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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Add an example in churn extension 2020-09-17 Stéphane Blondon New
blackbox: add configitem for format of log timestamps 2018-10-23 via Mercurial-devel New
blackbox: add configitem for format of log timestamps 2018-10-23 Matthew DeVore New
Bug 3749 --help does not show non-command help topics 2013-04-17 Mads Kiilerich Under Review
Bug 3749 --help does not show non-command help topics 2013-04-17 Ankur Ankan Under Review
chgserver: backport py3 buffered I/O workarounds from procutil 2020-12-06 Pulkit Goyal New
chgserver: catch Abort while parsing early args to shut down cleanly 2018-10-07 Yuya Nishihara New
chistedit: add basic colours to diff view 2019-04-04 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso New
color: issue warning in yellow 2018-08-20 via Mercurial-devel New
commands: add short option `-H` for `--hidden` 2020-07-17 Manuel Jacob New
config: rename streamunbundle to stream-unbundle 2018-05-14 David Demelier New
D10082: tags: redo .hgtags file node cache to work more like the revbranchcache [WIP] 2021-03-01 phabricator New
D10271: tests: replace a use of rebaseskipobsolete=0 by `hg rebase --keep` 2021-03-25 phabricator New
D10272: rebase: drop support for rebaseskipobsolete config 2021-03-25 phabricator New
D10282: heptapod-ci: add jobs to test Mercurial using re2 2021-03-28 phabricator New
D10893: amend: add a useless initial version of `amend -r REV ` 2021-06-22 phabricator New
D11037: amend: make `hg amend -r` rebase temporary commit onto target commit 2021-07-09 phabricator New
D11038: amend: make `hg amend -r` fold temporary commit into target commit 2021-07-09 phabricator New
D11039: amend: make `hg amend -r` rebase descendants of target onto amended target 2021-07-09 phabricator New
D11203: revlog: recommit 49fd21f32695 with a fix for issue6528 2021-07-20 phabricator New
D11252: debugupgraderepo: add fix-metaencoding-flag pass for issue6528 2021-08-04 phabricator New
D11307: run-tests: avoid silently switching the hg executable used 2021-08-18 phabricator New
D11495: Make hg manifest only print things inside the narrowspec 2021-09-23 phabricator New
D11563: WIP working on making rust components compile on windows systems 2021-10-02 phabricator New
D11680: push: add option to abort on dirty working copy if parent is pushed 2021-10-15 phabricator New
D11731: rhg: lazily get filesystem metadata 2021-11-02 phabricator New
D11749: test: add test of a race resulting in bad dirstate 2021-11-11 phabricator New
D11750: commit: prevent possible race that results in bad dirstate 2021-11-11 phabricator New
D11766: sparse: demonstrate a bug when used with safe-share 2021-11-16 phabricator New
D11806: downgrade: don't assume existence of nodemap files when downgrading 2021-11-25 phabricator New
D11807: typo: s/unkown/unknown across the codebase 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11808: docs: add documentation about Rust 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11809: docs: add missing dirstate-v2 documentation 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11810: docs: fix typos and wording for the persistent-nodemap feature 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11811: docs: update Rust readme with a mention of `rhg` 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11812: rust: add function to check if an extension is enabled 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11813: rhg: don't run `blackbox` if not activated 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11814: rhg: signal when falling back in logs 2021-11-26 phabricator New
D11817: sparse: lock the store when updating requirements config 2021-11-29 phabricator New
D11834: rust: Serializing a DirstateMap does not mutate it anymore 2021-12-02 phabricator New
D11835: rhg: Initial repository locking 2021-12-02 phabricator New
D11836: rust: Add Vfs::write_atomic 2021-12-02 phabricator New
D11837: rhg: Make Repo::dirstate_parents a LazyCell 2021-12-02 phabricator New
D11838: rhg: Add lazy/cached dirstate data file ID parsing on Repo 2021-12-02 phabricator New
D11839: rhg: Add Repo::write_dirstate 2021-12-02 phabricator New
D11840: rhg: Update the dirstate on disk after status 2021-12-02 phabricator New
D11849: dirstate: remove unused method 2021-12-03 phabricator New
D11853: simplemerge: set `conflicts` earlier for :union tool 2021-12-04 phabricator New
D11854: tests: remove unnecessary explicit args from `` 2021-12-04 phabricator New
D11855: mergestate: merge `preresolve()` into `resolve()` 2021-12-04 phabricator New
D11856: mergestate: make `_resolve()` do both preresolve and resolve 2021-12-04 phabricator New
D11857: mergestate: inline `_resolve()` into `resolve()` 2021-12-04 phabricator New
D11858: filemerge: merge `premerge()` into `filemerge()` 2021-12-04 phabricator New
D11859: filemerge: make `_filemerge()` do both premerge and merge 2021-12-04 phabricator New
D11860: filemerge: inline `_filemerge()` into `filemerge()` 2021-12-04 phabricator New
D11861: python2-compat: fix extensions' tests on python2 2021-12-04 phabricator New
D1313: dirstate: gate access to self._map.dirs 2017-11-03 phabricator New
D1371: global: remove redundant parenthesis 2017-11-12 phabricator New
D1506: dagop: handle IndexError when using wdir() in dag range 2017-11-24 phabricator New
D1700: logtoprocess: pass ui in runshellcommand 2017-12-15 phabricator New
D1701: logtoprocess: add the possibility to not popup a console 2017-12-15 phabricator New
D1752: tests: show phases aren't preserved part of streaming clone (issue5648) 2017-12-24 phabricator New
D1753: streamclone: preserve remote phases (issue5648) 2017-12-24 phabricator New
