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D12536: rust-dirstate-entry: add `modified` method 2022-04-12 phabricator New
D12534: rust: use `entry.tracked()` directly 2022-04-12 phabricator New
D12537: rust-dirstatemap: stop using `.state` in `is_from_other_parent` 2022-04-12 phabricator New
D12538: rust-dirstatemap: stop using `state()` in the cache logic 2022-04-12 phabricator New
D12539: rust-status: stop using `state()` in `handle_normal_file` 2022-04-12 phabricator New
D12540: rust-status: stop using `state()` in the dispatch logic 2022-04-12 phabricator New
D12541: rust-dirstatemap: remove unused helper from the old API 2022-04-12 phabricator New
D12542: narrow: support debugupgraderepo 2022-04-12 phabricator New
D12543: rhg: refactor to pass argv down, instead of caling args_os() 2022-04-12 phabricator New
D12544: rust-nodemap-docket: move check of nodemap requirement to caller 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12545: rust-nodemap-docket: make unaware of `Repo` 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12546: rust-revlog: move check for nodemap requirement to caller 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12547: rust-revlog: make unaware of `Repo` 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12548: changelog: avoid copying changeset data into `ChangesetRevisionData` 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12549: branchmap: add a test that shows bad interaction with strip 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12550: absorb: make `--edit-lines` imply `--apply-changes` 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12551: tests: add test demonstrating issue with ambiguous has prefixes during rebase 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12552: rebase: while rewriting desc hashes, ignore ambiguous prefix "hashes" 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12554: resourceutil: force filesystem access to resources when using py2exe 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12553: setup: fix the py2exe logic to work with py3 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12555: procutil: avoid `+= None` when writing to full std{err, out} descriptor on py3 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12557: windows: fix stdio with py2exe and py3 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12556: windows: disable pager when packaged with py2exe 2022-04-13 phabricator New
D12558: rust-filelog: don't use persistent nodemap (to match Python) 2022-04-14 phabricator New
D12559: contrib: update python dependencies on Windows 2022-04-15 phabricator New
D12560: contrib: add a hint if the Windows dependency MSI is already installed 2022-04-15 phabricator New
D12562: repo: extract a function for checking nodemap requirement 2022-04-15 phabricator New
D12561: rust-revlog: make `Changelog` and `ManifestLog` unaware of `Repo` 2022-04-15 phabricator New
D12563: rust-revlog: change default version from 2 to 1 in test builder 2022-04-16 phabricator New
D12564: rust-revlog: make `IndexEntryBuilder` build a whole entry 2022-04-16 phabricator New
D12565: rust-revlog: add tests for p1/p2 getters, as promised in D12442 2022-04-16 phabricator New
D12566: idirstate: add missing get_entry() method 2022-04-18 phabricator New
D12567: git: adapt to some recent dirstate API changes 2022-04-18 phabricator New
D12568: git: un-byteify the `mode` argument for the builtin `open()` 2022-04-18 phabricator New
D12569: packaging: add a missing parenthesis to help text 2022-04-18 phabricator New
D12571: packaging: fix the type hint on the download_entry function 2022-04-18 phabricator New
D12570: packaging: drop python27 references from the Windows instructions 2022-04-18 phabricator New
D12572: tests: demonstrate crash on partial amend with copies in changesets 2022-04-19 phabricator New
D12573: amend: don't remove unselected removals from memctx 2022-04-19 phabricator New
D12574: rust: fix formatting 2022-04-19 phabricator New
D12575: actions: fix formatting issue 2022-04-19 phabricator New
D12576: amend: move "return None for removed files" into block handling filestoamend 2022-04-19 phabricator New
D12577: amend: small refactor of logic for clarity 2022-04-19 phabricator New
D12578: rhg: use `Command::exec` instead of `Command::status` 2022-04-20 phabricator New
D12579: chg: make `chg --cwd $anything -R $relativepath` behave better 2022-04-20 phabricator New
rebase: add boolean config item rebase.norebasesource 2022-04-20 C. Masloch New
D12581: rust-dirstate-v2: clean up previous data file after the docket is written 2022-04-21 phabricator New
D12580: rust-dirstate-v2: save proper data size if no new data on append 2022-04-21 phabricator New
D12582: rust-repo: make `Send` by not storing functions in `LazyCell` 2022-04-21 phabricator New
D12583: iblt: prototype for setdiscovery 2022-04-21 phabricator New
D12584: censor: demonstrate a bug 2022-04-22 phabricator New
D12585: commit: don't use hard-coded `.hg/last-message.txt` path in error message 2022-04-22 phabricator New
D12586: rhg: fix dirstate-v2 data file removal system 2022-04-25 phabricator New
D12587: color: support the NO_COLOR environment variable 2022-04-26 phabricator New
D12588: filemerge: add configs to disable some or all partial merge tools 2022-04-26 phabricator New
D12589: tests: fix misspelling of supersede 2022-04-27 phabricator New
