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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[3,of,3] hgweb: move common vertex code to Graph.prototype 2017-12-06 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[3,of,3] hgweb: pass ui into preparehttpserver 2016-07-12 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[3,of,3] hgweb: plug followlines action in annotate view 2017-06-22 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[3,of,3] hgweb: provide links to branches, tags and bookmarks by name (paper and coal) 2015-07-13 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[3,of,3] hgweb: provide links to branches, tags and bookmarks by name (paper and coal) 2015-07-13 Anton Shestakov Superseded
[3,of,3] hgweb: rename linerangelog.js as followlines.js 2017-04-03 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[3,of,3] hgweb: show message when an error occured during ajax loading 2013-09-19 Alexander Plavin Accepted
[3,of,3] hgweb: use archivespecs for links on repo index page too 2017-01-11 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[3,of,3] highlight: add option to prevent content-only based fallback 2015-10-15 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] highlight: don't highlight files that have fancy linebreaks (issue4291) 2014-12-17 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,3] highlight: remove temporary hack to overwrite repo.getcwd 2015-09-22 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] histedit: add --edit-plan option to histedit 2015-02-23 Mateusz Kwapich Accepted
[3,of,3] histedit: add examples 2015-11-25 Mathias De Maré Accepted
[3,of,3] histedit: add histedit.singletransaction config option 2017-03-09 Durham Goode Superseded
[3,of,3] histedit: add implicit base to default plan 2016-05-03 timeless Superseded
[3,of,3] histedit: add progress support 2015-12-18 Superseded
[3,of,3] histedit: allow histedit --continue when not on a descendant 2015-04-06 Durham Goode Accepted
[3,of,3] histedit: delete histedit statefile on any exception during abort 2015-10-08 Christian Delahousse Superseded
[3,of,3] histedit: delete histedit statefile on any exception during abort 2015-10-07 Christian Delahousse Superseded
[3,of,3] histedit: remove bootstrap dependencies on parentctx 2015-02-05 Mateusz Kwapich Changes Requested
[3,of,3] histedit: render a rolled up description using the proper roll colours 2019-11-07 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso New
[3,of,3] histedit: replace @addhisteditaction with @action 2016-01-05 Accepted
[3,of,3] histedit: revive commits on demand 2017-03-26 Jun Wu Deferred
[3,of,3] histedit: test that an aborted histedit can be rerun (with obsolete) 2017-03-26 Pierre-Yves David durin42 Accepted
[3,of,3] hook: for python hook ImportErrors, add note to run with --traceback 2016-02-12 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,3] hook: lower inflated use of sys.__stdout__ and __stderr__ 2016-11-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] hook: report untrusted hooks as failure (issue5110) (BC) 2016-04-16 Matt Mackall Accepted
[3,of,3] hook: report untrusted hooks as failure (issue5110) (BC) 2016-04-15 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,3] identify: provide changectx to templater 2017-06-26 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] ignore: process hgignore files in deterministic order 2012-12-18 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[3,of,3] import-checker: backout 40f79b9a2cc8 (issue4129) 2013-12-23 Chris Jerdonek Accepted
[3,of,3] import-checker: check modules for pure Python build correctly 2014-10-16 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,3] import-checker: include lineno in warning message 2015-11-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] import: cross-reference patch.fuzz option from `hg help import` 2015-06-23 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
[3,of,3] import: enable passing around 'Amend' in import 2013-11-21 Matthew Turk Superseded
[3,of,3] import: move tryone closure in cmdutil 2013-04-17 Pierre-Yves David durin42 Superseded
[3,of,3] import: show the warning message for failure of merging 2014-08-23 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[3,of,3] interhg: mark extension as deprecated 2013-02-09 Angel Ezquerra Superseded
[3,of,3] keepalive: rewrite readline() 2016-12-26 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] killdaemons: fix WaitForSingleObject() error handling logic on Windows 2017-06-16 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] largefiles: actions will now always have a file - drop check 2016-01-17 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,3] largefiles: add some docstrings 2016-03-19 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,3] largefiles: avoid match.files() in conditions 2015-05-26 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,3] largefiles: don't prompt for normal/largefile changes when doing plain updates 2013-10-24 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,3] largefiles: handle logging from outside the repo 2015-03-04 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] largefiles: introduce push --lfrev to control which revisions are pushed 2016-04-13 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,3] largefiles: make linear update set unsure largefiles normal if unchanged 2015-01-10 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,3] lfs: add an optional size limit when downloading a blob 2018-02-22 Matt Harbison Superseded
[3,of,3] lfs: debug print HTTP headers and JSON payload received from the server 2018-03-13 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] lfs: dump the full response on httperror in debug mode 2018-01-18 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] lfs: enable the extension locally after converting to an 'lfs' repo 2017-12-01 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] lfs: introduce a user level cache for lfs files 2017-12-07 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] lfs: migrate file filtering from threshold to custom filter 2018-01-05 Matt Harbison Superseded
[3,of,3] lfs: prefetch lfs blobs during revert 2018-02-05 Matt Harbison New
[3,of,3] lfs: prefetch lfs blobs during revert 2018-02-04 Matt Harbison Superseded
[3,of,3] lfs: raise an error if the server sends an unsolicited oid 2018-01-18 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] lfs: remove the verification option when writing to the local store 2018-01-07 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] lfs: teach '{lfs_files}' to handle removed files 2018-02-10 Matt Harbison New
[3,of,3] lfs: teach '{lfs_files}' to handle removed files 2018-02-09 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] listkeypattern: add listkeypattern wireproto method 2016-08-15 Stanislau Hlebik Not Applicable
[3,of,3] listkeypattern: add listkeypattern wireproto method 2016-08-12 Stanislau Hlebik Changes Requested
[3,of,3] localrepo: cache types for filtered repos (issue5043) 2017-05-27 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] localrepo: extract stream clone application into reusable function 2015-05-21 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] localrepo: move new repo requirements into standalone function (API) 2016-02-15 Gregory Szorc yuya Accepted
