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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
D9802: copies: explicitly filter out existing file in graftcopies 2021-01-16 phabricator New
D9801: discovery: add a 2021-01-16 phabricator New
D9799: discovery: add a discovery.grow-sample.rate 2021-01-16 phabricator New
D9798: discovery: add a `devel', b'discovery.grow-sample` 2021-01-16 phabricator New
D9800: discovery: move some debug output closer to were it belong 2021-01-16 phabricator New
D9797: discovery: document the `devel.discovery.randomize` option 2021-01-16 phabricator New
D9796: copies: add an devel option to trace all files 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9795: copies: simplify the conditional for _filter's case 3 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9794: copies: clarify which case some conditional are handling 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9793: copies: fix some comment in _filter 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9792: heptapod-ci: allow testing with docker image other than :latest 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9791: revlog: migrate from PyEval_CallObject to PyObject_Call 2021-01-15 phabricator Superseded
D9790: fuzz: fix Makefile default PYTHON_CONFIG_FLAGS to be modern 2021-01-15 phabricator Superseded
D9789: clone: make sure we warm the cache after a clone 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9788: rust: use the bytes-cast crate to parse persistent nodemaps 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9787: hghave: clarify `sqlite` requirements 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9786: share: rename share-safe warning config 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9785: share: collapse 3 different bool configs into one enum config 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9784: localrepo: disallow share if there is a version mismatch by default 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9783: upgrade: take lock only for part where it's required 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9782: localrepo: fix comment typo 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9781: branchmap: update rev-branch-cache incrementally 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9780: repository: introduce register_changeset callback 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9779: changelog: move branchinfo to changelogrevision 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9778: reverse-branch-cache: switch to doubling allocating scheme 2021-01-15 phabricator New
D9777: error: use detailed exit code 10 for command errors 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9776: errors: raise InputError when non-existent help section requested 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9775: upgrade: update only requirements if we can 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9774: engine: add `if True` to prepare for next patch 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9773: test: unquiet few tests to demonstrate changes in upcoming patches 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9772: upgrade: mark sharesafe improvement as only touching requirements 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9770: upgrade: don't create store backup if `--no-backup` is passed 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9771: actions: calculate what all parts does the operation touches 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9769: share: add documentation about various configs introduced recently 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9768: test: split tests/test-merge-combination.t into multiple parts 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9767: test: extract the `genmerges` out of test-merge-combination.t 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9766: tests: wider work around matching in test-narrow-shallow.t 2021-01-14 phabricator Superseded
D9761: persistent-nodemap: add a "warn" option to the slow-path config 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9765: persistent-nodemap: enable the feature by default when using Rust 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9763: persistent-nodemap: drop the storage.revlog.nodemap.mode config 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9762: persistent-nodemap: add a "abort" option to the slow-path config 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9764: persistent-nodemap: remove the "experimental" tag to the feature 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9760: persistent-node: check the value of the slow-path config 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9756: persistent-nodemap: rename the storage.revlog.nodemap.mmap option 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9759: ui: add a "config_default" method 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9758: persistent-nodemap: add a option 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9755: persistent-nodemap: document the feature in `hg help config.format` 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9757: persistent-nodemap: document storage.revlog.persistent-nodemap.mmap=no 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9754: persistent-nodemap: write down the sprint conclusion 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9753: persistent-nodemap: document the `devel.persistent-nodemap` option 2021-01-14 phabricator New
D9752: fuzz: try and ensure fuzzer tests run against the right python-config 2021-01-13 phabricator Superseded
D9751: perf: don't turn byte to string when formatting perfbranchmap 2021-01-13 phabricator Superseded
D9750: node: introduce nodeconstants class 2021-01-13 phabricator New
D9749: persistent-nodemap: also list related file as part of the store 2021-01-13 phabricator Superseded
D9748: upgrade: explicitly test for revlog index 2021-01-13 phabricator Superseded
D9747: largefiles: remove unused imports 2021-01-13 phabricator Superseded
D9746: tests: make test-subrepo-git.t compatible with git's master->main rename 2021-01-13 phabricator Superseded