D1765: parsers: use an attr-derived class for revlog index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1766: cext: rename variable describing format for index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1767: cext: make nullentry a member of index types 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1768: cext: obtain reference to index entry type 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1769: cext: use dedicated type for index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1770: revlog: use revlog index entry type for version 0 revlogs 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1771: revlog: pass index entry type into packentry() (API) 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1772: tests: port revlog index code to modern API 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1773: revlog: use named attributes on revlog index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1774: repoview: use named attributes on revlog index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1775: dagutil: use named attributes on revlog index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1776: bundlerepo: use named attributes on revlog index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1777: upgrade: use named attributes on revlog index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1778: debugcommands: use named attributes on revlog index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D1779: unionrepo: use named attributes on revlog index entries 2017-12-27 phabricator New
D2079: color: honor NO_COLOR 2018-02-07 phabricator New
D2158: py3: use raw string for open() mode 2018-02-12 phabricator New
D2588: commit: adds multiline commit message support(issue5616) 2018-03-03 phabricator New
D2622: ui: adding a generic method to read config items with an arbitrary type 2018-03-03 phabricator New
D2623: dispatch: adding config items for overriding flag defaults 2018-03-03 phabricator New
D2679: [PoC] obsolete: config option to enable local only obsolescence mode 2018-03-05 phabricator New
D2680: [PoC] obsolete: make markers database writable if local-only mode enabled 2018-03-05 phabricator New
D2681: [PoC] scmutil: support local only obsolescence 2018-03-05 phabricator New
D2682: [PoC] changegroup: delete obs markers when applying changegroup 2018-03-05 phabricator New
D2701: merge: use constants for actions 2018-03-06 Pulkit Goyal New
D2873: remotenames: add functionality to override -B flag of push 2018-03-15 phabricator New
D2875: remotenames: introduce a config option to allow creation of remote bookmarks 2018-03-15 phabricator New
D2880: bundle: add the possibility to bundle bookmarks (issue5792) 2018-03-16 phabricator New
D2884: wireproto: experimental command to emit file data 2018-03-16 phabricator New
D2945: state: add a magicheader to each state file 2018-03-26 phabricator New
D2999: infinitepush: use zope.interface to define indexapi interface 2018-03-31 phabricator New
D3022: fix: use a portable python script instead of sed in test 2018-04-02 phabricator New
D3023: fix: use a portable python script instead of sed in test 2018-04-02 phabricator New
D3187: phase: Add dry-run functionality 2018-04-07 phabricator New
D3304: formatter: add support for -Tcbor 2018-04-13 phabricator New
D3444: tests: comprehensively test exit handling 2018-05-06 phabricator New
D3445: dispatch: shore up exit handling 2018-05-06 phabricator New
D3446: dispatch: move sys.exit() to caller (API) 2018-05-06 phabricator New
D3447: rust: make exit handling consistent with `hg` 2018-05-06 phabricator New
D3454: Assign to result from block. 2018-05-06 phabricator New
D3650: serve: add an option to open in the default browser 2018-05-24 phabricator New
D3663: graft: add test showing --continue not preserving --edit passed earlier 2018-05-25 phabricator New
D3664: graft: reuse the --edit value passed initially in `hg graft --continue` (BC) 2018-05-25 phabricator New
D3665: graph: improve graph output by using Unicode characters 2018-05-30 Yuya Nishihara New
D3669: cmdutil: have statefile names in STATES instead of functions 2018-05-29 phabricator New
D3670: cmdutil: don't return statedetectionpredicate function from _getrepostate() 2018-05-29 phabricator New
D3672: retractboundary: add dryrun parameter 2018-05-30 phabricator New
D3830: rebase: suppress transaction warns during dry-run 2018-06-24 phabricator New
D3866: histedit: use cbor to write histedit-state file 2018-06-30 phabricator New
D3896: copies: handle case when both merge cset are not descendant of merge base 2018-07-08 phabricator New
D3946: obsolete: resolved ValueError for var containing 2 ':' chars(issue-5783) 2018-07-14 phabricator New
D3977: hgweb: strip trailing '/' in apppath before appending '/static/' 2018-07-25 phabricator New
D3979: contrib/phabricator: Convert description into local 2018-07-25 phabricator New
D3986: split: abort if there's an unfinished operation 2018-07-30 phabricator New
D4053: [RFC]hgweb: garbage collect on every request in hgweb_mod too 2018-08-02 phabricator New
D4283: webcommands: fix `@webcommand` decorator 2018-08-15 phabricator New
D4301: tests: add a directory 'knownfailures' to check in known failures 2018-08-16 phabricator New
D4409: rebase: skip *all* obsolete revisions 2018-08-28 phabricator New
D4479: [RFC] obsolete: add mechanism to filter obsstore 2018-09-04 phabricator New
D4602: phabricator: move extension from contrib to hgext 2018-09-15 Yuya Nishihara New
D4664: mergecommit: add a new extension to merge in-memory and create a commit 2018-09-19 phabricator New
D4716: lfs: don't add extension to hgrc after clone or share (BC) 2018-09-24 phabricator New
D4810: repository: introduce an ellipses repo requirement 2018-09-30 phabricator New
D4876: amend: add config to skip amend if only date is changed (issue5828) 2018-10-03 phabricator New
D4877: url: Allow to configure timeout on http connection 2018-10-04 phabricator New
D5064: style: run black on a subset of mercurial 2018-10-13 phabricator New
D5295: branchmap: define a hasbranch() to find whether a branch exists or not 2018-11-22 phabricator New
D5299: phabricator: fallback reading arcanist config files 2018-11-23 phabricator New
D5308: store: don't pass 'atomictemp=True' while appending to fncache 2018-11-27 phabricator New