[3,of,3] localrepo: pass args and command running as store/write lock metadata 2017-03-20 Phillip Cohen Changes Requested
[3,of,3] localrepo: remove all external users of localrepo.wopener 2015-01-16 Angel Ezquerra Accepted
[3,of,3] localrepo: update file nodeid and flags in the same place 2014-10-13 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,3] localrepo: use dirstate backup instead of handling dirstate file manually 2016-05-06 Mateusz Kwapich Changes Requested
[3,of,3] locate: use ctx.matches instead of ctx.walk 2014-08-02 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,3] lock: allow to configure when the lock messages are displayed 2017-11-27 Boris Feld Changes Requested
[3,of,3] log: make -frREV PATH detect missing files before falling back to slow path 2020-09-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] logcmdutil: mark changesetprinter.showpatch() as private 2018-02-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] makefile: add Ubuntu Bionic docker targets (.deb and ppa) 2018-04-14 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,3] manifest: postpone calling array.array() until needed 2015-02-27 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,3] match: also optimize "path:." to use alwaysmatcher 2017-07-10 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,3] match: consistently return paths with native separators from uipath() 2014-12-30 Matt Harbison mpm Changes Requested
[3,of,3] merge: add file ancestor linknode to mergestate 2016-02-05 Durham Goode Superseded
[3,of,3] merge: add file ancestor linknode to mergestate 2016-01-07 Durham Goode martinvonz Superseded
[3,of,3] merge: change modified indicator to be 20 bytes 2016-11-10 Durham Goode Accepted
[3,of,3] merge: clarify warning for (not) merging flags without ancestor 2016-10-12 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,3] merge: don't sort the manifest in _checkunknown 2013-02-01 Siddharth Agarwal Superseded
[3,of,3] merge: minimize conflicts when common base is not shown (issue4447) 2016-02-10 Ryan McElroy Superseded
[3,of,3] merge: mute the status message when bid merge kicks in 2014-10-01 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,3] merge: support timeout for merge-tool (issue4841) 2015-09-25 Rejected
[3,of,3] minirst: remove redundant _admonitions set 2017-03-30 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] monoblue: correct feed links on /branches, /tags and /bookmarks 2015-12-29 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[3,of,3] monoblue: visually highlight source lines when hovering over line numbers 2015-10-14 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[3,of,3] mq: release lock after transaction in qrefresh 2016-10-03 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] namespaces: add branches 2014-12-15 Ryan McElroy Accepted
[3,of,3] namespaces: add other/local merge markers [RFC] 2016-04-04 Superseded
[3,of,3] obsolete: avoid using revset to compute the obsolete set 2017-02-10 Jun Wu yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,3] obsolete: drop the explicit seek to EOF after append mode open() 2015-02-04 Matt Harbison Superseded
[3,of,3] obsolete: explode if metadata contains invalid UTF-8 sequence (API) 2018-07-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] obsolete: factorise troubles detection during push 2012-12-17 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,3] packagelib: use LANGUAGE=C for "hg version" 2017-06-11 Toshi MARUYAMA Accepted
[3,of,3] pack_dirstate: only invalidate mtime for files written in the last second 2013-08-31 Siddharth Agarwal Superseded
[3,of,3] paper: show current revision on file log page 2015-11-17 Anton Shestakov yuya Superseded
[3,of,3] parsers: move PyInt aliasing out of util.h 2016-10-09 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] patch: rewrite reversehunks (issue5337) 2017-06-21 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[3,of,3] patchbomb: introduce a 'patchwork.confirm' option 2014-12-03 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] patchbomb: make --git-format-patch imply --plain 2016-11-17 Henning Schild yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,3] patchbomb: make independant output in test file 2017-06-06 David Demelier Accepted
[3,of,3] patchbomb: use single quotes around command hint 2016-04-14 Accepted
[3,of,3] paths: do not process default-push as pushurl of default path (issue5000) 2015-12-26 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] perf: measure slicing time in perfrevlogrevision 2018-11-06 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,3] perf: support measuring bdiff for all changeset related data 2016-11-06 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] perfchangelog: add 'perfchangelog' command 2017-05-23 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] perfmanifest: allow and require passing in a rev 2013-09-06 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,3] phabricator: add phabread command to read patches 2017-07-03 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,3] phase: add a transaction argument to retractboundary 2014-08-07 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] phases: define an official tuple of phases we do not share 2018-05-24 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,3] progress: move all logic altering the ui object logic in mercurial.ui 2015-06-09 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] progress: specify updatebar() function by constructor argument 2019-01-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] publishing: unconditionally trust publishing flag 2015-06-19 Matt Mackall Accepted
[3,of,3] pull: only prefetch bookmark when using bundle1 2015-05-29 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] purge: prefer util.unlink instead over own removefile 2014-08-02 Christian Ebert Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: add test to show `hg merge` works 2017-06-10 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: allow to run on Windows 2018-09-15 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: byte-stringify test-import.t 2018-04-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: call codecs.escape_encode() directly 2017-03-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: enable legacy stdio mode in exewrapper 2018-12-17 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: fix test-import-context.t 2018-10-18 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: make a bytes version of getopt.getopt() 2016-12-06 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: make demandimport available on Python3 (RFC) 2017-03-12 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[3,of,3] py3: make files use absolute_import and print_function 2016-06-30 Pulkit Goyal Changes Requested