D9745: revlog: use size_t for nodetree capacity 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9744: shelve: move listshelves() to new ShelfDir class, so caller need not pass vfs 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9743: shelve: also create class representing whole directory of shelves 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9741: shelve: inline ".patch" constant now that it's only used in the Shelf class 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9742: shelve: add a method for deleting shelf to new shelf class 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9740: shelve: use listshelves() in cleanupoldbackups() 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9739: shelve: make listshelves() list shelves in a given vfs 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9738: shelve: replace repo instance in Shelf class by vfs instance 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9737: shelve: use listdir() instead of readdir() when we don't need stat information 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9735: clone: make sure we warm the cache after a clone 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9730: test: replace a many occurence of `python` with `$PYTHON` 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9736: persistent-nodemap: highlight that node is not sent when streaming 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9734: persistent-nodemap: test it (does not) exist after a stream clone 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9731: narrow: overwrite readfast in excludeddirmanifestctx 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9733: persistent-nodemap: test it (does not) exist after a local clone 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9732: persistent-nodemap: test that is it present after a clone 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9729: patch: handle filenames with trailing spaces 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9728: rhg: use a release-mode executable in tests 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9727: ci: report status to phabricator on failures 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9726: ci: use parallel matrices 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9725: ci: generate and report XML test results 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9724: ci: build python wheels 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9722: setup: don't import distutils prior to checking FORCE_SETUPTOOLS 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9723: ci: avoid a global before_script definition 2021-01-12 phabricator Superseded
D9721: convert: set date and time for svn commits 2021-01-11 phabricator New
D9720: shelve: don't crash on file with unexpected extension in .hg/shelved/ 2021-01-11 phabricator New
D9719: shelve: don't include invalid shelves in `hg shelve --list` 2021-01-11 phabricator New
D9718: tests: add tests for corrupt .hg/shelved/ directory 2021-01-11 phabricator New
D9717: contrib: stop building rust for every job 2021-01-11 phabricator New
D9716: contrib: remove testing for `dirstate-tree` Rust feature 2021-01-11 phabricator Superseded
D9715: convert: set date and time for svn commits 2021-01-08 phabricator Superseded
D9714: shelve: extract some repeated creation of shelf instances to variables 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9713: shelve: teach new shelf class to check if .shelve file exists 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9711: shelve: make gennames() helper generate relative backup paths 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9712: shelve: move method for creating backup to new shelf class 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9710: shelve: use listshelves() in cleanup function 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9709: shelve: inline shelvedfile.filename() since there are no callers outside class 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9708: shelve: make listshelves() return shelf names instead of filenames 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9705: shelve: move function for opening .patch file to new shelf class 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9706: shelve: open patch using new shelf class instead of open() 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9707: shelve: move method for getting stat (mtime) to new shelf class 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9704: shelve: move method for reading .hg to new shelf class 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9703: shelve: move method for writing bundle to new shelf class 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9702: shelve: move method for reading .shelve file to new shelf class 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9699: shelve: raise more specific errors 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9700: shelve: introduce class representing a shelf 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9701: shelve: move method for writing .shelve to new shelf class 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9698: shelve: trust caller of shelvedfile.opener() to check that the file exists 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9697: shelve: rewrite check for unknown shelf to delete 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9696: shelve: remove a bundlerepo method 2021-01-08 phabricator New
D9695: upgrade: don't perform anything if nothing to do 2021-01-08 phabricator Superseded
D9694: upgrade: demonstrate that a no-op upgrade still performs everything 2021-01-08 phabricator Superseded
D9693: downgrade: if a compression is removed, consider that too 2021-01-08 phabricator Superseded
D9692: sharesafe: introduce config to disallow outdated shares from working 2021-01-08 phabricator Superseded
D9691: sharesafe: make warning about outdated share configurable 2021-01-08 phabricator Superseded
D9690: debuglock: rename flag names to better clarity 2021-01-08 phabricator Superseded
D9689: comments: fix typos 2021-01-07 phabricator Superseded
D9688: nodemap: match comment to actual code 2021-01-07 phabricator Superseded
D9687: contrib: py3 compat for perfnodemap 2021-01-06 phabricator Superseded
D9684: copies-rust: move CPU-heavy Rust processing into a child thread 2021-01-06 phabricator New
D9686: copies-rust: send PyBytes values back be dropped ino the parent thread 2021-01-06 phabricator New
D9685: copies-rust: introduce PyBytesWithData to reduce GIL requirement 2021-01-06 phabricator New
D9682: copies-rust: extract generic map merge logic from merge_copies_dict 2021-01-06 phabricator New
D9681: localrepo: move storevfs calculation out of if statement 2021-01-06 phabricator Superseded
D9680: sharesafe: add functionality to automatically downgrade shares 2021-01-06 phabricator Superseded
D9679: sharesafe: introduce functionality to automatically upgrade shares 2021-01-06 phabricator Superseded
D9677: upgrade: use copy+delete instead of rename while creating backup 2020-12-31 phabricator New
D9676: upgrade: migrated -> upgraded in ui messages 2020-12-31 phabricator Superseded
D9675: upgrade: remove unnecessary `is None` check 2020-12-31 phabricator Superseded
D9674: engine: refactor code to replace stores in separate function 2020-12-31 phabricator Superseded
D9673: engine: prevent a function call for each store file 2020-12-31 phabricator Superseded
D9672: engine: make hook point for extension a public function 2020-12-31 phabricator Superseded
D9671: rust: fix file folding map 2020-12-30 phabricator Superseded