D5410: merge: allow to merge non-conflicting changes outside narrowspec 2018-12-11 phabricator New
D5495: revset: add "branch" positional arguments to the merge revset 2019-01-06 phabricator New
D5496: revset: add "samebranch" keyword argument to the merge revset 2019-01-06 phabricator New
D5503: vfs: add support for repo names with `$` sign while using with env vars (issue5739) 2019-01-07 phabricator New
D5514: test: change test's diff generation to use mdiff for nicer output 2019-01-07 phabricator New
D5539: style: run yapf on a subset of mercurial 2019-01-09 phabricator New
D5565: revlog: add version 2 format flag to control sparse 2019-01-11 phabricator New
D5566: revlog: rename revlog I/O classes to reflect version (API) 2019-01-11 phabricator New
D5567: revlog: assign revlog._io in version lookup conditional 2019-01-11 phabricator New
D5632: setdiscovery: pass srvheads into partialdiscovery constructor 2019-01-18 phabricator New
D5737: py3: convert to bytes in 2019-01-29 phabricator New
D5812: py3: pass str into ValueError to prevent b'' prefix in output 2019-02-03 phabricator New
D5941: config.txt: Add better documentation for ui.tweakdefault(issue6000) 2019-02-11 phabricator New
D6005: uncommit: added interactive mode and removed _fixdirstate()(issue6062) 2019-02-22 phabricator New
D6026: lock: Improve the waiting for lock message which will help newcomers(issue6081) 2019-02-26 phabricator New
D6027: mq: make unshelve to apply on modified mq patch (issue4318) 2019-02-26 phabricator New
D6029: Bug 1477205 - Remove the exception when a node is created after closing the AudioContext. r?padenot 2019-02-27 phabricator New
D6043: UnicodeEncoding:change the default encoding of the whole script to be 'UTF-8'(issue6040) 2019-03-02 phabricator New
D6056: patch: stop aborting when ADD/RENAME/COPY files on --interactive (issue5727) 2019-03-03 phabricator New
D6082: phabricator: add a `--branch` flag to `hg phabsend` 2019-03-07 phabricator New
D6123: Experimental features: Add condition to for float number (issue6099) 2019-03-12 phabricator New
D6128: chistedit:improve location of highlighted cursor.(issue6073) 2019-03-13 phabricator New
D6196: cext: make revlog.c PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN 2019-04-09 Yuya Nishihara New
D6259: revset: on-disk cache for children queries 2019-04-16 phabricator New
D6312: branchcache: update the filteredhash if we update the tiprev 2019-04-26 phabricator New
D6355: shelve: add `update --shelve` if shelve extension is loaded 2019-05-09 phabricator New
D6356: mdiff: prepare mdiff to be used for run-tests to replace unidiff 2019-05-10 phabricator New
D6359: test: change test's diff generation to use mdiff for nicer output 2019-05-10 phabricator New
D6369: templatekw: make {file_*} compare to both merge parents (issue4292) 2019-05-26 Yuya Nishihara New
D6462: commitextras: try to remove localrepo hacking to add extras to commit 2019-05-30 phabricator New
D6593: rust-minor-fixes: remove Deref in favor of explicit methods 2019-07-05 Yuya Nishihara New
D6659: graft: split graft code to avoid duplication 2019-07-18 phabricator New
D6665: continue: added support for graft 2019-07-21 phabricator New
D6678: continue: added support for histedit 2019-07-23 phabricator New
D6697: cmdutil: add allowunfinished to prevent checkunfinished() on docommit() 2019-07-26 phabricator New
D6709: config: add --all flag to show all known configs 2019-08-02 phabricator New
D6717: mypy: add a mypy.ini config file 2019-08-04 phabricator New
D6718: repository: suppress typing errors on functions without arguments 2019-08-04 phabricator New
D6735: update: added support for --abort flag(issue4404) 2019-08-17 phabricator New
D6737: shelve: add --unresolved flag to shelve mergestate with unresolved files 2019-08-17 phabricator New
D6738: unshelve: add --unresolved flag to unshelve mergestate with unresolved files 2019-08-17 phabricator New
D6739: unshelve: add abort on using --interactive and --unresolved together 2019-08-17 phabricator New
D6776: bookmarks: validate changes on push 2019-08-30 phabricator New
D6845: pushkeys: introduce a server.bookmarks-pushkey-reject option to complement D6776 2019-09-12 phabricator New
D6846: packaging: script the building of a MacOS installer using a custom python 2019-09-12 phabricator New
D6847: dont-accept-this: this is for reference in D6776 2019-09-13 phabricator New
D6859: rust-cpython: mark PySharedState as Sync so &'PySharedState can be Send (RFC) 2019-09-16 phabricator New
D6876: phabricator: support automatically obsoleting old revisions of pulled commits 2019-09-25 phabricator New
D6906: ci: implement a new CI system for Mercurial 2019-09-29 phabricator New
D6922: ci: implement a "try server" 2019-09-30 phabricator New
D6924: ci: store job start parameters in DynamoDB 2019-10-01 phabricator New
D6925: ci: track spot instance state, randomly assign availability zone 2019-10-01 phabricator New
D6926: ci: retry expired spot instance requests 2019-10-01 phabricator New
D6927: ci: report cost to run each job 2019-10-01 phabricator New
D6928: ci: fetch explicit attributes 2019-10-01 phabricator New
D6929: ci: add comment about block duration pricing 2019-10-01 phabricator New
D6957: rebase: unconditionally clear merge state when `--stop`ing a rebase 2019-10-04 phabricator New
D6958: hg: move hg script to be a template that gets filled in via make 2019-10-04 phabricator New
D6959: setup: switch to having generate an hg script 2019-10-04 phabricator New
D6962: config: add defaults and experimental status for --debug flag 2019-10-04 phabricator New
D6963: config: show config options in a user-friendly format 2019-10-04 phabricator New
D6966: shelve: add method for storing mergestate in changeset extras 2019-10-04 phabricator New
D6987: strip: move strip extension to core 2019-10-05 phabricator New
D7025: rewriteutil: add configurable check to disallow obsoleting someone else cset 2019-10-08 phabricator New
D7026: treemanifest: move out of experimental 2019-10-08 phabricator New
D7106: fuzz: restrict dirs fuzzer to only 40k of input 2019-10-15 phabricator New