[3,of,3] py3: make keys of keyword arguments strings 2016-12-09 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: make test-basic.t pass on Python 3 2018-03-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: remove superfluous indent from 2016-10-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: resolve Unicode issues around `hg serve` on Windows 2018-09-20 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: simply use b'%d\n' to format pid in 2017-06-01 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: suppress the output from .write() calls in the remaining tests 2018-09-29 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: switch to unicode/bytes in 2016-08-13 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: update test-check-py3-compat.t output 2016-11-21 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: use pycompat.sysstr() in __import__() 2016-12-04 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,3] py3: wrap tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() to return bytes 2018-05-26 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] py3kcompat: don't convert os.environ to bytes 2014-05-10 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] py3kcompat: drop unused module 2016-12-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] pycompat: remove membershiprange which is no longer used 2018-08-25 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] rcutil: extract duplicated logic to a lambda 2017-03-28 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,3] reachableroots: use smartset min 2015-08-27 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] rebase: check for conflicts before continuing 2016-11-02 timeless Accepted
[3,of,3] rebase: do not consider extincts for divergence detection (issue5782) 2018-02-10 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[3,of,3] rebase: enable histedit for useful help with it 2015-10-06 Accepted
[3,of,3] rebase: explicitly test abort from ambiguous destination 2016-02-15 Pierre-Yves David yuya Superseded
[3,of,3] rebase: introduce 'date' option 2015-11-03 Stanislau Hlebik Changes Requested
[3,of,3] rebase: more consistent and prioritized ordering of documentation for revs 2016-01-17 Mads Kiilerich Deferred
[3,of,3] rebase: prevent creating divergence 2016-01-06 Laurent Charignon Superseded
[3,of,3] rebase: RFC switch help from -x/--extended to --extended 2015-12-18 Rejected
[3,of,3] rebase: shift all states constant by one 2014-12-02 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,3] rebase: support -M/--reuse-message 2015-05-15 Tony Tung Changes Requested
[3,of,3] rebase: use 'revdone' fake revision for already rebased nodes 2017-05-04 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,3] rebase: use matcher to optimize manifestmerge 2017-03-19 Durham Goode Accepted
[3,of,3] record: display the running operation for recording commands 2015-05-27 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[3,of,3] releasenotes: update debugging function 2017-06-11 Rishabh Madan Superseded
[3,of,3] remove: add progress support 2016-03-21 Superseded
[3,of,3] reposvfs: add a ward to check if locks are properly taken 2016-10-14 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[3,of,3] repoview: add optional hiddencache verification 2014-08-07 David Soria Parra Accepted
[3,of,3] repoview: backout ced3ecfc2e57 2014-12-17 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] repoview: include filter name in repr for debugging 2017-12-05 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] resolve: port to generic templater 2015-02-11 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revert: account for computed changes in interactive revert (issue5789) 2018-02-14 Denis Laxalde New
[3,of,3] revert: account for computed changes in interactive revert (issue5789) 2018-02-13 Denis Laxalde Superseded
[3,of,3] revert: evaluate filesets against working directory 2015-03-24 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,3] revert: evaluate subrepos to revert against the working directory 2015-03-26 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] revert: make the interactive mode experimental 2015-04-27 Laurent Charignon Superseded
[3,of,3] revert: prompt before removing files in interactive mode 2016-11-25 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[3,of,3] revlog-sparse-read: add a lower-threshold for read block size 2017-10-16 Paul Morelle Accepted
[3,of,3] revlog: add wrapper for key frames compression 2013-09-27 Wojciech Lopata Deferred
[3,of,3] revlog: allow tuning of the chunk cache size (via format.chunkcachesize) 2013-11-17 Brodie Rao Superseded
[3,of,3] revlog: give EXTSTORED flag value to narrowhg 2017-01-17 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,3] revlog: obtain the first node at the lowest layer while building pure nodemap 2018-08-17 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revlog: optimize _chunkraw when startrev==endrev 2016-11-02 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] revlog: optionally cache the full text when adding revisions 2015-09-12 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] revlog: prevent recreating a tuple again and again for each rev 2020-10-10 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,3] revlog: read index data using mmap 2016-10-04 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[3,of,3] revlog: remove cache validation 2015-11-23 Gregory Szorc marmoute Deferred
[3,of,3] revlog: rename _chunkraw to _getsegmentforrevs() 2017-05-06 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] revlog: use an LRU cache for delta chain bases 2016-08-23 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: add a changes(file, fromline, toline[, rev]) revset 2016-11-28 Denis Laxalde Changes Requested
[3,of,3] revset: add experimental ancestors/descendants relation subscript 2017-07-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: add optional offset argument to limit() predicate 2015-10-13 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: add public function to create matcher from evaluatable tree 2016-09-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: add support of keyword arguments to ancestors() and descendants() 2017-06-19 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: added operations to spanset to duck type baseset 2014-02-12 Lucas Moscovicz Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: changed methods in spanset to return ordered sets 2014-02-28 Lucas Moscovicz Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: define _parsealias() in _aliasrules class 2016-05-04 Yuya Nishihara durin42 Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: do not partial-match operator and function names in optimize() 2016-09-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: drop factory that promotes spanset to fullreposet 2015-05-05 Yuya Nishihara Changes Requested
[3,of,3] revset: drop factory that promotes spanset to fullreposet 2015-05-05 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[3,of,3] revset: drop factory that promotes spanset to fullreposet 2015-02-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: fast implementation for fullreposet.__and__ 2014-09-20 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,3] revset: improve roots revset performance 2014-04-01 Durham Goode Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: let followlines also return descendants of startrev 2017-01-16 Denis Laxalde Changes Requested