D9669: engine: prevent multiple checking of re-delta-multibase 2020-12-30 phabricator Superseded
D9668: engine: pass upgrade operation inside `_perform_clone()` 2020-12-30 phabricator Superseded
D9667: engine: pass upgrade operation inside _clonerevlogs() 2020-12-30 phabricator Superseded
D9666: actions: store deltareuse mode of whole operation in UpgradeOperation 2020-12-30 phabricator Superseded
D9665: engine: refactor how total dstsize is calculated 2020-12-30 phabricator Superseded
D9664: actions: rename DEFICIENCY constant to FORMAT_VARIANT 2020-12-30 phabricator Superseded
D9663: largefiles: redo heads interception 2020-12-28 phabricator Superseded
D9662: pycompat: fix typos 2020-12-28 phabricator Superseded
D9661: statichttprepo: explicitly convert error message to str 2020-12-28 phabricator Superseded
D9660: worker: restrict use of worker procesess to the main thread 2020-12-28 phabricator Superseded
D9659: rebase: handle the case when nothing to rebase (dry-run) 2020-12-26 phabricator Superseded
D9658: rebase: add test to demonstrate an issue in dry-run 2020-12-26 phabricator Superseded
[STABLE] log: update documentation about --follow with/without --rev (issue6459) 2020-12-24 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
D9657: copies-rust: fix reverted argument when merging tiny minor or major 2020-12-23 phabricator New
D9656: copies-rust: use imrs::OrdSet instead of imrs::HashSet 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9655: copies-rust: use simpler overwrite when value on both side are identical 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9654: copies-rust: make more use of the new comparison property 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9653: copies-rust: implement PartialEqual manually 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9651: copies-rust: refactor the "deletion" case 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9649: copies-rust: yield both p1 and p2 copies in `ChangedFiles.actions()` 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9648: copies-rust: extract the processing of a single copy information 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9645: copies-rust: remove the ancestor Oracle logic 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9647: copies-rust: use matching to select the final copies information 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9642: copies-rust: rename TimeStampedPathCopy to CopySource 2020-12-21 phabricator New
D9640: setup: when possible, build and bundle man pages 2020-12-21 phabricator Superseded
D9639: tags: describe all abnormal tag types in `hg tags -v` 2020-12-20 phabricator Superseded
D9638: clone: update to active bookmark, if set 2020-12-20 phabricator Superseded
D9637: bundle2: drop some outdated comment 2020-12-19 phabricator Superseded
D9636: bundle: add option to avoid checking further delta candidates [POC] 2020-12-19 phabricator New
D9635: mergetools: add BeyondCompare 4 for Windows 2020-12-19 phabricator Superseded
D9634: mergetools: add support for 32-bit BeyondCompare 3 on 64-bit Windows 2020-12-19 phabricator Superseded
D9633: mergetools: enable the `checkconflicts` option for Araxis Merge 2020-12-19 phabricator Superseded
D9632: mergetools: sync up comments with the TortoiseHg copy of the config file 2020-12-19 phabricator Superseded
[2,of,2] chg: format code by clang-format version 11.0.1-+rc1-1 2020-12-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[1,of,2] test-check-interface: do not expect bare "python" executable exists 2020-12-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[4,of,4,V2] procutil: assign pseudo file object if sys.stdout/stderr is missing 2020-12-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,4,V2] procutil: introduce pseudo file object that just raises EBADF 2020-12-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,4,V2] dispatch: gate against missing stdout/stderr 2020-12-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[1,of,4,V2] dispatch: remove stale comment about fdopen()-ed stdio 2020-12-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
D9631: branchmap: avoid ancestor computations for absent non-continous branches 2020-12-18 phabricator Superseded
[3,of,3] dispatch: remove stale comment about fdopen()-ed stdio 2020-12-18 Yuya Nishihara New
[2,of,3] procutil: create dummy file object if sys.stdout/stderr is missing 2020-12-18 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,3] dispatch: gate against missing stdout/stderr 2020-12-18 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,3,chg] chgserver: respect detailed exit code in case of ConfigError 2020-12-18 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[2,of,3,chg] procutil: use os.devnull if sys.stdout/err is None 2020-12-18 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[1,of,3,chg] contrib: run python3+chg tests too in heptapod CI 2020-12-18 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
D9630: errors: respect ui.detailed-exit-code in chg 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9629: relnotes: document automatically setting `HGPLAIN=1` for external hooks 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9628: relnotes: document that `hg extdiff` also got -r replaced by --from/--to 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9627: cext: shut-up sign compare warnings 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9626: branchmap: micro-optimize branchinfo 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9625: rust: document how to enable debug information in optimized builds 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9624: extdiff: add --from/--to and deprecate -r, as was done for `hg diff` 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9623: extdiff: fix crash when showing diff from wdir() 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9622: extdiff: pass contexts instead of nodeids into diffrevs() 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9621: tests: remove undefined (empty) $opt from test-extdiff.t 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9620: mergetools: alphabetize the config settings 2020-12-17 phabricator Superseded
D9617: debugupgraderepo: minor documentation fix 2020-12-16 phabricator Superseded
D9614: upgrade: drop support for old style optimization names 2020-12-16 phabricator Superseded
D9619: upgrade: introduce post upgrade and downgrade message for improvements 2020-12-16 phabricator Superseded
D9618: actions: introduce function to calculate downgrades 2020-12-16 phabricator Superseded
D9616: upgrade: rename actions to upgrade_actions 2020-12-16 phabricator Superseded
D9615: upgrade: move optimization addition to determineactions() 2020-12-16 phabricator Superseded
D9613: copies: detect case when a merge decision overwrite previous data 2020-12-15 phabricator New
D9612: copies: rearrange all value comparison conditional 2020-12-15 phabricator New
