files are needed 2021-10-05 phabricator Superseded
D11613: rhg: refactor function to relativize paths in utils 2021-10-05 phabricator Superseded
D11614: rhg: add relative paths support in `rhg status` 2021-10-05 phabricator Superseded
D11610: largefiles: pass current transaction to `lfdirstate.write()` 2021-10-05 phabricator Superseded
D11612: largefiles: partially undo 61e526585b20e2ff15f19497d0451d18fea02db8 and child 2021-10-05 phabricator Superseded
D11611: largefiles: add tr backup for largefilesdirstate 2021-10-05 phabricator Superseded
D11609: packaging: update the certifi dependency 2021-10-04 phabricator Superseded
D11608: dirstate-item: drop the legacy new_normal constructor 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11605: dirstate-item: drop the legacy new_possibly_dirty constructor 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11607: dirstate-item: replace call to new_possibly_dirty 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11603: dirstate-item: drop the legacy new_from_p2 constructor 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11606: dirstate-item: replace a call to new_possibly_dirty 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11604: dirstate-item: replace call to new_possibly_dirty 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11601: dirstate-item: drop the legacy new_added constructor 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11602: dirstate-item: replace call to new_from_p2 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11599: dirstate-item: drop the legacy new_merged constructor 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11600: dirstate-item: replace call to new_added 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11598: dirstate-item: replace call to new_merged 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11597: dirstate-item: drop the `from_p2` property 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11596: dirstate-item: replace another usage of `merged` 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11595: dirstate-item: replace a `merged` usage with `from_p2` 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11594: dirstate-item: drop the `from_p2` property 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11592: dirstate-item: use the `p2_info` property to replace more verbose call 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11593: dirstate-item: directly use `p2_info` in `v1_size` 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11591: status: process `from_p2` file the same as `merged` one 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11590: dirstate: drop an incorrect comment 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11589: dirstate: drop some duplicated code 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11587: dirstate: align the dirstate's API to the lower level ones 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11588: dirstate: drop some duplicated code 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11586: dirstate-item: introduce a `p1_tracked` property 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11585: dirstate-item: introduce a `p2_info` property that combine two others 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11584: dirstate: narrow gathering of parent data 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11583: dirstate: align the dirstatemap's API to the data change 2021-10-03 phabricator Superseded
D11582: dirstatemap: drop legacy method on the dirstatemap wrapper 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11581: dirstatemap: align the Rust wrapper implementation of `setparent` 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11579: dirstate-item: implement `drop_merge_data` on the Rust DirstateItem 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11580: dirstatemap: fix copymap.pop in Rust to return the value it pops 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11578: dirstatemap: use a common implement for reset_state 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11577: dirstatemap: add a common `_drop_entry` method for dirstatemap 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11576: dirstatemap: use common code for set_clean 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11575: dirstatemap: use common code for set_possibly_dirty 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11574: dirstatemap: use a common implement for set_tracked 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11573: dirstatemap: add a common `_insert_entry` method for dirstatemap 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11572: dirstatemap: use a common implementation for `dirstatemap.set_untracked` 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11571: dirstatemap: add a common `_refresh_entry` method for dirstatemap 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11570: dirstatemap: create `_dirs_incr/_dirs_decr` methods on the common class 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11569: dirstatemap: small rework of the `set_untracked` method 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11568: dirstatemap: arrange methods by category 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11566: dirstatemap: rename `_rustmap` to `_map` 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11567: dirstatemap: move a multiple simple functions in the common class 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11565: dirstatemap: use a common __init__ for dirstatemap 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11564: dirstatemap: introduce a common base for the dirstatemap class 2021-10-02 phabricator Superseded
D11563: WIP working on making rust components compile on windows systems 2021-10-02 phabricator New
D11560: errors: raise InputError on bad revset to revrange() iff provided by the user 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11562: errors: raise InputError from revsingle() iff revset provided by the user 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11561: errors: raise InputError from revpair() iff revset provided by the user 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11559: phase: avoid a no-op resolution of revset from revnums 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11557: dirstate-item: change the internal storage and constructor value 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11558: dirstate-v2: Store a bitfield on disk instead of v1-like state 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11556: dirstate: push back the future a bit in the test 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11555: dirstate-item: point out that `merged` is set only with p1_tracked 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11554: dirstate-item: update the attribute documentation 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11553: dirstate-item: use `any_tracked` more 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11551: dirstate: remove a update_file's special case for `merged` file 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11552: dirstate-item: drop an outdated comments 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11550: dirstate: remove a update_file's special case for tracked file with p2 data 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11549: rust: remove dead code 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11548: hg-core: silence dead-code warning by adding RevlogEntry::revion() accessor 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11547: dirstate-v2: minor cleanup to the rust implementation 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11546: dirstate-v2: Add internal documentation 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11545: dirstate-v2: Move data file info in the docket closer together 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11541: dirstate-item: use item's property instead of `state` in revert 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11543: dirstate-item: use item's property instead of `state` in largefile 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11542: dirstate-item: use `added` instead of `state` when moving dirstate 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11544: dirstate: deprecate `__getitem__` access 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11538: dirstate-item: use `added` in debugrebuilddirstate 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11540: dirstate-item: use item's property when computing a copies 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11539: dirstate-item: use item's property instead of `state` in copy 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11537: dirstate-item: use `maybe_clean` instead of `state` in record 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11536: dirstate-item: use `any_tracked` instead of `state` to apply patches 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11535: dirstate-item: use item's property instead of `state` in addremove 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11532: dirstate-item: use `tracked` instead of `state` in context.matches 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11531: dirstate-item: use `tracked` instead of the `state` in context's iter 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11534: dirstate-item: use `tracked` instead of `state` during copy detection 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11533: dirstate-item: use `maybe_clean` instead of `state` in `strip` 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11529: dirstate-item: use item's property to deal with hgsubstate in mq 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11526: dirstate: move verification code within the dirstate itself 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11528: dirstate-item: use `added` instead of the `state` in the `mq` extension 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11530: dirstate-item: use `tracked` instead of the `state` in context 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
D11524: dirstate-item: introduce a `any_tracked` property 2021-10-01 phabricator Superseded
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