D7135: copies: filter out file already in parent in duplicatecopies() 2019-10-18 phabricator New
D7146: [RFC] grep: add config option to grep PWD by default 2019-10-22 phabricator New
D7175: tests: add test showing incorrect note about not rebasing extinct commit 2019-10-26 phabricator New
D7176: rebase: allow rebasing obsolete commit without successor 2019-10-26 phabricator New
D7177: [PoC] allow providing explicit mapping for parents of merge commits 2019-10-28 phabricator New
D7187: py3: fix fsmonitor error message formatting under Python3 2019-11-01 phabricator New
D7257: [RFC] repoview: add a "filter" that just disallows walking to heads 2019-11-06 phabricator New
D7295: pytype: add a (very slow) test that executes pytype 2019-11-06 phabricator New
D7296: pycompat: kludge around pytype being confused by __new__ 2019-11-06 phabricator New
D7384: commands: necessary annotations and suppresssions to pass pytype 2019-11-14 phabricator New
D7416: procutil: support for obtaining an 2019-11-15 phabricator New
D7417: procutil: extract executable-relative resources test 2019-11-15 phabricator New
D7418: procutil: teach resourcereader() to handle exe relative resources 2019-11-15 phabricator New
D7419: help: port to ResourceReader API 2019-11-15 phabricator New
D7422: rust: remove hgcli project 2019-11-15 phabricator New
D7515: pytype: [WIP] suppress various warnings inline to get a clean run 2019-11-24 phabricator New
D7542: mail: don't complain about a multi-word email.method 2019-12-02 phabricator New
D7574: hg-core: add utils::path to project 2019-12-07 phabricator New
D7575: hg-core: vendor Facebook's configparser crate 2019-12-07 phabricator New
D7576: hg-core: add configparser to library 2019-12-07 phabricator New
D7577: rust-configparser: implement Mercurial's config file discovery logic 2019-12-07 phabricator New
D7582: rust-configparser: run rustfmt 2019-12-07 phabricator New
D7630: RFC: absorb: make the absorbed changeset be automatically "evolved" 2019-12-13 phabricator New
D7631: RFC: absorb: allowing committed changes to be absorbed into their ancestors 2019-12-13 phabricator New
D7716: rust-discovery: partial switch to typestate pattern 2019-12-24 phabricator New
D7717: rust-discovery: restoring add_missing cheap early return 2019-12-24 phabricator New
D7718: rust-directory: simplify bidirectional sampling 2019-12-24 phabricator New
D7719: rust-discovery: children cache as typestate transition 2019-12-24 phabricator New
D7720: rust-discovery: moved some methods to the wrapper enum 2019-12-24 phabricator New
D7721: rust-discovery: postponing random generator init 2019-12-24 phabricator New
D7722: rust-discovery: simplifying add_missing_revisions() 2019-12-24 phabricator New
D7728: rebase: add test to demonstrate issue6180 2019-12-27 phabricator New
D7730: rebase: make sure pruning does not confuse rebase (issue6180) 2019-12-27 phabricator New
D7786: update: add --abort option in hg update command (issue4404) 2020-01-03 phabricator New
D7940: py3: make flush() line optional 2020-01-18 phabricator New
D7941: py3: wallpaper over demand importer differences on Python 3.5 2020-01-18 phabricator New
D7942: py3: make test-http-bad-server.t conditional on Python 3.6+ 2020-01-18 phabricator New
D7967: exchange: recognize changegroup3 bundles in `getbundlespec()` 2020-01-21 phabricator New
D8064: split: add a --single flag to only ask for one split 2020-02-01 phabricator New
D8227: hgit: use type_str instead of type for checking type of git objects 2020-03-05 phabricator New
D8289: resolve: add a --clear option for clearing the merge state 2020-03-13 phabricator New
D8290: morestatus: recommend `hg resolve --clear` when appropriate 2020-03-13 phabricator New
D8345: tests: look for CRLF on Windows 2020-03-30 phabricator New
D8346: tests: force newlines to LF in 2020-03-30 phabricator New
D8347: encoding: use special dictionary type for env variables on Windows 2020-03-30 phabricator New
D8348: tests: force newlines to LF in inline Python script 2020-03-30 phabricator New
D8352: extensions: don't crash if __file__ not defined 2020-04-01 phabricator New
D8457: [RFC] metadataonlyctx: demonstrate an error reusing manifest nodes 2020-04-17 phabricator New
D851: [RFC] setup: increase MAX_PATH limit on Windows 10 Anniversary Update 2017-09-30 phabricator RFC
D8524: phabricator: load .arcconfig during reposetup (issue6331) 2020-05-15 phabricator New
D8571: test: make not assume it's run from a mercurial repo 2020-05-19 phabricator New
D8579: context: avoid computing status twice when comparing among revisions 2020-05-25 phabricator New
D8595: copies: make _chain() and _filter() public 2020-05-29 phabricator New
D8596: merge: mark copies in in-memory context when merging 2020-05-29 phabricator New
D8597: rebase: use merge.graft() instead of merge.update() 2020-05-29 phabricator New
D8598: rebase: drop duplicate call to copies.graftcopies() 2020-05-29 phabricator New
D8599: rebase: remove now-unused arguments from rebasenode() 2020-05-29 phabricator New
D8616: merge: chain copies with existing copies in working copy 2020-06-06 phabricator New
D8646: update: suggest --merge while `hg up` across topo branches 2020-06-22 phabricator New
D8677: heptapod: use basename of tests in skiplist in CI (issue6351) 2020-07-03 phabricator New
D8968: phabricator: Pass through diffoptions 2020-08-28 phabricator New
D8972: [WIP] diff: add a `--tool` flag 2020-08-29 phabricator New
D8977: merge: check for dir rename dest before adding ACTION_KEEP 2020-09-02 phabricator New
D8982: merge: disable `m2-vs-ma` diff optimization in case of flat manifests 2020-09-05 phabricator New
D9056: fix: include adjacent blank lines in ranges to be fixed 2020-09-18 phabricator New
D9135: doc: Generate separate commands/topics/extension web pages. 2020-09-30 phabricator New
D9159: [RFC] merge: stop caring about whether files are related (issue6163) 2020-10-07 phabricator New
D9274: internals: start to document how .hg/ works 2020-11-07 phabricator New