D9611: copies-test: add test chaining multiple merge 2020-12-15 phabricator New
D9610: copies-test: add test chaining multiple merge 2020-12-15 phabricator New
D9609: copies-test: add test chaining multiple merge 2020-12-15 phabricator New
D9608: copies: stop attempt to avoid extra dict copies around branching 2020-12-15 phabricator Superseded
D9607: hghave: add some official category for known-bad and missing-good output 2020-12-15 phabricator Superseded
D9606: filemerge: add support for the new "mergediff" marker style to premerge 2020-12-15 phabricator Superseded
D9604: setup: exclude the git extension from py2 builds 2020-12-15 phabricator Superseded
D9605: hook: set `HGPLAIN=1` for external hooks 2020-12-15 phabricator Superseded
D9603: branchmap: refactor revbranchmap and use it as topicmap [PoC] 2020-12-14 phabricator New
D9601: errors: use detailed exit code 50 for StorageError 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9600: errors: raise InputError if an ambiguous revision id prefix is used 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9602: errors: raise InputError on recursive template definition 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9599: localrepo: delete obsolete comment about `prefix in repo` raising exception 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9598: share: propery copy cache files when cloning from a share 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9597: tests: workaround for a flacky test 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9596: rust: introduce Repo and Vfs types for filesystem abstraction 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9595: rust: replace most "operation" structs with functions 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9594: rust: change &PathBuf parameters to &Path 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9593: test-narrow: mitigate the flakyness of test-narrow-shallow 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9592: copies: deal with the "same revision" special case earlier 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9591: copies: rename value/other variable to minor/major for clarity 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9590: copies: extract value comparison in the python copy tracing 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9589: copies-tests: update to null in test-copies-chain-merge.t 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9588: copies-tests: add a summary of all cases created in test-copies-chain-merge.t 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9587: copies: reinstall initial empty files for chained copied 2020-12-14 phabricator New
D9585: copies: properly match result during changeset centric copy tracing 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9586: copies: explain the "arbitrary" copy source pick in case of conflict 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9583: upgrade: add a missing space in status message 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9582: upgrade: rename deficiences to format_upgrades 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9580: engine: unwrap a hard to understand for loop 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9579: engine: refactor actual cloning code into separate function 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9578: upgrade: move printing of unused optimizations to UpgradeOperation class 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9577: upgrade: move `printrequirements()` to UpgradeOperation class 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9576: upgrade: move `printoptimisations() to UpgradeOperation class 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9575: upgrade: move `printupgradeactions()` to UpgradeOperation class 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9574: upgrade: move `print_affected_revlogs()` to UpgradeOperation class 2020-12-14 phabricator Superseded
D9573: branchmap: update rev-branch-cache automatically [POC] 2020-12-13 phabricator Superseded
D9572: revlog: support none compression 2020-12-12 phabricator Superseded
D9570: debugcommands: introduce command to upgrade/downgrade shares 2020-12-12 phabricator New
D9571: debugsharesafe: recommend from `debugupgraderepo` and `help -e share -v` 2020-12-12 phabricator New
D9569: contrib: run python3+chg tests too in heptapod CI 2020-12-12 phabricator Superseded
D9568: scmutil: improve documentation of writereporequirements() 2020-12-12 phabricator Superseded
D9567: copies: make calculating lazy for dir move detection's "addedfiles" 2020-12-11 phabricator Superseded
D9566: debugdiscovery: fix swapped heads and roots 2020-12-11 phabricator Superseded
D9565: debugdiscovery: display the number of roundtrip used 2020-12-11 phabricator Superseded
D9564: diff: deprecate -r option 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9563: diff: update synopsis to use --from/--to instead of -r 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9562: diff: describe behavior by using --from/--to instead of varying revision count 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9561: histedit: adjust comment describing `edit` action for clarity 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9560: histedit: tweak `edit` message to try and guide users to our workflow 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
[2,of,2,chg-tests-fix,V3] procutil: don't assign stdin to None, use os.devnull instead 2020-12-10 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[1,of,2,chg-tests-fix,V3] dispatch: move IOError handling and flushing of streams to `dispatch()` 2020-12-10 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
D9558: run-tests: configure the environment to expand `~` properly with Windows py38+ 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9557: run-tests: fix `HGTESTEXTRAEXTENSIONS` with py3 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9559: windows: continue looking at `%HOME%` for user config files with py3.8+ 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9554: diff: add --from and --to flags as clearer alternative to -r -r 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9555: docs: prefer `hg diff --from/--to` over `-r` 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9556: docs: avoid `hg diff -r` in documentation about revsets 2020-12-10 phabricator Superseded
D9553: treemanifest: stop storing full path for each item in manifest._lazydirs 2020-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D9552: share: remove unexpected heading from "verbose" container in help test 2020-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D9551: mergetools: add new conflict marker format with diffs in 2020-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D9550: simplemerge: write output only once it's complete 2020-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D9549: simplemerge: avoid quadratic concatenation when building output text 2020-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D9548: simplemerge: work with opts as native strings instead of bytes 2020-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D9547: hghave: update the check for virtualenv 2020-12-09 phabricator Superseded
