Patchwork D7986: copies: make mergecopies() distinguish between copies on each side

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Submitter phabricator
Date Jan. 24, 2020, 10:02 p.m.
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phabricator - Jan. 24, 2020, 10:02 p.m.
martinvonz created this revision.
Herald added a subscriber: mercurial-devel.
Herald added a reviewer: hg-reviewers.

  I find it confusing that most of the dicts returned from
  `mergecopies()` have entries specific to one branch of the merge, but
  they're still combined into dict. For example, you can't tell if `copy
  {"bar": "foo"}` means that "foo" was copied to "bar" on the first
  branch or the second.
  It also feels like there are bugs lurking here because we may mistake
  which side the copy happened on. However, for most of the dicts, it's
  not possible that there is disagreement. For example, `renamedelete`
  keeps track of renames that happened on one side of the merge where
  the other side deleted the file. There can't be a disagreement there
  (because we record that in the `diverge` dict instead). For regular
  copies/renames, there can be a disagreement. Let's say file "foo" was
  copied to "bar" on one branch and file "baz" was copied to "bar" on
  the other. Beacause we only return one `copy` dict, we end up
  replacing the `{"bar": "foo"}` entry by `{"bar": "baz"}`. The merge
  code (`manifestmerge()`) will then decide that that means "both
  renamed from 'baz'". We should probably treat it as a conflict
  The next few patches will make `mergecopies()` return two instances of
  most of the returned copies. That will lead to a bit more code (~40
  lines), but I think it makes both `copies.mergecopies()` and
  `merge.manifestmerge()` clearer.

  rHG Mercurial





To: martinvonz, #hg-reviewers
Cc: mercurial-devel


diff --git a/mercurial/ b/mercurial/
--- a/mercurial/
+++ b/mercurial/
@@ -573,9 +573,11 @@ 
     for dst, src in copies2.items():
         inversecopies2.setdefault(src, []).append(dst)
-    copy = {}
+    copy1 = {}
+    copy2 = {}
     diverge = {}
-    renamedelete = {}
+    renamedelete1 = {}
+    renamedelete2 = {}
     allsources = set(inversecopies1) | set(inversecopies2)
     for src in allsources:
         dsts1 = inversecopies1.get(src)
@@ -592,7 +594,8 @@ 
                 # and 'd' and deletes 'a'.
                 if dsts1 & dsts2:
                     for dst in dsts1 & dsts2:
-                        copy[dst] = src
+                        copy1[dst] = src
+                        copy2[dst] = src
                     diverge[src] = sorted(dsts1 | dsts2)
             elif src in m1 and src in m2:
@@ -600,18 +603,19 @@ 
                 dsts1 = set(dsts1)
                 dsts2 = set(dsts2)
                 for dst in dsts1 & dsts2:
-                    copy[dst] = src
+                    copy1[dst] = src
+                    copy2[dst] = src
             # TODO: Handle cases where it was renamed on one side and copied
             # on the other side
         elif dsts1:
             # copied/renamed only on side 1
-                src, dsts1, m1, m2, mb, c2, base, copy, renamedelete
+                src, dsts1, m1, m2, mb, c2, base, copy1, renamedelete1
         elif dsts2:
             # copied/renamed only on side 2
-                src, dsts2, m2, m1, mb, c1, base, copy, renamedelete
+                src, dsts2, m2, m1, mb, c1, base, copy2, renamedelete2
     # find interesting file sets from manifests
@@ -634,7 +638,9 @@ 
         divergeset = set()
         for dsts in diverge.values():
-        for dsts in renamedelete.values():
+        for dsts in renamedelete1.values():
+            renamedeleteset.update(dsts)
+        for dsts in renamedelete2.values():
@@ -643,7 +649,7 @@ 
         for f in sorted(fullcopy):
             note = b""
-            if f in copy:
+            if f in copy1 or f in copy2:
                 note += b"*"
             if f in divergeset:
                 note += b"!"
@@ -657,14 +663,28 @@ 
     repo.ui.debug(b"  checking for directory renames\n")
-    dirmove, movewithdir = _dir_renames(repo, c1, c2, copy, fullcopy, u1, u2)
+    dirmove1, movewithdir2 = _dir_renames(repo, c1, copy1, copies1, u2)
+    dirmove2, movewithdir1 = _dir_renames(repo, c2, copy2, copies2, u1)
-    return copy, movewithdir, diverge, renamedelete, dirmove
+    copy1.update(copy2)
+    renamedelete1.update(renamedelete2)
+    movewithdir1.update(movewithdir2)
+    dirmove1.update(dirmove2)
+    return copy1, movewithdir1, diverge, renamedelete1, dirmove1
-def _dir_renames(repo, c1, c2, copy, fullcopy, u1, u2):
+def _dir_renames(repo, ctx, copy, fullcopy, addedfiles):
+    """Finds moved directories and files that should move with them.
+    ctx: the context for one of the sides
+    copy: files copied on the same side (as ctx)
+    fullcopy: files copied on the same side (as ctx), including those that
+              merge.manifestmerge() won't care about
+    addedfiles: added files on the other side (compared to ctx)
+    """
     # generate a directory move map
-    d1, d2 = c1.dirs(), c2.dirs()
+    d = ctx.dirs()
     invalid = set()
     dirmove = {}
@@ -675,12 +695,9 @@ 
         if dsrc in invalid:
             # already seen to be uninteresting
-        elif dsrc in d1 and ddst in d1:
+        elif dsrc in d and ddst in d:
             # directory wasn't entirely moved locally
-        elif dsrc in d2 and ddst in d2:
-            # directory wasn't entirely moved remotely
-            invalid.add(dsrc)
         elif dsrc in dirmove and dirmove[dsrc] != ddst:
             # files from the same directory moved to two different places
@@ -691,7 +708,7 @@ 
     for i in invalid:
         if i in dirmove:
             del dirmove[i]
-    del d1, d2, invalid
+    del d, invalid
     if not dirmove:
         return {}, {}
@@ -705,7 +722,7 @@ 
     movewithdir = {}
     # check unaccounted nonoverlapping files against directory moves
-    for f in u1 + u2:
+    for f in addedfiles:
         if f not in fullcopy:
             for d in dirmove:
                 if f.startswith(d):