Patchwork [4,of,4] help: add documentation on include: and subinclude:

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Submitter Durham Goode
Date May 20, 2015, 9:57 p.m.
Message ID <>
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Commit 7072b91ccd20da95798381fb2e53bb7d41b041c0
Delegated to: Pierre-Yves David
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Durham Goode - May 20, 2015, 9:57 p.m.
# HG changeset patch
# User Durham Goode <>
# Date 1432158849 25200
#      Wed May 20 14:54:09 2015 -0700
# Node ID 87e33b0879792b446100057e5e9c45dd89e606b9
# Parent  3bbfdda372e8e4204a5440009bfbc9e81f2a93e9
help: add documentation on include: and subinclude:

Adds some help text about the new include: and subinclude: match syntax.


diff --git a/mercurial/help/hgignore.txt b/mercurial/help/hgignore.txt
--- a/mercurial/help/hgignore.txt
+++ b/mercurial/help/hgignore.txt
@@ -68,6 +68,10 @@  the form ``*.c`` will match a file endin
 and a regexp pattern of the form ``\.c$`` will do the same. To root a
 regexp pattern, start it with ``^``.
+Subdirectories can have their own .hgignore settings by adding
+``subinclude:path/to/subdir/.hgignore`` to the root ``.hgignore``. See
+:hg:`help patterns` for details on ``subinclude:`` and ``include:``.
 .. note::
   Patterns specified in other than ``.hgignore`` are always rooted.
diff --git a/mercurial/help/patterns.txt b/mercurial/help/patterns.txt
--- a/mercurial/help/patterns.txt
+++ b/mercurial/help/patterns.txt
@@ -30,6 +30,12 @@  The latter expects null delimited patter
 feeds. Each string read from the file is itself treated as a file
+To read a set of patterns from a file, use ``include:`` or ``subinclude:``.
+``include:`` will use all the patterns from the given file and treat them as if
+they had been passed in manually.  ``subinclude:`` will only apply the patterns
+against files that are under the subinclude file's directory. See :hg:`help
+hgignore` for details on the format of these files.
 All patterns, except for ``glob:`` specified in command line (not for
 ``-I`` or ``-X`` options), can match also against directories: files
 under matched directories are treated as matched.
@@ -60,3 +66,9 @@  File examples::
   listfile0:list.txt read list from list.txt with null byte delimiters
 See also :hg:`help filesets`.
+Include examples::
+  include:path/to/mypatternfile    reads patterns to be applied to all paths
+  subinclude:path/to/subignorefile reads patterns specifically for paths in the
+                                   subdirectory