D9546: cext: match format string for 32bit long platforms 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9545: status: disable morestatus when using -0 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9544: extensions: avoid including `__index__` in the disabled extension list 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
[5,of,5,chg-tests-fix,V2] dispatch: handle IOError related to flushing of streams in `dispatch()` 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal New
[4,of,5,chg-tests-fix,V2] tests: conditionalize output in test-ssh.t with chg+py3 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal New
[3,of,5,chg-tests-fix,V2] dispatch: disable line ending normalization on sys.stdin if its None 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal New
[2,of,5,chg-tests-fix,V2] procutil: use os.fdopen(1/2) if sys.stdout/err is None 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal New
[1,of,5,chg-tests-fix,V2] procutils: don't try to get `.buffer` if sys.stdin is None 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal New
[4,of,4,chg-tests-fix] commandserver: handle IOError related to flushing of streams 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal Superseded
[3,of,4,chg-tests-fix] tests: conditionalize output in test-ssh.t with chg+py3 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal Superseded
[2,of,4,chg-tests-fix] dispatch: disable line ending normalization on sys.stdin if its None 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal Superseded
[1,of,4,chg-tests-fix] procutils: don't try to get `.buffer` if sys.stdin is None 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal Superseded
D9543: run-tests: stuff a `python3.exe` into the test bin directory on Windows 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9542: run-tests: fix a typo in an attribute name 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9539: tests: correct the output order about starting a background thread for Windows 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9541: tests: conditionalize the progress timestamp for Windows 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9538: tests: update the exit status codes for Windows specific tests 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9535: run-tests: extend PATH on Windows to include user installed scripts 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9540: tests: conditionalize a few Windows specific error messages 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9537: tests: drop the trailing exclamation point from some Windows abort messages 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9536: tests: update output for test-check-pylint.t 2020-12-08 phabricator Superseded
D9534: debugsetparents: add various warning in the help message 2020-12-07 phabricator Superseded
[2,of,2] bugzilla: pass the url to xmlrpclib.ServerProxy as str 2020-12-07 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[1,of,2] bugzilla: fix reporting of exceptions with py3 2020-12-07 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
D9533: persistent-nodemap: properly ignore non-existent `.nd` data file 2020-12-07 phabricator Superseded
test-extension: flush diagnostic message to stabilize chg output 2020-12-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
D9532: transaction: windows workaround for missing line iteration support 2020-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D9531: hg: add user-site to `sys.path` on Windows to allow pip-installed extensions 2020-12-07 phabricator Superseded
D9530: debugdiscovery: display some information about the initial "undecided" set 2020-12-06 phabricator Superseded
D9529: debugdiscovery: add some data about the shapes of the sets 2020-12-06 phabricator Superseded
D9528: debugdiscovery: clarify internal key name in debugobsolete 2020-12-06 phabricator Superseded
chgserver: backport py3 buffered I/O workarounds from procutil 2020-12-06 Pulkit Goyal New
D9527: phab-refresh: add an explanatory message 2020-12-05 phabricator Superseded
D9526: phab-refresh: allow passing additional argument to the phabsend 2020-12-05 phabricator Superseded
D9525: singlehead: introduce option to restrict to public changes 2020-12-05 phabricator Superseded
D9524: debugdiscovery: move various computation earlier 2020-12-05 phabricator Superseded
D9523: debugdiscovery: clarify internal key name in debugobsolete 2020-12-05 phabricator Superseded
D9522: phab-refresh: do not pick draft changeset from the bare "default" branch 2020-12-05 phabricator Superseded
D9521: rust: use crossbeam-channel crate directly 2020-12-05 phabricator Superseded
D9520: rhg: use persistent nodemap when available 2020-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D9519: rhg: add a test with persistent-nodemap 2020-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D9518: wireprotov2: re-add tuple around `bundle2` check 2020-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D9517: commandserver: handle IOError related to flushing of streams 2020-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D9516: perf: use the `perf-` prefix for perf command 2020-12-04 phabricator New
D9515: command: automatically create alias for command using '-' in names 2020-12-04 phabricator Superseded
D9514: tests: update test-releasenotes-formatting.t with new exit codes 2020-12-03 phabricator Superseded
[STABLE] ui: remove excessive strtolocal() from debuguigetpass 2020-12-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
D9513: phab-refresh: do not error out when the stack is empty 2020-12-03 phabricator Superseded
D9512: formatting: re-blacken 2020-12-03 phabricator Superseded
D9511: statprof: separate functions and "line", assume 4 digit line numbers 2020-12-03 phabricator Superseded
D9510: statprof: fix off-by-one-line error in output 2020-12-03 phabricator Superseded
