Patchwork D8546: relnotes: copy "next" to "5.4" and clear "next"

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Submitter phabricator
Date May 18, 2020, 3:33 p.m.
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phabricator - May 18, 2020, 3:33 p.m.
martinvonz created this revision.
Herald added a reviewer: hg-reviewers.
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  This is the same thing as we've done for the previous few releases.

  rHG Mercurial





diff --git a/relnotes/next b/relnotes/5.4
copy from relnotes/next
copy to relnotes/5.4

To: martinvonz, #hg-reviewers
Cc: mercurial-patches, mercurial-devel


diff --git a/relnotes/next b/relnotes/next
--- a/relnotes/next
+++ b/relnotes/next
@@ -1,93 +1,11 @@ 
 == New Features ==
- * `hg purge`/`hg clean` can now delete ignored files instead of
-   untracked files, with the new -i flag.
- * `hg pull` now has a `--confirm` flag to prompt before applying changes.
-   Config option `pull.confirm` is also added for that.
- * `hg log` now defaults to using an '%' symbol for commits involved
-    in unresolved merge conflicts. That includes unresolved conflicts
-    caused by e.g. `hg update --merge` and `hg graft`. '@' still takes
-    precedence, so what used to be marked '@' still is.
- * New `conflictlocal()` and `conflictother()` revsets return the
-   commits that are being merged, when there are conflicts. Also works
-   for conflicts caused by e.g. `hg graft`.
- * `hg copy --forget` can be used to unmark a file as copied.
- * The `format.revlog-compression` configuration entry now accept a list. The
-   first available option will be used. for example setting::
-     [format]
-     revlog-compression=zstd, zlib
-   Will use `zstd` compression for new repositories is available, and will
-   simply fall back to `zlib` if not.
- * `hg debugmergestate` output is now templated, which may be useful
-   e.g. for IDEs that want to help the user resolve merge conflicts.
 == New Experimental Features ==
- * `hg copy` now supports a `--at-rev` argument to mark files as
-   copied in the specified commit. It only works with `--after` for
-   now (i.e., it's only useful for marking files copied using non-hg
-   `cp` as copied).
- * Use `hg copy --forget --at-rev REV` to unmark already committed
-   copies.
-== Bug Fixes  ==
- * Fix server exception when concurrent pushes delete the same bookmark
- * Prevent pushes of divergent bookmarks (foo@remote)
- * The push error "remote repository changed while pushing - please
-   try again" now only happens when a concurrent push changed related
-   heads (instead of when a concurrent pushed any revision).
 == Backwards Compatibility Changes ==
- * When `hg rebase` pauses for merge conflict resolution, the working
-   copy will no longer have the rebased node as a second parent. You
-   can use the new `conflictparents()` revset for finding the other
-   parent during a conflict.
- * `hg rebase` now accepts repeated `--source` and `--base`
-   arguments. For example, `hg rebase --source 'A + B'` is equivalent
-   to `hg rebase --source A --source B`. This is a
-   backwards-incompatible change because it will break overriding an
-   alias `myrebase = rebase --source A` by `hg myrebase --source B`
-   (it will now rebase `(A + B)::` instead of `B::`).
- * `hg recover` does not verify the validity of the whole repository
-   anymore. You can pass `--verify` or call `hg verify` if necessary.
- * `hg debugmergestate` output format changed. Let us know if that is
-   causing you problems and we'll roll it back.
- * Resolved merge conflicts are now cleared by `hg commit` even if the
-   working copy has no changes.
 == Internal API Changes ==
- * The deprecated `ui.progress()` has now been deleted. Please use
-   `ui.makeprogress()` instead.
- * `hg.merge()` now takes a `ctx` instead of the previous `repo` and
-   `node` arguments.
- * `hg.merge()` has lost its `abort` argument. Please call
-   `hg.abortmerge()` directly instead.
- * `hg.merge()` has lost its `mergeforce` argument. It should have
-   only ever been called with the same value as the `force` argument.
- * The `*others` argument of `cmdutil.check_incompatible_arguments()`
-   changed from being varargs argument to being a single collection.