[3,of,3] revset: leverage getintrange() helper in relation-subscript operation (API) 2019-01-31 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[3,of,3] revset: leverage internal _rev() function to implement rev() 2020-03-21 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: make balanced addsets by orset() without using _combinesets() 2015-08-05 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[3,of,3] revset: make use of natively computed set for 'draft()' and 'secret()' 2015-06-18 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: make `hg log -r 'wdir()^'` work (issue4905) 2017-05-19 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: minor changes adding baseset to revsets 2014-02-07 Lucas Moscovicz Superseded
[3,of,3] revset: minor changes adding baseset to revsets 2014-02-07 Lucas Moscovicz Superseded
[3,of,3] revset: move lookup of first ancestor() candidate out of the loop 2018-06-28 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: optimize "x & fullreposet" case 2015-03-25 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: optimize missing ancestor expressions 2014-02-13 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: parse variable-length arguments of followlines() by getargsdict() 2017-01-09 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: point to 'grep' in the 'keyword' help for regex searches 2017-01-12 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: simplify orderedlazyset creation in spanset method 2014-09-18 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] revset: two new revsets, copies and renames 2019-04-05 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
[3,of,3] revsetbenchmark: add rebase related revset to the benchmark list 2014-09-24 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] revsets: add new toposort predicate 2016-05-18 Martijn Pieters Superseded
[3,of,3] RFC check-code: try to detect @command/def errors 2015-11-25 yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,3] rfc: merge: detect directory case collisions (issue4892) 2015-10-14 Mads Kiilerich Deferred
[3,of,3] run-tests: accept '\' vs '/' path differences without '(glob)' 2017-12-10 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] run-tests: don't drop optional lines after a missing unconditional line 2017-07-18 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] run-tests: drop support for --with-python3 and $PYTHON3 2018-09-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] run-tests: fix -i when "#testcases" is used in .t test 2017-06-21 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,3] run-tests: fix test result counts with --keyword specified or skips occurring 2014-08-05 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,3] run-tests: make --local set --with-chg if --chg is used 2016-07-18 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,3] run-tests: stop allocating HGPORT3+HGPORT4 2016-02-17 Accepted
[3,of,3] rust-chg: install signal handlers to forward signals to server 2018-10-07 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,3] rust-filepatterns: add comment about Windows path handling 2019-06-15 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] rust-filepatterns: call new Rust implementations from Python 2019-04-17 Raphaël Gomès New
[3,of,3] rust: new rust options in 2019-05-23 Georges Racinet Superseded
[3,of,3] rust: switched to 'cargo rustc' in 2019-06-14 Georges Racinet Accepted
[3,of,3] scmutil: consistently return subrepos relative to ctx1 from itersubrepos() 2015-06-03 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] serve: unify cmdutil.service() calls of commandserver and hgweb 2015-11-24 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] setdiscovery: avoid calling any sample building if the undecided set is small 2015-01-07 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] setup: build exewrapper with Unicode support on py3 2018-10-19 Matt Harbison New
[3,of,3] setup: integrate osutil C extension into extmodules initialization 2015-05-14 Adrian Buehlmann Accepted
[3,of,3] setup: show how to set the module policy for imports 2016-03-09 yuya Accepted
[3,of,3] share: implement shared bookmark functionality 2014-12-01 Ryan McElroy Superseded
[3,of,3] shelve: add interactive mode 2015-03-25 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[3,of,3] shelve: bundle using bundle2 if repository is general delta 2015-10-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] shelve: copy bookmarks and restore them after a commit 2013-10-03 David Soria Parra Superseded
[3,of,3] shelve: do not restore dirstate when keeping wdir changes 2019-03-22 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Superseded
[3,of,3] simplemerge: rewrite flag merging loop as expression 2020-06-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] singlehead: introduce special handling of closed heads 2019-09-25 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] sparse-read: ignore trailing empty revs in each read chunk 2017-10-18 Paul Morelle Accepted
[3,of,3] sshpeer: drop support for not reading stderr 2018-03-12 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] sshserver: redirect stdin/stdout early and use duplicated streams 2018-05-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] ssl: prompt passphrase of client key file via ui.getpass() (issue4648) 2015-06-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] sslutil: propagate return value ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv23 from protocolsettings() 2020-06-01 Manuel Jacob Accepted
[3,of,3] store: pass in decoded filename to narrow matcher 2018-11-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] streamclone: use backgroundfilecloser (issue4889) 2016-01-14 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] strip: changing bookmark argument to be a list 2015-11-18 Shubhanshu Agrawal Superseded
[3,of,3] strip: changing bookmark argument to be a list 2015-11-16 Shubhanshu Agrawal Superseded
[3,of,3] strip: changing bookmark argument to be a list 2015-11-15 Shubhanshu Agrawal Superseded
[3,of,3] strip: compress bundle2 backup using BZ 2015-09-29 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] strip: include phases in bundle (BC) 2017-06-17 via Mercurial-devel Changes Requested
[3,of,3] strip: remove a redundant setting of hookargs 2017-06-16 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,3] subrepo: add partial diff support for git subrepos 2014-12-12 Matt Harbison Not Applicable
[3,of,3] subrepo: add partial diff support for git subrepos 2014-12-10 Mathias De Maré Accepted
[3,of,3] subrepo: add pull --subrepos support to svn subrepos 2013-02-17 Angel Ezquerra Superseded
[3,of,3] subrepo: add trailing newlines to warnings 2014-03-21 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,3] subrepo: only fetch unknown files from git when explicitly requested 2015-03-04 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] subrepo: replace 'ctx._repo' with 'ctx.repo()' 2015-03-13 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] summary: add evolution "troubles" information to parents header lines 2016-10-10 Denis Laxalde yuya Deferred
[3,of,3] summary: show active bookmark even if not at current changeset 2013-02-09 Kevin Bullock Accepted
[3,of,3] svnsubrepo: check if subrepo is missing when checking dirty state (issue5657) 2018-01-16 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Accepted
[3,of,3] tags: establish a list of (rev, node) for heads 2015-04-14 Gregory Szorc Rejected