D9374: bisect: add a `--rev` flag 2020-11-23 phabricator New
D9472: testing phabricator encoding 2020-12-01 phabricator New
D9570: debugcommands: introduce command to upgrade/downgrade shares 2020-12-12 phabricator New
D9571: debugsharesafe: recommend from `debugupgraderepo` and `help -e share -v` 2020-12-12 phabricator New
D9603: branchmap: refactor revbranchmap and use it as topicmap [PoC] 2020-12-14 phabricator New
D9636: bundle: add option to avoid checking further delta candidates [POC] 2020-12-19 phabricator New
D9677: upgrade: use copy+delete instead of rename while creating backup 2020-12-31 phabricator New
D9724: ci: build python wheels 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9725: ci: generate and report XML test results 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9726: ci: use parallel matrices 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9727: ci: report status to phabricator on failures 2021-01-12 phabricator New
D9848: fastexport: committer name should not be quoted 2021-01-22 phabricator New
D9878: revlog: initial version of phash index [POC] 2021-01-26 phabricator New
debugdeltachain: avoid division by zero when a chain is empty 2018-06-29 Paul Morelle New
diff: use a threshold on similarity index before using word-diff (issue5965) 2018-08-21 Denis Laxalde New
dirstate: drop explicitly-specified files that shouldn't match (BC) 2018-02-13 Augie Fackler New
discovery: change users of `outgoing.missingheads` to `outgoing.ancestorsof` 2020-07-17 Manuel Jacob New
discovery: improve some dealing with nullrev 2019-01-15 Boris Feld New
discovery: slowly increase sampling size 2019-05-21 Pierre-Yves David New
dispatch: add a whitelist map of commands to implicitly loaded extensions 2018-04-12 Matt Harbison New
email encoding help needed 2019-02-15 Augie Fackler New
extdiff: add --mode option 2019-01-03 Ludovic Chabant New
Failing tests for mercurial 5.4rc0 and python3 2020-04-23 Vladimir Lomov New
filemerge: support passing python script to custom merge-tools 2018-05-01 Tom Hindle New
filemerge: support passing python script to custom merge-tools 2018-04-18 Tom Hindle New
filemerge: support passing python script to custom merge-tools 2018-04-17 Tom Hindle New
formatter: look for template symbols from the associated name 2018-06-22 Yuya Nishihara New
formatting: apply clang-format using the format-source extension 2019-01-14 Boris Feld New
help: update command synopsis to clarify "cp --forget" only takes destinations 2020-10-17 Yuya Nishihara New
hg: add standard Windows paths LOCALAPPDATA and APPDATA to config search path 2019-03-28 James May New
hg: copy buffer state to remote ui 2020-06-10 Elmar Bartel New
hgweb: don't try to wrap mod_wsgi loggers 2020-09-29 Ludovic Chabant New
hgweb: make different kinds of commits look differently on /graph (RFC) 2017-12-19 Anton Shestakov RFC
histedit: Speed up scrolling in patch view mode 2019-04-25 Yu Feng New
hook: add more robust python: syntax checking 2018-05-24 Tom Hindle New
How to get back to a one-file `hg` executable? 2020-11-03 via Mercurial-devel New
How to use the templater without color (even when ui has color) 2020-11-13 via Mercurial-devel New
keyword: replace map() with list comprehension 2018-01-20 Christian Ebert New
largefiles: RFC - customizable largefiles locations 2016-03-19 Mads Kiilerich RFC
lfs: add a progress bar when searching for blobs to upload 2018-08-31 via Mercurial-devel New
lfs: register the flag processors per repository 2018-10-04 Matt Harbison New
lfs: rename {pointer} to {lfs_pointer} 2018-01-22 Matt Harbison New
mail: don't complain about a multi-word email.method config value 2019-11-29 Julien Cristau New
Making hg 5.0 as beta release with python 3 support. 2019-03-05 Matt Harbison New
mdiff: split on unicode character boundaries when shortening function name 2018-02-21 Josef 'Jeff' Sipek New
minifileset: allow 'path:' patterns to have an explicit trailing slash 2018-02-16 Matt Harbison New
minifileset: allow 'path:' patterns to have an explicit trailing slash 2018-02-13 Matt Harbison New
namespace: fastpath name lookup on invalid name 2018-02-22 Boris Feld New
outgoing: Support pushrev (issue6106) 2019-03-27 Kim Alvefur New
patchcopies: backout and optimisation that backfired 2019-10-04 Pierre-Yves David New
perf: add a `--timing` argument to `perfhelper-tracecopies` 2018-11-26 Boris Feld New
perf: add another command to test performance of writing to output streams 2020-06-22 Manuel Jacob New
perf: fix perfhelper-pathcopies without --stats 2019-09-27 Pierre-Yves David New
phabricator: add testedwith boilerplate 2018-09-19 Yuya Nishihara New
phabricator: better error message when phabread fails to get a differential 2019-03-24 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso New
phase: add an archived phases 2018-10-17 Boris Feld New
Problems in hgrc.5 2013-06-18 RFC
profiling: move default mode to "real" time 2018-10-17 Boris Feld New
py3: enable legacy fs encoding to fix filename compatibility on Windows 2019-10-15 Yuya Nishihara New
py3: make ui.write() call fout.flush() per line if fout is a tty or pager 2020-06-07 Yuya Nishihara New
py3: manually replace `None` with 'None' in ui.log() arguments 2019-02-07 Matt Harbison New
regression test for issue3958 2013-06-11 Michael Platings RFC
relnotes: various tweaks for release notes 2018-11-02 Anton Shestakov New
repoview: introduce "served-obsolete" filter for serving obsolete changesets 2019-03-05 Anton Shestakov New
revlog: for a delta, when a parent was refused, suggest other parent (issue5481) 2018-05-14 Paul Morelle New
revset: add default error messages to getintrange() 2019-02-06 Anton Shestakov New
run-tests: conditionalize HGCATAPULTSERVERPIPE for Windows 2018-08-30 Matt Harbison New
rust-cpython: change license of to MIT 2019-10-05 Yuya Nishihara New
rust-cpython: moved py_set() utility to conversion module 2019-01-17 Georges Racinet New
rust-cpython: run cargo fmt 2019-10-19 Yuya Nishihara New
sparse-revlog: protect C code against delta chain including nullrev 2018-11-29 Boris Feld New