D9509: rebase: clear merge state when aborting in-memory merge on dirty working copy 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9508: tests: show that in-memory rebase leaves state when working copy is dirty 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9507: run-tests: allow some slack about 'waiting on lock' message 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9506: pull: flush stdin after the `pull from` message 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9504: tests: use the right python when running dummyssh for narrow 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9505: tests: explicitly skip the lock warning in some remotefilelog tests 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9503: copies: avoid materializing a full directory map during copy tracing 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9502: tests: conditionalize output in test-ssh.t with chg+py3 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9501: dispatch: disable line ending normalization on sys.stdin if its None 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9500: procutils: don't try to get `.buffer` if sys.stdin is None 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9499: rust-copies: record overwrite when merging 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9498: copies-rust: make the comparison aware of the revision being current merged 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9497: copies-rust: start recording overwrite as they happens 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9496: copies-rust: rename Oracle.is_ancestor to Oracle.is_overwrite 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9495: copies-rust: use the `entry` API for copy information too 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9494: copies-rust: use the entry API to overwrite deleted entry 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9493: copies-rust: tokenize all paths into integer 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9492: copies-rust: pre-introduce a PathToken type and use it where applicable 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9491: copies-rust: add smarter approach for merging small mapping with large mapping 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9490: rust: use NodePrefix::from_hex instead of hex::decode directly 2020-12-02 phabricator Superseded
D9489: registrar: clarify the documentation about some byte strings being required 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9488: match: skip walking up the directory hierarchy if the number of pats are small 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9487: upgrade: start moving the "to be happening" data in a dedicated object 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9486: upgrade: gather code about requirement checking together 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9485: upgrade: extract the checking of target requirements change 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9484: upgrade: drop an outdated comment 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9483: upgrade: gather code about source checking together 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9482: upgrade: move requirements checking in a dedicated function 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9481: relnotes: document better memory use for unbundle 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9480: node: import symbols explicitly 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9479: rhg: allow specifying a changeset ID prefix 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9478: rhg: add a test for --rev with a hex changeset ID 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9477: upgrade: split definition and management of the actions from the main code 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9476: upgrade: split actual upgrade code away from the main module 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
[4,of,4] log: do not accept string-matcher pattern as -u/-b/-B parameter 2020-12-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,4] log: do not override other filtering and sorting options by --bookmark 2020-12-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[2,of,4] scmutil: extract function that builds revset expr to select bookmark branch 2020-12-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[1,of,4] scmutil: document that bookmarkrevs() ignores non-head bookmark branch 2020-12-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
D9475: upgrade: move optimisation to something more declarative 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9474: upgrade: capitalize the `deficiency` constant 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9473: upgrade: capitalize the `deficiency` constant 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9472: testing phabricator encoding 2020-12-01 phabricator New
D9471: procutil: correctly convert to bytes when shell=False 2020-12-01 phabricator Superseded
D9470: tests: set old git default branch name for compatibility 2020-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D9468: upgrade: add an explicite --filelogs arguments 2020-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D9469: upgrade: display the list of processed revlog before proceeding 2020-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D9467: upgrade: directly use the upgrade action constant 2020-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D9466: upgrade: rename UPGRADE_FILELOG to UPGRADE_FILELOGS 2020-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D9464: packaging: don't use plain 'python' if another python has been specified 2020-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D9463: tests: conditionalize return code on chg in test-config.t 2020-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D9462: chgserver: catch RepoError while loading configuration 2020-11-30 phabricator Superseded
D9461: heptapod-ci: do not publish changeset when doing the local clone 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
rust-format: pin the formatted to a specific nightly version 2020-11-29 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
D9460: contrib: add a small script to refresh all diff in the current stack 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9459: heptapod-ci: add a explicite "test" phases 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9458: contrib: add a small script to refresh all diff in the current stack 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9457: heptapod-ci: add a explicite "test" phases 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9456: contrib: add a small script to refresh all diff in the current stack 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9455: heptapod-ci: add a explicite "test" phases 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9453: phabricator: use the `http.timeout` config for conduit call 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9454: heptapod-ci: add a explicite "test" phases 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9452: run-tests: fix a socket context manager for py2 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9451: heptapod-ci: automatically refresh existing phabricator Diff on push 2020-11-29 phabricator Superseded