[3,of,3] tags: preserve filtered .hgtags filenodes in tags cache (issue4550) 2015-02-24 Gregory Szorc marmoute Changes Requested
[3,of,3] tags: use full hash for formatter output as in log or annotate commands 2014-09-21 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] template: add 'current' to scope during {bookmarks % ...} 2014-02-13 Durham Goode Superseded
[3,of,3] template: add extrakeys (dict) keyword to templater 2013-11-21 Matthew Turk Superseded
[3,of,3] template: Change extras to use showlist rather than manual templ call 2013-11-15 Matthew Turk Superseded
[3,of,3] template: unify template output to use abspath (BC) 2016-04-13 yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,3] templatefilters: document the json filter 2018-05-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] templatefilters: remove redundant 'date' and 'strip' filters 2015-08-25 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] templatekw: add verbosity keyword to select template by -q/-v/--debug flag 2017-11-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] templatekw: deprecate old-style template keyword function (API) 2018-08-06 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,3] templatekw: replace currentbookmark with activebookmark keyword 2015-05-12 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] templatekw: replace currentbookmark with activebookmark keyword 2015-05-09 Ryan McElroy durin42 Superseded
[3,of,3] templatekw: switch ctx of list expression to rev of {parents} (BC) 2016-02-20 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] templater: add indentation arguments to the fill function 2013-04-18 Sean Farley Superseded
[3,of,3] templater: drop old jsonescape 2016-01-12 Matt Mackall yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,3] templater: drop support for old style keywords (API) 2019-05-19 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] templater: make strings in template expressions be "string-escape"-ed correctly 2014-03-09 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,3] templater: provide loop counter as "index" keyword 2017-04-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] templater: remove redundant member variables from templater class 2018-06-22 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] templater: test len filter 2014-09-08 Anton Shestakov Changes Requested
[3,of,3] test-check-py3: convert directory separators to '/' for MSYS 2015-12-16 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] test-command-template: glob out detailed "invalid escape" message 2018-03-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] test-convert: demonstrate an unstable hash issue for bzr -> hg -> hg 2018-07-07 Yuya Nishihara New
[3,of,3] test-convert: demonstrate an unstable hash issue for bzr -> hg -> hg 2018-07-06 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] test-glog: hook cmdutil.getlogrevs() so -frREV is rewritten accordingly 2018-01-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] test-gpg: run migration of v1 secret keys beforehand 2016-08-14 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] test-hardlinks: unify two test files into one 2017-05-03 Jun Wu Changes Requested
[3,of,3] test-http-*: use sed instead of fixed-with cut for reading access.log 2016-07-15 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,3] test-lfs: add tests to show that hashes remain unchanged by conversions 2018-01-14 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] test-lfs: allow the test server to be killed on Windows 2017-11-21 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] test-manifest: add some test coverage for treemanifest 2015-04-08 Drew Gottlieb Accepted
[3,of,3] test-pathencode: randomize length of each path component 2013-06-20 Siddharth Agarwal mpm Accepted
[3,of,3] test-pathencode: randomize length of each path component 2013-06-20 Siddharth Agarwal Superseded
[3,of,3] test-progress: disable mocking-time tests on chg 2016-04-08 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] test-shelve: shorten a long path so it works on Windows 2016-04-16 Matt Harbison yuya Accepted
[3,of,3] test-ssh: convert dumpenv to python for Windows 2017-12-17 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] test-ssh: verify that stderr from remote is printed (issue4336) 2014-08-16 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] test-sshserver: stabilize for Windows 2018-01-20 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] test-template-engine: do not evaluate unused keywords by custom engine 2018-03-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] test: use bundle2 in test-pull-http 2015-06-01 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: add a new test-terse-status.t with tests related to terse flag 2017-06-14 Pulkit Goyal Changes Requested
[3,of,3] tests: add missing globs for Windows 2014-12-19 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: add relink extension to hypothesis testing 2016-02-22 Simon Farnsworth Not Applicable
[3,of,3] tests: choose the proper environment variable style for the platform 2014-11-21 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: demonstrate a problem with renames on the p2 side of a conversion 2018-08-20 Matt Harbison Superseded
[3,of,3] tests: extend check-commit self-tests 2016-01-11 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: extend check-commit self-tests 2016-01-08 Matt Mackall Superseded
[3,of,3] tests: flag Windows specific lines about background closing as optional 2016-02-29 Matt Harbison yuya Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: glob match has a glob character for not getting a warning on windows 2014-02-16 Simon Heimberg Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: glob over a difference between Windows 7 and Window 10 2018-10-18 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: make a stab at approximating wall-clock times 2016-01-05 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: print line numbers when checking code 2013-07-06 Simon Heimberg krbullock Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: remove (glob) annotations that were only for '\' matches 2017-12-11 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: remove initial bundle2 enabling in various bundle2 tests 2016-08-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: remove unused variables from caught by pyflakes 2014-04-04 Sean Farley Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: rename files to py extension instead of copying a 2nd time 2013-06-12 Simon Heimberg Superseded
[3,of,3] tests: run pyflakes on files from manifest which could be python files 2013-06-26 Simon Heimberg Superseded
[3,of,3] tests: split test-run-tests-rev.t for speed (RFC) 2016-05-26 timeless Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: stabilize test-blackbox.t on Windows 2018-12-04 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: test-gendoc.t checks if anything was translated 2013-10-18 Simon Heimberg Accepted
[3,of,3] tests: use system hg only if changelog or dirstate can't be read 2017-07-02 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] transaction-summary: display the range of new revisions upon pull/unbundle 2017-10-04 Denis Laxalde Changes Requested