store: remove unnecessary copying on requires file 2020-09-16 Pulkit Goyal New
test-sqlitestore: run sqlite3 with no init file 2019-02-19 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso New
tests: don't bother supporting test case names with exotic characters 2018-06-12 Augie Fackler New
tests: drop some unnecessary globs for Windows 2019-02-02 Matt Harbison New
tests: update output in test-chg.t as setprocname missing in pure build 2020-06-19 Pulkit Goyal New
tests: use `pwd` instead of $PWD 2020-07-04 Manuel Jacob New
uncommit: abort if an explicitly given file is uncommittable 2019-03-30 Matt Harbison New
who: remove OpenJDK 2020-08-05 Marcus Harnisch New
windows: don’t set `softspace` attribute in `winstdout` 2020-07-18 Manuel Jacob New
xdiff: fix trivial build warnings on Windows 2018-03-04 Matt Harbison New
["FIX-RE2] match: fix re2 compability broken in 2e2699af5649 2019-04-11 Pierre-Yves David New
[01,of,13] changelog: implement context manager method for 'appender' object 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[01,of,14,evolve-ext] docs: import figure diagrams with inkscape 0.92 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[01,of,15] sslutil: set `_canloaddefaultcerts` to `True` if `ssl.SSLContext` is present 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[02,of,10,v2] setup: require that Python supports TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[02,of,13] changelog: add the missing 'closed' property on 'appender' object 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[02,of,14,evolve-ext] docs: change `precursors` references to `predecessors` 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[02,of,15] setup: require a Python version with modern SSL features 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[03,of,10,v2] sslutil: convert check for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 into assert 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[03,of,13] dumprevlog: handle being passed a mode parameter 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[03,of,14,evolve-ext] docs: change `troubles` references to `instability` 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[03,of,15] sslutil: remove code checking for presence of ssl.SSLContext 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[04,of,10,v2] sslutil: remove comment referring to unsupported legacy stacks 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[04,of,13] parseindex: also forward keyword argument in a debug wrapper 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[04,of,14,evolve-ext] doc: correct a typo 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[04,of,15] sslutil: remove comments referring to removed SSLContext emulation class 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[05,of,10,v2] sslutil: simplify code for printing an error message when negotiation fails 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[05,of,10] pycompat: add boolclass for py3 compat 2016-05-12 timeless yuya Under Review
[05,of,13] parseindex: implement context manager method on the wrapper 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[05,of,15] hgweb: avoid using `sslutil.modernssl` 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[06,of,10,v2] tests: stop checking for optional, now impossible output 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[06,of,10] py3: add @util.boolclass markers for boolean classes 2016-05-12 timeless yuya Under Review
[06,of,13] revlog: move datafile opening in a method 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[06,of,15] sslutil: eliminate `modernssl` by constant-folding code using it 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[07,of,10,v2] sslutil: simplify code, now that `supportedprotocols` is constant 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[07,of,13] revlog: move index file opening in a method 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[07,of,15] tests: remove "defaultcacerts" check 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[08,of,10,v2] config: remove unused hostsecurity.disabletls10warning config 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[08,of,13] revlog: use context manager for index file life time in __init__ 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[08,of,15] sslutil: eliminate `_canloaddefaultcerts` by constant-folding code using it 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[09,of,10,v2] tests: remove "tls1.2" check 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[09,of,13] revlog: use context manager for data file lifetime in checkinlinesize 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[09,of,15] tests: remove "sslcontext" check 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[1,of,1] fix sparse:subprepo.subrepo - now provide DummySubrepo for subs out of sparse 2021-05-13 alexrayne New
[1,of,2,"V3] compression: introduce an official `zstd-revlog` requirement 2019-04-09 Pierre-Yves David New
[1,of,2,evolve-ext] evolvecmd: mark flags with old instability names as deprecated 2018-10-14 Anton Shestakov New
[1,of,2,evolve-ext] issue-6028: failing test 2018-12-11 James Reynolds New
[1,of,2,evolve-ext] test: conditionalize blackbox output for Windows 2018-01-21 Matt Harbison New
[1,of,2,evolve-ext] tests: specify a path to the evolve and topic extensions 2019-01-04 Matt Harbison New
[1,of,2,rebased] tests: test that push doesn’t complain about unstable changesets if no changes 2020-07-17 Manuel Jacob New
[1,of,2,RESEND] commandserver: add IPC channel to teach repository path on command finished 2018-12-11 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2,RFC] dispatch: remember command table per extension (PoC DO NOT PUSH) 2018-02-22 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2,RFC] lfs: add support for serving blob files 2018-02-18 Matt Harbison New
[1,of,2,STABLE,V3,STABLE] strip: introduce a soft strip option 2019-01-24 Boris Feld New
[1,of,2,stable] compat: initialize LC_CTYPE locale on all Python versions and platforms 2020-06-26 Manuel Jacob New