D9450: cext: isolate hash size in the revlog handling in a single place 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9449: phabricator: introduce a `phabricator.retry` option 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9448: helptext: document the mechanism for extensions to report a version 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9447: test: fix some expect output in a traceback 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9446: rust-format: appease the rust-format deity on 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9445: sidedata: send the correct revision data for wireproto v2 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9443: tests: simplify and extend pull-bundle test using debugbuilddag 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9442: help: fix a grammar/typo in hg help dates 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9441: run-tests: use a context manager when looking for available ports 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9440: dispatch: print the version of each extension in the bug report, if available 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9439: dispatch: sort the loaded extension names in the bug report 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9438: dispatch: quote the extension when printing the bug report 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9436: git: show the version of `pygit2` with verbose version output 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9437: dispatch: print the version of the extension being blamed in a bug report 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9433: extensions: avoid a crash when the version isn't properly byteified on py3 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9434: tests: add a comment that we're purposely testing py2 extension attributes 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9432: formatting: drop a few extra double quotes in docstrings 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
D9435: git: add the standard `testedwith` attribute 2020-11-28 phabricator Superseded
[STABLE] diff: do not concatenate immutable bytes while building a/b bodies (issue6445) 2020-11-28 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
D9431: hghave: adjust the detection of `pylint` for modern versions 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9428: merge: remove spurious ' and trailing whitespace from triple-quoted string 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9429: osutil: reformat triple-quoted string so black doesn't confuse itself 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9427: cleanup: fix a few recent black formatting violations 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9426: copies-rust: hide most of the comparison details inside a closure 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9425: copies-rust: move the mapping merging into a else clause 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9424: copies-rust: extract conflicting value comparison in its own function 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9423: copies: no longer cache the ChangedFiles during copy tracing 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9421: copies-rust: extract the processing of a ChangedFiles in its own function 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9419: copies: properly copies parent dictionary before updating it 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9418: copies: clarify the return of _merge_copies_dict 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9417: copies: simplify the call to _merge_copies_dict 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9416: copies: avoid unwanted side effect from one branch to another 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9415: copies: fast path no-op merge 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9414: tests: update test-chg.t with output change 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9413: helptext: document share safe functionality in `hg help config -v` 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9412: helptext: mention in `hg help config` that `.hg/hgrc-not-shared` is consulted 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9411: share: add documentation about share-safe mode in `hg help -e share` 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9410: helptext: update first hg version when share-safe will be released 2020-11-27 phabricator Superseded
D9409: hg-core: add format-bytes dependency 2020-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D9408: hg-core: add basic config module 2020-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D9407: rhg: use `format_bytes!` for error messages 2020-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D9406: pyoxidizer: point to the py3 requirements instead of py2 on Windows 2020-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D9405: packaging: add pygit2 to the py3 Windows installers 2020-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D9404: packaging: regenerate the Windows requirements manifest on Windows 2020-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D9403: git: update test for hg and git output changes 2020-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D9402: gitlog: add tiprev() function 2020-11-26 phabricator Superseded
D9401: pyoxidizer: make sure defaultrc directory exists before trying to write to it 2020-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D9399: rhg: exit with relevant code for unsupported requirements 2020-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D9397: rhg: add a `debugrequirements` subcommand 2020-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D9400: rhg: check that .hg/requires is ASCII 2020-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D9398: requirements: move loading to hg-core and add parsing 2020-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D9396: packaging: drop Disco (19.04) and add Focal (20.04) 2020-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D9395: make: drop Trusty and Artful targets 2020-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D9394: packaging: add `HG_DOCKER_OWN_USER` to `dockerdeb` like exists in `dockerrpm` 2020-11-25 phabricator Superseded
D9391: errors: raise InputError when push fails because it creates new heads 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9392: errors: raise StateError when there are unresolves merge conflicts 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9390: errors: introduce SecurityError and use it in a few places 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9393: errors: raise StateError on uncommitted changes when merge starts 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9388: errors: raise InputError on bad top-level flags 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9389: errors: raise InputError when too few arguments given to alias 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9387: errors: raise ConfigError on early parse error in dispatch 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9383: errors: raise InputError on bad repo arguments 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9386: errors: raise more specifc errors from narrowcommands 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9385: errors: raise InputError on bad bookmark argument 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9384: errors: raise ConfigError on bad alias definition 2020-11-24 phabricator Superseded