D12592: test-dirstate: use new `--docket` flag to get the data uuid 2022-04-28 phabricator New
D12593: rust-dirstate-v2: show `unused_bytes` counter is not reset on total rewrite 2022-04-28 phabricator New
D12594: rust-dirstate-v2: fix the unused bytes counter when rewriting the dirstate 2022-04-28 phabricator New
D12590: dirstate-v2: add flag to `debugstate` to print docket information 2022-04-28 phabricator New
D12591: debugcommands: remove `debugdirstateignorepatternhash` 2022-04-28 phabricator New
D12595: wix: drop python2 conditionals 2022-04-28 phabricator New
D12596: wix: bump the minimum Windows required to 8.1 2022-04-28 phabricator New
D12598: tests: make sure .js files stay in ASCII encoding (issue6559) 2022-05-02 phabricator New
D12599: doc: use an absolute path in sys.path to work around a python DLL loading bug 2022-05-03 phabricator New
[stable] docs: use proper rst markup for preformatted blocks 2022-05-03 Mads Kiilerich New
D12600: Enforce narrowacl in narrow_widen 2022-05-04 phabricator New
D12601: test-dirstate: fix detection of Rust environment variable 2022-05-04 phabricator New
D12602: test-dirstate: print something when the check is skipped 2022-05-04 phabricator New
D12603: diff: graduate merge diffs from experimental and add to tweakdefaults 2022-05-04 phabricator New
D12604: censor: fix [hg update] away from a revision with censored files 2022-05-04 phabricator New
D12605: diff: add help text to highlight the ability to do "merge diffs" 2022-05-04 phabricator New
D12606: contrib: migrate off of a couple of bitbucket URLs 2022-05-04 phabricator New
[v2] rebase: add boolean config item rebase.norebasesource 2022-05-05 C. Masloch New
[Bug,6696] New: test-dirstate.t#dirstate-v2 failing with Rust detection 2022-05-05 New
D12607: censor: make rhg fall back to python when encountering a censored node 2022-05-05 phabricator New
D12608: node: manually implement Debug 2022-05-05 phabricator New
D12609: obsolete: remove two unused constants 2022-05-05 phabricator New
D12610: rust: make requirements public 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12612: upgrade: split some logic from UpgradeOperation 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12615: auto-upgrade: add a test case with no permission to lock the repository 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12611: auto-upgrade: introduce a way to auto-upgrade to/from share-safe 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12614: auto-upgrade: introduce a way to auto-upgrade to/from dirstate-v2 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12613: auto-upgrade: introduce a way to auto-upgrade to/from tracked-hint 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12617: wait-on-file: properly wait on any file and symlink 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12618: auto-upgrade: add a test case where the repository is already locked 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12616: debuglock: make the command more useful in non-interactive mode 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12619: auto-upgrade: skip the operation if the repository cannot be locked 2022-05-06 phabricator New
D12620: tests: make sure .js files stay in ASCII encoding (issue6559) 2022-05-09 phabricator New
D12621: check-py3-compat: use an absolute path in sys.path 2022-05-10 phabricator New
D12622: doc: use an absolute path in sys.path 2022-05-10 phabricator New
D12623: clone: use better names for temp files 2022-05-10 phabricator New
D12624: amend: add test showing poor behavior when copies are involved 2022-05-12 phabricator New
D12625: amend: stop specifying matcher, get all copies in wctx 2022-05-12 phabricator New
Flaky test-convert-bzr.t in 6.1.1 2022-05-13 Alexandre Ghiti New
D12626: revlog: use %d to format int instead of %lu (issue6565) 2022-05-17 phabricator New
D12627: worker: adapt _blockingreader to work around a python3.8.[0-1] bug (issue6444) 2022-05-17 phabricator New
D12628: worker: fix `` to really block 2022-05-18 phabricator New
[stable] hghave: make black version regex work with newer versions of black 2022-05-22 Manuel Jacob New
[1,of,4] worker: explain why pickle reading stream has to be unbuffered 2022-05-22 Manuel Jacob New
[2,of,4] worker: add docstring to _blockingreader 2022-05-22 Manuel Jacob New
[3,of,4] worker: stop relying on garbage collection to release memoryview 2022-05-22 Manuel Jacob New
[4,of,4] worker: implement _blockingreader.readinto() (issue6444) 2022-05-22 Manuel Jacob New
[stable] worker: avoid potential partial write of pickled data 2022-05-22 Manuel Jacob New
[stable,v2] worker: avoid potential partial write of pickled data 2022-05-22 Manuel Jacob New
[stable] rust: relax im-rc dependency to allow minor updates 2022-05-24 Mads Kiilerich New
[1,of,2,stable] worker: do not suppress EINTR 2022-05-25 Manuel Jacob New
[2,of,2,stable] worker: prevent cPickle from directly interacting with C FILEs 2022-05-25 Manuel Jacob New
D12629: automation: refresh requirements 2022-06-04 phabricator New
D12630: automation: transition to Windows Server 2022 2022-06-04 phabricator New
D12631: docker: avoid /tmp write access issues by fixing permissions 2022-06-08 phabricator New
[Bug,6716] New: test-revlog: uses unsupported '--force-local' tar(1) option 2022-06-13 New
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