[1,of,2,stable] hgweb: deduplicate code 2020-06-25 Manuel Jacob New
[1,of,2,STABLE] py3: do not reimplement Abort.__str__() on Python 2 2019-11-05 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2,STABLE] tests: check patchbomb with a non-ascii commit message 2019-10-25 Denis Laxalde New
[1,of,2,STABLE] tests: check that 'log --line-range' follows uncommitted changes 2019-11-29 Denis Laxalde New
[1,of,2,STABLE] ui: fix echo back of ui.prompt() to not concatenate None as bytes 2020-10-23 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2,V2] hgweb: add a hook for processing LFS Batch API requests 2018-03-08 Matt Harbison New
[1,of,2,V2] stack: take getstack() and turn it into stack class (API) 2019-09-25 Anton Shestakov New
[1,of,2,V2] streamclone: include obsstore file into stream bundle if client can read it 2018-10-18 Anton Shestakov New
[1,of,2,V3] fixed compare filelog rev with file content, besides meta-info content 2021-09-26 alexrayne New
[1,of,2,V6] revset: add more test to show current behaviors with label looking like revset 2018-04-17 Boris Feld New
[1,of,2] byteify-strings: add test for 2019-08-05 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2] chgserver: add "setumask2" command which uses correct message frame 2018-10-05 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2] chgserver: add separate flag to remember if stdio fds are replaced 2018-09-19 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2] copies: create and use _loose_next function for _related 2018-04-04 Gábor Stefanik New
[1,of,2] debugdiscovery: include the number of heads in all sets 2019-04-16 Pierre-Yves David New
[1,of,2] dirstate: fix parse_dirstate() to error out if NULL entry created 2021-09-23 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2] encoding: teach unitolocal() and unifromlocal() to handle None 2018-09-23 Matt Harbison New
[1,of,2] fileset: turn on listclean conditionally 2018-08-06 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2] py3: convert revlog stats to a dict of (bytes, int) pairs 2018-10-24 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2] py3: protect from exceptions thrown by other meta-path finders 2019-04-19 Ludovic Chabant New
[1,of,2] revlog: efficient implementation of 'descendant' 2018-06-21 Paul Morelle New
[1,of,2] revset: rename diff(pattern) to diffcontains(pattern) 2020-10-17 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2] root: add support for -Tformatter option 2019-06-04 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2] rust-cpython: binding for headrevs() 2019-01-16 Georges Racinet New
[1,of,2] rust: published the three extension crates to 2019-04-16 Georges Racinet New
[1,of,2] tests: glob over a single quote vs double quote difference on Windows 2018-10-26 Matt Harbison New
[1,of,2] tests: show that the structure of the more status output looks weird 2018-09-19 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,2] tests: test that push doesn’t complain about unstable changesets if no changes 2020-07-17 Manuel Jacob New
[1,of,2] who: replace another reference to Java 2020-07-26 Manuel Jacob New
[1,of,3,gca-revset] context: factor out commonancestorsheads calculation 2018-06-15 Sean Farley New
[1,of,3,RFC] context: factor out commonancestorsheads calculation 2018-05-27 Sean Farley New
[1,of,3,RFC] lfs: add a function to get the user visible filename for a revlog 2017-12-29 Matt Harbison RFC
[1,of,3,RFC] mercurial: implement a source transforming module loader on Python 3 2016-05-16 Gregory Szorc RFC
[1,of,3,RFC] scmutil: introduce the flagstate class to suppliment missing flag support 2016-07-03 Matt Harbison RFC
[1,of,3,STABLE] context: reimplement memfilectx.cmp() 2018-12-16 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,3,STABLE] gzip: rename the argument to `mtime` to match upstream python 2020-03-10 Pierre-Yves David New
[1,of,3,STABLE] node: add a `isnode` function 2018-07-26 Boris Feld New
[1,of,3,STABLE] py3: compare response of crecord's confirmationwindow with str 2019-11-06 Denis Laxalde New
[1,of,3,STABLE] repoview: style change in newtype() cache handling 2021-04-26 Georges Racinet New
[1,of,3,V2] merge: check for dir rename dest before adding ACTION_KEEP 2020-09-16 Pulkit Goyal New
[1,of,3] check-po: Introduce 2013-06-30 RFC
[1,of,3] dispatch: gate against missing stdout/stderr 2020-12-18 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,3] exewrapper: drop an unused variable 2018-10-19 Matt Harbison New
[1,of,3] fileset: introduce weight constants for readability 2018-08-04 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,3] hgweb: use registrar to add "motd" template keyword 2018-08-06 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,3] histeditrule: split __str__ property into prefix and desc 2019-11-07 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso New
[1,of,3] rust-chg: extract signal handlers from chg/procutil.c 2018-10-07 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,3] rust-filepatterns: add a Rust implementation of pattern-related utils 2019-04-17 Raphaël Gomès New
[1,of,4,accept-scripts] blocker: don't walk over non-drafts when looking for blockers 2019-06-12 Augie Fackler New
[1,of,4,accept-scripts] cleanup: adapt for landing of extdata in core by removing ext{revset, template} 2018-11-08 Augie Fackler New
[1,of,4,V2] flagutil: introduce a flagprocessorsmixin class 2019-08-11 Pierre-Yves David New
[1,of,4,V2] perf: add a `clear-revlogs` flag to `perftags` 2018-11-23 Boris Feld New
[1,of,4,V2] templater: convert resources to a table of callables for future extension 2018-03-16 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,4] changegroup: if possible fallback to delta against parents instead of prev 2018-10-16 Boris Feld New
[1,of,4] context: explicitly take diffopts in `context.diff` (API) 2018-05-24 Boris Feld New
[1,of,4] git: remove obsolete todo item 2020-03-26 Josef 'Jeff' Sipek New
[1,of,4] graphlog: deduplicate preprocessing of log command 2018-02-12 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,4] py3: ajust abort message in test-hook.t 2019-10-18 Denis Laxalde New