D9378: errors: remove trailing "!" from some error messages for consistency 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9380: errors: remove trailing "!" in messages about creating new heads on push 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9379: errors: consistently don't use trailing "!" in "not found in manifest" message 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9382: errors: drop trailing "!" for some errors about bookmarks 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9381: errors: remove trailing "!" in messages about bad top-level args 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9377: tests: make test-worker.t pass on py2 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9376: tests: update test-https.t's #no-defaultcacertsloaded block with new exit code 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9375: ui: ensure `getpass()` returns bytes 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9374: bisect: add a `--rev` flag 2020-11-23 phabricator New
D9372: bisect: refactor to work on a list of revspecs 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9371: bisect: use tuple literal instead of split on string literal 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9373: bisect: add `-G` to an `hg log` command in a test 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9370: hgignore: add VS Code config 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9369: share: show warning if share is outdated while source supports share-safe 2020-11-23 phabricator Superseded
D9368: exthelper: update the examples to be python3 complaint 2020-11-22 phabricator Superseded
D9367: helptext: byteify extensions examples 2020-11-22 phabricator Superseded
D9366: helptext: fix sentence in extensions documentation 2020-11-22 phabricator Superseded
D9365: chg: fix test-check-clang-format.t failure 2020-11-22 phabricator Superseded
D9364: tests: use `testrepohg` in one more place in test-check-code.t 2020-11-22 phabricator Superseded
D9363: extensions: gracefully warn when doing min version check with no local version 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9362: setup: copy pythonXY.dll next to the hg.exe wrapper when building 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9361: make: switch the PYTHON default to `py.exe -3` on Windows 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
heptapod-ci: hosting base image on 2020-11-21 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
D9360: commands: fix checking of share safe requirement on `config --shared` 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9359: dispatch: pass root path in ui.readconfig() as root of main repo 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9358: upgrade: add support do downgrade share safe mode 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9357: scmutil: try-delete `.hg/store/requires` if store requirements are empty 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9356: phabricator: allow local revisions to be specified with `phabupdate` 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9355: errors: raise ConfigError on failure to parse config file 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9352: config: clean up message about ignored untrusted config 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9348: errors: format "abort: " text in a new Abort.format() method 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9354: errors: remove ParseError.args 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9353: errors: let ParseError use Abort.__bytes__ 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9351: tests: use new ParseError.format() in 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9350: errors: make ParseError a subtype of Abort 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9347: errors: make formatparse() an instance method on ParseError 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9349: tests: make doctests not depend on str(ParseError()) format 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9345: errors: move similarity_hint() to error module 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9344: errors: morph reportsimilar() into similarity_hint() 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9346: errors: create "similarity hint" for UnknownIdentifier eagerly in constructor 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
D9343: errors: restructure formatparse() to clarify conditions a bit 2020-11-21 phabricator Superseded
context: small update to ctx.status doc 2020-11-20 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
D9342: pyoxidizer: run buildifier 2020-11-19 phabricator Superseded
D9341: log: add bookmark option to "hg log" 2020-11-18 phabricator Superseded
D9339: errors: introduce CanceledError and use it in a few places 2020-11-18 phabricator Superseded
D9336: errors: raise InputError in `hg debugobsolete` 2020-11-18 phabricator Superseded
D9340: errors: raise InputError in `hg absorb` 2020-11-18 phabricator Superseded
D9338: errors: raise InputError in `hg split` 2020-11-18 phabricator Superseded
D9337: errors: raise StateError in `hg bisect` 2020-11-18 phabricator Superseded
chgserver: backport py3 buffered I/O workarounds from procutil 2020-11-17 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
D9335: shelve: clear merge state after partial shelve 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9334: tests: show that interactive shelve can leave the repo with a merge state 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9332: errors: use exit code 10 for parse errors 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9330: errors: raise more specific errors from rewriteutil 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9328: errors: raise InputError when given non-existent paths etc 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9333: errors: raise InputError when line range to followlines() is out of bounds 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9331: dispatch: move some helper functions down into scmutil 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9329: errors: use InputError for some errors on `hg clone` 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9327: errors: use InputError for errors about bad label names (tags etc) 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9326: errors: use InputError for errors about bad paths 2020-11-17 phabricator Superseded
D9325: histedit: don't crash if commit message is empty 2020-11-16 phabricator Superseded
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