[3,of,3] treemanifest: further optimize treemanifest.matches() 2015-04-06 Drew Gottlieb Accepted
[3,of,3] treemanifest: lazily load manifests 2015-05-19 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,3] treemanifest: optimize treemanifest._walk() to skip directories 2015-04-07 Drew Gottlieb Superseded
[3,of,3] treemanifest: rework lazy-copying code (issue4840) 2015-09-28 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,3] treemanifests: include dirlogs in streaming cloning 2016-08-26 via Mercurial-devel Accepted
[3,of,3] trydiff: make variable names more consistent 2015-02-02 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,3] ui: edit(): set HGREVISION environment variable for an editor 2014-02-06 Alexander Drozdov Superseded
[3,of,3] ui: support declaring path push urls as sub-options 2015-12-06 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[3,of,3] unbundle20: move header parsing into the 'getunbundler' function 2015-04-07 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] unbundle: cleanly abort on unknown bundle2 feature 2015-09-28 Pierre-Yves David durin42 Accepted
[3,of,3] update: don't overwrite untracked ignored files on update 2014-12-03 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,3] update: enable the issue4028 fix also for update 2016-08-04 Gábor Stefanik Superseded
[3,of,3] updatecaches: also warm hgtagsfnodescache 2019-05-03 via Mercurial-devel New
[3,of,3] updatecaches: also warm hgtagsfnodescache 2019-05-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] upgrade: clarify "aggressivemergedelta" handling 2018-12-02 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,3] upgrade: register all format variants in a list 2017-04-12 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,3] upgrade: simplify workaround for repo.ui.copy() 2017-12-10 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] util.chunkbuffer: avoid extra mutations when reading partial chunks 2015-10-06 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] util.system: remove unused handling of onerr=ui 2014-11-08 Yuya Nishihara Superseded
[3,of,3] util: add debugstacktrace depth limit 2017-03-11 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,3] util: adjust hgcmd() to handle frozen Mercurial on OS X 2016-01-11 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,3] util: enable hardlink for some BSD-family filesystems 2017-03-24 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,3] util: get rid of statmtimesec 2015-11-18 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[3,of,3] util: make more demandimport friendly 2016-07-14 Pulkit Goyal Changes Requested
[3,of,3] util: reimplement lrucachedict 2015-12-07 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[3,of,3] util: replace file I/O with readfile 2016-01-13 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[3,of,3] version: change "place" field of extension to "bundled" flag 2016-08-30 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] vfs: deprecate all old classes in scmutil 2017-04-03 Pierre-Yves David Changes Requested
[3,of,3] vfs: rename auditvfs to proxyvfs 2017-07-07 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,3] vfs: use 'vfs' module directly in 'mercurial.hg' 2017-03-08 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,3] webcommands: test that fctx is not None in filediff() 2015-12-01 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[3,of,3] webcommands: use fctx.isbinary 2017-05-04 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,3] win32mbcs: use absolute_import 2016-03-09 Accepted
[3,of,3] windows: convert readpipe() to nonblocking like 331cbf088c4c does for posix 2015-04-07 Matt Harbison Superseded
[3,of,3] wireproto: config options to disable bundle1 2015-12-04 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,3] wlock: reword the devel warning 2015-04-13 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,3] worker: handle worker failures more aggressively 2013-02-19 Bryan O'Sullivan Superseded
[3,of,4,"] discovery-helper: bail out if destination already exists 2019-03-10 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,4,accept-scripts] accept: consistently return a boolean 2019-06-12 Augie Fackler New
[3,of,4,accept-scripts] land: extract a function to determine accepted ranges 2018-05-02 Kevin Bullock Accepted
[3,of,4,accept-scripts] land: reinstate functionality to record acceptances in the take.log file 2018-11-08 Augie Fackler New
[3,of,4,censor,RFC] mdiff: add helper for making deltas which replace the full text of a revision 2015-02-06 Accepted
[3,of,4,censor,RFC] revlog: verify censored flag when hashing added revision fulltext 2015-01-12 Accepted
[3,of,4,chg-tests-fix] tests: conditionalize output in test-ssh.t with chg+py3 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal Superseded
[3,of,4,contrib] contrib: fix a bug preventing editmergeps.ps1 from running unknonw editors 2017-05-30 Kostia Balytskyi Accepted
[3,of,4,debhelper] test-docker-packaging: test packages built using docker 2015-09-01 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,defaultdest,V2] destupdate: also include bookmark related logic 2015-10-12 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,4,emacs-for-augie] histedit: add tmpdir parameter to ui.edit call 2017-01-17 Sean Farley Accepted
[3,of,4,evolve-ext,V2] fold: add --message and --logfile options 2014-04-14 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Deferred
[3,of,4,evolve-ext,v4] evolve--list: bumpedness test for evolve --list 2016-03-20 Kostia Balytskyi Superseded
[3,of,4,evolve-ext-V2] evolve: add new method _evolvestatedelete 2015-12-16 Shusen LIU Changes Requested
[3,of,4,evolve-ext-V3] evolve: add new method _evolvestatedelete 2015-12-18 Shusen LIU marmoute Superseded
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] evolve: add a more complex test for evolve --rev 2015-06-02 Laurent Charignon Changes Requested
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] evolve: add new method _evolvestatedelete 2015-12-18 Shusen LIU Superseded
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] evolve: change the implementation of evolve with no argument 2015-06-22 Laurent Charignon marmoute Changes Requested
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] evolve: extract cleanup logic in the evolve function 2015-05-05 Laurent Charignon Changes Requested
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] evolve: fix test-stabilize-conflict.t to match new extra computation in core 2015-12-04 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] evolve: make prune respect allowunsable 2015-06-04 Laurent Charignon Changes Requested
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] evolve: move code to track progress and start node 2015-05-05 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] evolve: rename handlenotrouble to _handlenotrouble and add doc 2015-05-06 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] evolve: use registrar.revsetpredicate to register revset predicate functions 2017-09-14 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] fold: add squash as a possible alias 2014-04-12 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso Not Applicable