[1,of,4] rebase: rename variable "keepbranch" to "keepbranchchange" 2020-07-01 Manuel Jacob New
[1,of,4] templater: fix truth testing of integer 0 taken from a list/dict 2018-06-23 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,4] tests: add test showing broken extension loading in case of share-safe 2020-10-16 Pulkit Goyal New
[1,of,5,chg-tests-fix,V2] procutils: don't try to get `.buffer` if sys.stdin is None 2020-12-08 Pulkit Goyal New
[1,of,5,RFC] tests: show added/modified/removed files when logging repos converted from bzr 2018-07-28 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,5,STABLE,REGRESSION,V2] exchange: backout changeset c26335fa4225 2020-07-24 Pierre-Yves David New
[1,of,5,STABLE] rust-threads: force Rayon to respect the worker count in config 2019-12-12 Raphaël Gomès New
[1,of,5,V2] resolve: rename {status} to {mergestatus} to not shadow change status (BC) 2018-10-01 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,5,V5] context: spell out the logic around linkrev adjustement starting point 2018-10-10 Boris Feld New
[1,of,5] grep: clarify that --all works exactly the same way as --diff 2020-09-18 Gregory Szorc New
[1,of,5] hgweb: use scmutil.binnode() to translate None to wdir hash (issue5988) 2018-09-23 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,5] journal: unify template name for "nodes" (BC) 2018-09-15 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,5] registrar: add base classes to wrap functions, commands, and so on (API) 2018-08-22 Katsunori FUJIWARA New
[1,of,5] templatekw: alias {file} of files list to {path} 2018-08-30 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,5] test-lfs: add tests to force server error path coverage 2018-04-14 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,5] tests: filter out uninteresting log events 2018-12-16 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,6,remotenames-ext] Back out "remotenames: push anonymous head if --force is given" 2018-02-19 Ryan McElroy New
[1,of,6,V3] rust-cpython: put leaked reference in PyLeakedRef 2019-10-17 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,6] extensions: import the exthelper class from evolve ff799015d62e 2018-12-01 Matt Harbison New
[1,of,6] fileset: move helper functions to top 2018-07-07 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,6] help: document about "annotate" template keywords 2018-10-03 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,6] templater: remove unused context argument from most resourcemapper functions 2018-09-02 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,7,V2] context: fix introrev to avoid computation as initially intended 2018-10-01 Boris Feld New
[1,of,7] context: remove unneeded alias of diffopts 2018-07-06 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,7] help: document about "grep" template keywords 2018-10-07 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,7] pycompat: move rapply() from util 2018-07-05 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,7] rust-cpython: add wrapper around decapsule_make_dirstate_tuple() 2019-10-13 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,7] rust-cpython: alias python(27|3)_sys globally 2019-10-13 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,7] rust-cpython: remove useless wrappers from PyLeaked, just move by map() 2019-10-22 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,8,V3] context: refactor introrev to make the next patch easier to read 2018-10-03 Boris Feld New
[1,of,9] rust-cpython: rename PyLeakedRef to PyLeaked 2019-10-19 Yuya Nishihara New
[1,of,9] templatekw: extract non-templatekw function as getgraphnode() 2018-02-27 Yuya Nishihara New
[10,of,10,v2] sslutil: remove fallback for `ssl` attributes that we can assume to be present 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[10,of,10] shelve: no longer strip internal commit when using internal phase 2018-09-10 Augie Fackler New
[10,of,13] revlog: use context manager for index file lifetime in checkinlinesize 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[10,of,14,evolve-ext] revset: add `unstable` alias for `troubled` 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[10,of,15] sslutil: assert that the Python we run on supports TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[10,of,18,"] verify: document the `checkentry` method 2019-03-06 Pulkit Goyal New
[11,of,13] revlog: use context manager for data file lifetime in checksize 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[11,of,14,evolve-ext] revset: add `predecessor` aliases for `precursors` and `allprecursors` 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[11,of,15] sslutil: remove comment referring to unsupported legacy stacks 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[12,of,13] revlog: add a _datareadfp context manager for data access needs 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[12,of,14,evolve-ext] revset: switch internal uses and tests to `predecessors` from legacy name 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[12,of,15] sslutil: simplify code for printing an error message when negotiation fails 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[13,of,13] revlog: rename 'self.checkinlinesize' into '_enforceinlinesize' 2018-02-06 Boris Feld New
[13,of,14,evolve-ext] templatekw: add `instabilities` alias for `troubles` 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[13,of,15] sslutil: simplify code, now that `supportedprotocols` is constant 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[14,of,14,evolve-ext] docs: drop references to the old temporary commit that was created with amend 2019-04-28 Matt Harbison New
[14,of,15] tests: remove "tls1.2" check 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
[15,of,15] sslutil: remove fallback for `ssl` attributes that we can assume to be present 2020-05-30 Manuel Jacob New
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