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] inhibit: don't leave any obsolete commit visible after closing transaction 2015-04-03 Laurent Charignon Changes Requested
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] metaedit: remove the code gating the new metaedit feature and test it 2016-11-16 Mateusz Kwapich Superseded
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] pushexperiment: remove use of obsolete._enabled 2015-03-20 Durham Goode Accepted
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] py3: use items() instead of iteritems() 2016-04-20 timeless marmoute Accepted
[3,of,4,evolve-ext] split: don't update before it is actually needed 2015-08-08 Laurent Charignon Accepted
[3,of,4,flagprocessor,v11] revlog: flag processor 2017-01-10 Remi Chaintron Accepted
[3,of,4,flagprocessor,v8] revlog: flag processor 2017-01-05 Remi Chaintron Superseded
[3,of,4,flagprocessor,v9] revlog: flag processor 2017-01-10 Remi Chaintron Superseded
[3,of,4,foldmap-in-C] parsers: introduce an asciiupper function 2015-04-01 Siddharth Agarwal Superseded
[3,of,4,for-reference] obsolete: add a "format.obsstore-version" config option 2014-10-10 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,4,force-tls] sslutil: make keyfile and certfile arguments consistent between 2.6+ and 2.5- 2013-09-20 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,graph-inf-scroll] hgweb: add graph mode of ajax response processing 2013-09-22 Alexander Plavin Accepted
[3,of,4,hgweb-thread-isolation] hg: establish a cache for localrepository instances 2015-09-09 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,4,hyperblame] annotate: add core algorithm to skip a rev 2017-05-25 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,4,lazy-manifest,v2] manifest: use lazymanifest instead of manifestdict 2015-01-12 Augie Fackler Changes Requested
[3,of,4,lazy-manifest] manifest: use lazymanifest instead of manifestdict 2015-01-08 Augie Fackler Changes Requested
[3,of,4,lazymanifest,v5] context: don't sort manifest entries 2015-03-06 Augie Fackler Superseded
[3,of,4,main-line-of-work] hg-ssh: reject push earlier (on pretxnopen) 2015-05-16 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,4,main-line] test: enforce bundle1 in 'test-push-cgi.t' 2015-11-04 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,4,marmoute-reviewed] filemerge._xmerge: drop no longer necessary 'if r:' check 2015-10-09 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,4,marmoute-reviewed] lock.release: don't call postrelease functions for inherited locks 2015-10-05 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,4,marmoute-reviewed] scmutil: add a way for a subprocess to be run with an inheritable lock 2015-10-05 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,4,mergedriver] filemerge: add a 'leave unresolved' option to change/delete prompts 2015-12-01 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,4,mergedriver] mergestate.add: store absentfilectxes as nullhex 2015-11-20 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,4,mergedriver] mergestate.commit: factor out making the list of records 2015-11-18 Siddharth Agarwal martinvonz Accepted
[3,of,4,mergedriver] test-merge-changedelete.t: print out debugmergestate 2015-11-30 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,4,mergedriver] test-rebase-newancestor.t: explicitly request changed version 2015-12-23 Siddharth Agarwal durin42 Accepted
[3,of,4,modernize-streamclone] streamclone: move "streaming all changes" message location 2015-10-05 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,4,more-matchers] merge: rework manifestmerge to use a matcher 2015-12-15 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,NEW-CONCEPT] track-tags: compute the actual differences between tags pre/post transaction 2017-03-30 Pierre-Yves David Deferred
[3,of,4,nullrev] revset: duplicate spanset.__contains__ to fullreposet for modification 2015-03-04 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,4,PoC,issue4497] fileset: add function to switch revision where fileset will be evaluated 2015-03-24 Yuya Nishihara Deferred
[3,of,4,py3,V2] pycompat: custom implementation of urllib.parse.quote() 2017-03-13 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,4,py3,v2] tests: make a variable for hg binary location in test-check-py3-commands 2017-03-12 Augie Fackler Changes Requested
[3,of,4,py3] config: open config files as binary explicitly all the time 2016-11-09 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,py3] contrib: check in a whitelist of passing tests in Python 3 2017-06-15 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,py3] help: use pycompat.sysstr() to make `a in b` work 2017-03-12 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,4,py3] manifest: fix some pure-Python parser bits to work on Python 3 2017-05-29 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,py3] maplist: replace instances of map() with pycompat.maplist() [3 of 4] 2017-03-24 Pulkit Goyal Rejected
[3,of,4,py3] revsetlang: portably turn int into bytestring 2017-03-21 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,python3] posix: use slicing to grab a single byte out of a bytes in HFS+ normcase code 2017-09-16 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,random] merge-tools: configuration for Beyond Compare on OS X 2015-02-27 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,4,resend,revset,log] largefiles: changed overridelog to work with graphlog 2014-04-15 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,4,RESEND] largefiles: show also how many data entities are outgoing at "hg outgoing" 2014-07-08 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,resend] parsers: a C implementation of the new ancestors algorithm 2013-04-16 Bryan O'Sullivan Accepted
[3,of,4,reviewed,by,Augie] bundle2: comment to clarify why the handler call is where it is 2014-04-12 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,4,RFC,path,options] ui.paths: add a "pushrevset" path option 2015-03-01 Gregory Szorc Deferred
[3,of,4,RFC,stream,clone,bundles] commands.bundle: support creating stream clone bundles 2015-10-14 Gregory Szorc Deferred
[3,of,4,RFC,V2] formatter: convert None to json null 2015-03-16 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,4,RFC] chgcache: report repo paths from worker to master 2017-02-09 Jun Wu yuya Changes Requested
[3,of,4,RFC] clone: warn when streaming was requested but couldn't be performed 2017-05-09 Siddharth Agarwal Superseded
[3,of,4,RFC] hgweb: add revsetsearch function, which will be used later 2013-07-14 Alexander Plavin Superseded
[3,of,4,RFC] pycompat: check python version to enable builtins hack 2016-08-14 Yuya Nishihara Changes Requested
[3,of,4,RFC] revset: added __nonzero__ method to lazyset 2014-02-20 Lucas Moscovicz Superseded
[3,of,4,RFC] sslutil: abort if peer certificate is not verified for secure use 2013-03-25 Katsunori FUJIWARA bos Accepted
[3,of,4,RFC] transaction: add a validation stage 2015-03-10 Pierre-Yves David Superseded
[3,of,4,runs-per-test-flag] run-tests: stop storing start/stop times in a dict by test name 2015-03-13 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,shelve-ext,v2] shelve: move node-cleaning functionality to be a member of shelvedstate 2017-04-10 Kostia Balytskyi Changes Requested
[3,of,4,shelve-ext,v3] shelve: refactor shelvestate loading 2017-04-10 Kostia Balytskyi Accepted
[3,of,4,shelve-ext,v4] shelve: refactor shelvestate loading 2017-05-07 Kostia Balytskyi Superseded
[3,of,4,shelve-ext,v5] shelve: refactor shelvestate loading 2017-05-11 Kostia Balytskyi Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE,follow-up] streamclone: move requirement update into consumev2 2018-01-26 Boris Feld Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE,ppa] builddeb: add flag for a source-only deb 2016-04-20 Sean Farley Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE,V2] debuglocks: inform about lock corruption if readlink() returns empty string 2017-05-01 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[3,of,4,stable,v2] largefiles: test coverage of error handling from putlfile 2015-10-23 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE,V2] summary: make "incoming" information sensitive to branch in URL (issue3830) 2013-04-09 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE,V3] debuglocks: inform about lock corruption if readlink() returns empty string 2017-05-01 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE,V3] i18n: update Report-Msgid-Bugs-To property of *.po files 2017-02-10 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE,V3] pager: rename 'pager.enable' to 'ui.pager' 2017-05-02 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE,V3] ui: add 'force' parameter to traceback() to override the current print setting 2013-02-15 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,4,stable?] largefiles: don't show largefile/normal prompts if one side is unchanged 2014-12-01 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] check-code: discard filtering result of previous check for independence 2016-11-01 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] chg: do not close dir fd while iterating 2020-11-03 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] chgserver: update comment describing when to fall back to core _runsystem() 2018-09-26 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] committablefilectx: propagate ancestry info to parent to fix annotation 2015-04-18 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] context.status: remove incorrect swapping of added/removed in workingctx 2014-10-23 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] context.status: remove incorrect swapping of added/removed in workingctx 2014-10-23 Martin von Zweigbergk Superseded
[3,of,4,STABLE] debuglocks: inform about lock corruption if readlink() returns empty string 2017-04-29 Katsunori FUJIWARA Superseded
[3,of,4,STABLE] dispatch: stop parsing of early boolean option at "--" 2017-11-11 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] doc: put text into header of 1st column in table to generate page correctly 2013-10-24 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] exchange: don't update local phases if remote is non-publishing 2015-08-03 Martin von Zweigbergk Rejected
[3,of,4,STABLE] exchange: fix bad indentation 2014-05-15 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] help: spelling fixes 2017-05-04 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] icasefs: rewrite case-folding collision detection (issue3452) 2013-04-29 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,stable] largefiles revert: update lfdirstate with result from first cleanliness check 2012-12-21 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,4,stable] largefiles: inline _updatelfile, prepare for further refactorings 2013-11-07 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] largefiles: invoke "normallookup" on "lfdirstate" for merged files 2014-07-22 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,stable] largefiles: systematic testing of merges to/from largefiles 2013-10-28 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[3,of,4,stable] largefiles: test coverage of error handling from putlfile 2015-10-21 Mads Kiilerich Superseded
[3,of,4,STABLE] manifest: make manifestctx store the repo 2016-10-19 Durham Goode Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] monoblue: make annotate popup use theme colors 2016-07-25 Anton Shestakov Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] mq: pop correct patches at changing pushable-ness of already applied ones 2014-09-11 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] packaging: avoid running bare "make install" in debian/rules 2019-10-23 Denis Laxalde Accepted
[3,of,4,stable] py3: update comment to account for Python 2 and Python 3 differences 2020-06-05 Manuel Jacob Accepted
[3,of,4,stable] rbc: test case for incorrect and too aggressive invalidation of invalid caches 2016-07-18 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] repair: use cg3 for treemanifests 2016-01-21 Martin von Zweigbergk Accepted
[3,of,4,stable] repoview: ignore unwritable hidden cache 2016-04-28 Matt Mackall yuya Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] sslutil: capture string string representation of protocol 2016-07-20 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] subrepo: activate clone pooling to enable sharing with remote URLs 2018-03-04 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] subrepo: don't pass the outer repo's --rev or --branch to subrepo incoming() 2015-04-28 Matt Harbison Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] tests: consolidate test-push-http.t and test-push-http-bundle1.t 2018-02-18 Gregory Szorc Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] tests: put temporary file outside the working directory for test portability 2016-10-29 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] ui: inline _writenobuf() into write() due to performance issue 2019-01-24 Yuya Nishihara Accepted
[3,of,4,STABLE] unionrepo: use pathutil.normasprefix to ensure os.sep at the end of cwd 2015-04-22 Katsunori FUJIWARA Accepted
[3,of,4,stateful-chg] commandserver: add a heartbeat method to servicehandler 2017-05-06 Jun Wu Accepted
[3,of,4,status-via-diff] context: use new manifest.diff(clean=True) support 2015-01-07 Augie Fackler Accepted
[3,of,4,stream,clone,bundles] commands: support creating stream clone bundles 2015-10-15 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[3,of,4,tags-cache-split] tags: extract .hgtags filenodes cache to a standalone file 2015-03-30 Gregory Szorc Superseded
[3,of,4,topic-experiment] next: factor out the logic to update to next commit to a new function 2017-07-04 Pulkit Goyal Not Applicable
[3,of,4,topic-experiment] topics: pass quietempty=True to suppress useless output while changing topics 2017-06-26 Pulkit Goyal Accepted
[3,of,4,topic-ext] changectx: add topic method 2015-06-19 Matt Mackall Accepted
[3,of,4,V2,mergedriver] localrepo: switch to mergestate.clean() 2015-11-18 Siddharth Agarwal Accepted
[3,of,4,V2-SeriesB] clfilter: drop unnecessary explicit filtering on rebase 2013-01-08 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,4,v2-vfs] vfs: use repo.vfs.unlinkpath 2017-03-11 Mads Kiilerich Accepted
[3,of,4,V2] bookmark: deprecate 'bmstore.write' method 2015-12-07 Pierre-Yves David Accepted
[3,of,4,V2] bookmarks: rename readcurrent to readactive 2015-05-05 Ryan McElroy Accepted
[3,of,4,V2] bundle2: move the 'close' method off the unpackermixin 2017-04-10 Pierre-Yves David Accepted